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The Fosters -- The Moms Learn The Truth

Updated on January 23, 2014

And can't let Callie come back to their home

The Fosters got the news of Callie's arrest and her wishes none of them come to her hearing. The Moms didn't know what to do since Callie ran away. That's when Brandon decided to man-up and admit she ran away because he kissed her. I don't know what he expected to happen, but needless to say no one was waving Brandon and Callie Forever banners. He's shocked when Lena and Stef tell the court they can't bring her back into their house.

Needless to say when no one is on Team Brandon and tell him what he's done is wrong he becomes a belligerent jerk to everyone. He even disses Mariana for not having a boyfriend, so she can't apparently understand. No, good old Brandon actually has two and he doesn't have the decency to dump Talya until his precious Callie comes back. You don't need to have a boyfriend to understand that he and Callie can't have a thing going while his mother is her foster mom. But I guess he thinks everyone should look the other way because he's in wuv.

As for Callie, the Moms show up at her hearing but she's disappointed and shocked when they tell the court they can't have her back in their home. They suggest a group home that might help her get herself together. Unfortunately, she enters there with a boatload of attitude and acting like she's too good for the place. She doesn't even want to do the chores and one of the girls, Cole, has to tell her to do a better job so she won't get in trouble for Callie's lousy work ethic.

Another girl in the house is Daphne, the girl the beat the crap out of Callie when they were both in juvie. She tries to make amends with Callie and let bygones be bygones cause she only has two more weeks before she can't get out of the house, but Callie turns her nose up at the offer. She also isn't honest with the group or herself when she declares at the group therapy session she's not like them, she has no addictions. Actually, I'd say her addiction is getting involved with her foster brothers.

Jude is supposed to visit her, but Callie ruins that, as well. She walks on Cole in the bathroom and just stands there and stares and doesn't try to leave, so she/he shoves her out and Callie shoves the girl back into the glass shower door. It's lucky the girl didn't get seriously hurt. I'm sorry, but most people would have just left the bathroom after accidentally walking in on someone, not stand there and stare. She deserved to be shoved out of the bathroom. Seems little Callie can't control her temper anymore than she can control her libido.

Cole goes along with Callie's lies about what really happened so she/he won't lose her privileges, but the house mother doesn't buy it so Jude can't visit. She also has a one on one chat with Callie about her tendency to runaway from the consequences of her own actions. So what does the dumb bunny do when she sees her love monkey Brandon standing outside the house. Why she runs out of the house and attaches herself to him like a leech when it's against the rules for her to even leave the house. The house mother looks disgusted while the other girls smirk at Princess showing her true colors.

Yeah, I don't feel much sympathy for Miss Callie. She knew it was against the rules to get involved with Brandon and then when they offer to adopt her she think that gives her a green light to pursue a romance with him. Then she's lucky to get in this group home instead of being put in juvie and instead of being grateful she acts like she's too good for the place. Well, she keeps up her crap and she'll really end up in juvie and I hope she enjoys it because she blew every chance she had and put herself in there all by herself.

In other news, Jesus' ADHD meds nearly cause him to have a heart attack. Mike thinks if he can get Jesus into physical activity maybe it would allow him to get off the meds. Since Jesus hates the meds he's all for giving it a try.

Meanwhile it seems everyone is getting on Mariana's case about not having a boyfriend. I actually found it kind of disturbing. Talk about a new form of peer pressure. Anyway, maybe because of all the remarks she develops a crush on an older boy named Chase who she is working with in a play. He assigns her and Lexie [the girl Mariana sold Jesus' drugs to but who didn't rat out Mariana] to buy costumes for the play. Lexie also has her eye on Chase. While Mariana is in the dressing room, she stick an expensive hat in her bag and unknowingly Mariana walks out the door with it. She finds it later and confronts Lexie, but when Chase fawns all over it she decides to let it go.

Is there any way we could ship the uber annoying Brandon and Callie to Honduras and bring back Lexi? These two morons and their going nowhere relationship are starting to take over the show and ruin it. The show is at its best when it concentrates on Stef and Lena and the family. There's way two much of these two unsympathetic losers who think the rules don't apply to them and feel everyone should step aside and let them get away with whatever they do.


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