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The Fosters -- The Quinceanera

Updated on June 25, 2013

How do I loathe Mariana, let me count the ways

I actually loathe her more than the loathsome Talia and that's saying something. Do the Moms realize what a spoiled selfish little brat they raised? No, because no one will tell them that she's the one who stole her brother's meds and then pushed them at school for money to give her bio-mom. If they did know the truth about her the spoiled little princess wouldn't have gotten her big expensive party the Mom's were having a hard time affording. She couldn't even dance with them after all they've done for her ungrateful worthless hide because it would embarrass her too much. Heaven forbid the spoiled little brat not get everything she wants.

Because Kelsey is away in rehab [I wonder if Mariana is responsible for getting her hooked on drugs in the first place] Callie was asked to fill in for her in Princess Mariana's court. Of course, this doesn't sit well with future stalker girlfriend Talia. She comes right out admitting she read Callie's journal and ponders if the Moms would keep Callie around if they knew about Liam. She says she feels no shame in reading the journal of someone she doesn't trust. No, it's not that you don't trust her, it's that your a jealous cat.

Because of Talia, Callie won't walk in on Brandon's arm the way she's supposed to. When Brandon finds out the reason Callie wouldn't allow him to escort her in, he goes to confront Talia and she lets it slip that she read Callie's journal. Brandon's had enough of her, so he dumps her and then he dances with Callie. However, when Brandon says he knows all he needs to know about Callie, she walks away from him and heads out to the beach alone.

Earlier, Stef had given Brandon a lecture about Callie that Brandon doesn't seem to be heeding. She told him romance between fosters is a big no-no. However, Callie will probably stay away from Brandon, because if she does get together with him, she knows Talia will blow her secret sky high. She's been getting friendly with a boy in school and I'm guessing that will become a triangle with her and Brandon being sold like the Romeo and Juliet forbidden romance.

Mike showed up at the party and even donated some money towards it. He even danced with spoiled Mariana since she was too embarrassed to dance with the Moms in public. Mike seemed to drink too much and he was waxing nostalgic with Brandon. I actually thought Mike was about to buy the farm or something, but Brandon drove him home, so no DUI fatal crash on the way home from the party.

Lena's mother came in for the party and she and Lena do not get on. They had an interesting story. Lena's mother feel that Lena had it easier than her because she's a light-skinned black woman, while Lena's mother's skin in darker. While Lena feels with a white father that she's never fit in with either the black community or the white community. That's why she wanted to help Mariana embrace her heritage by having a quinceanera.

After Lena gifts spoiled little Mariana with a tiara to wear on her head so she can't be a real princess...gag me!...everything goes down hill for the little princess afterwards. Because Princess Mariana was waxing nostalgic with Lexi over their friendship, she now feels too guilty to keep seeing Jesus. Jesus, however, is done sacrificing himself for his selfish sister. He gives Lexi a long example of Mariana's selfishness. Her letting him take the fall for stealing his drugs. Her lying about being in contact with their bio-mom. And this is one time Mariana isn't going to get her own way. Unfortunately, the spoiled princess overhears them and sees them kiss and throws a fit on the dance floor when she and Jesus are dancing.

She's also all pissy to Lexi and mad Lexi didn't defend her over all the horrible things Jesus said about her. Sweetie, everything he said about you was the truth. If you find what he said horrible, that's because that's what you are. You're even more horrible to try and take what happiness your brother has from him after he took the fall for you so you could have your fancy little party and prance around in a crown and pink dress like the fake princess you believe yourself to be.

Later, she apologizes to the Moms for not dancing with them at her party. I was actually hoping the foul little cretin would admit she was the one who stole Jesus' drugs and and sold them at school, since her little party she just had to have his over. No, she only apologized for not dancing with the Moms. So she dances with them after all the guests are gone and everything is being cleared away. If that's supposed to make her endearing or more sympathetic is just didn't work. Let her dance with the Moms in front of all her guests, then she may have some sort of redeeming value, not dance with them in an empty room when she won't feel embarrassed for dancing with them

At the moment, Mariana is the most unlikable character on the show. I really don't know what they could do to change that. Maybe having her found out for what she did could be a start. So far, all she's gotten is rewarded for being a lying little drug pusher. And since she's still in contact with bio-mom Ana, you can be sure she's going to need money again for her mother, so there's no telling what illegal means she'll stoop to next. Since she faced no consequences for stealing her brother's pills, I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't do it again. Only maybe this time she'll get caught red-handed without a way out of it and no one willing to take the hit for her.


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