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The Fosters -- The Sounds Of Silence

Updated on July 21, 2014

Jude isn't the only one keeping silent

Callie won't tell Wyatt what happened with Liam. And Brandon doesn't want to tell Stef or Mike what happened with Dani.

Probably the most disgusting moment of the episode was when Callie couldn't go through with having sex with Wyatt and stupid obnoxious ABC Family flashed across the screen the hash tag #Brallie4Ever. This is why I won't let myself get too attached to the Callie and Wyatt pairing. Because the night known as Braillie could easily be resurrected. By that horrendous hash tag the network flashed during the show it seems the network hasn't let the nightmare die. It was even suggested during the episode that Callie couldn't have sex with Wyatt because of Brandon. Puke! The show has been so much better since they dropped that puke fest.

Jude was still refusing to talk, even when Callie told him she thought she saw Liam at work. Connor was blaming himself for Jude going mute because he went along with his father's demands he not be friends with Jude anymore. Seriously, I hope they don't make this all the fault of his boy crush. I might actually vomit if they do. It makes more sense that it's because he's afraid he's going to lose Callie now he's found out he's not her only sibling.

Callie tells Wyatt she loves him and is ready to go all the way. Only once they're in bed together naked about to have sex she pushes Wyatt off her saying she can't breathe. She also keeps silent about what happened with Liam. Wyatt tells her it's okay if she's not ready and he's willing to wait. While Callie ponders if she can't have sex with Wyatt because of Brandon. [See what I mean about them keeping the nightmare alive?] she freaks when she thinks she saw Liam. So it seems the real cause is Liam.

How rotten is Mike's girlfriend, Dani? Pretty rotten. When Brandon has a run-in with her, she claims it was Brandon who seduced her. Sorry sweetie, I remember you undressing the drunk kid. Give her another week and she'll be claiming he raped her and made her have sex with him.

Brandon's new friends in the band may not be a good influence. They get Brandon to eat some funny brownies. They claim getting high helps their creative process. Yep, the old lie dopers tell themselves to give them an excuse to get high. They need dope to make them creative, instead of facing the truth that dope fries your brain.

Brandon doesn't take too well to the experience. He wanders off and it appears he'll call Callie to come and rescue him. [Yep, they haven't let this nightmare pairing go at all.] Instead he calls Lena and he confides in her about what happened with Dani. He begs her not to tell his Mom as he's sure if his mother finds out she'll kill Dani. She'll especially kill the lying hose beast if she tries that garbage that she's blameless and Brandon seduced her.

Meanwhile Stef is worried about just what Mike is up to. Dani whines about Mike not coming home, so Stef decides to follow him. She sees him go into a hotel room. Not sure why she's so ticked off about it, but she stomps over to the door to confront him and gets the shock of her like. Awful Ana opens the door. So the druggie isn't dead and Mike didn't kill her. But what is he doing meeting this vile wretch in a no-tell motel room?

Finally, I can barely recall what's going on with Mariana and Jesus. Their stories are probably the weakest and least interesting on the show. Her new little girlfriend on the dance squad wants to be Jesus' girlfriend and since Mariana is still in major butt-kissing mode, she sends Emma away. When Jesus finds out her reams Mariana out.

So what exactly is it going to take for Jude to speak again? I sure hope it isn't something on the Connor front, because that will be truly gag-worthy. He's just a little kid. Callie and everyone are trying to reassure him. Maybe if she could get him together with Sophia and he could accept her as Callie's sister he'll speak again.

I swear, Ana is like the thing that won't die. They just can't get rid of this horror. I was actually glad thinking the foul cretin was dead, even though I hated thinking Mike had killed her, cause I like Mike and don't want him to get written off the show. Did Mike try to kill her and stop himself an inch from taking her life? Has he been taking care of her until she got better? Or is she most likely bribing him for more drug money?

It seems like it's only a matter of time before Stef and Mike learn about the Dani and Brandon hook-up. Will Mike believe Brandon was the seducer or will he finally see his foul girlfriend for what she truly is. And will Stef go ballistic and pound the little seducer in the ground for taking advantage of her son while he was drunk?

Finally, will Callie tell Wyatt the truth about Liam. And will ABC Family finally let this Brandon and Callie crap go? Will they get that the pairing was destroying this show?


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