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The Fosters -- The Teen Ugh Fest Continues

Updated on February 3, 2014

And Jude starts hoarding food

I used to be excited to recap this show, but the teen ugh fest is really robbing me of even enjoying watching this show. They're really sacrificing the quality of the show for these two teen twits and their tacky little teen romance. Seriously, is anyone actually rooting for these two toxic morons? Maybe I'm too old to appreciate the magic of these two morons, although I think even when I was twelve or thirteen I still would have been too old to appreciate these two idiots and the way they're acting.

No sooner does House Mother Rosie tell Bimbo No-Brain she is not to have anything to do with Himbo No-Brain and she's sneaking out of the house where Himbo left a cell phone for Bimbo so they can text each other. Bimbo tips Himbo off to the fact the house is going on an outing and they arrange to rendezvous.

Bimbo slips away from the group and Himbo suggests all their problems would be solved if Bimbo could become an emancipated minor. She quotes the only problem with that as not having the money to do it. What about the criminal charges on you, chickie? Do you think they'll automatically vanish if you can be emancipated? Bimbo doesn't get that stealing food should have consequences as she's constantly whining about how she doesn't belong in the girls home. No, you belong in juvie, Bimbo, and you're lucky you're not there.

Daphne the chick from juvie that gave Bimbo a new belly button protects Bimbo when House Mother Rosie nearly catches Himbo and Bimbo together, and tells Bimbo now they're even for what she did in juvie. Then Cole tries to use a boy's bathroom and nearly causes a riot. Bimbo speaks up for Cole's rights but her speech sounds rather self-serving in a thinly veiled speech about herself and what she thinks she deserves and how she's being mistreated.

Bimbo may regret helping Cole as he/she decides to help her by taking away her little cell phone she keeps sneaking out to text Himbo on. Then he/she goes one step further and texts Himbo as Bimbo saying it's all over between them. Cue quivering lips and big fat tears rolling down his cheeks. And after he pocketed the money Mike gave him for his piano lessons for THEM.

Seriously, these two bozos are the most ignorant and unsympathetic characters that ever started eating up and show and ruining it that I've ever seen.

Jesus runs into trouble on the wrestling team when one of the team members takes a dislike to him. Does it have anything to do with Jesus and the pretty girl wrestler hanging together? When the team hazes Jesus, nasty wrestler boy takes the opportunity to punch Jesus in the face. Only nasty wrestler boy is laughing when Lena sees what the little creep did to Jesus and threatens to get the coach fired for allowing the team to haze new members. Of course, the team will probably take it out on Jesus and blame him for what happened.

Mariana has her own problems. Little Kelsey thinks she owns Chase and guilts Mariana into not running lines with him. However fate thwarts Little Kelsey and Chase ends up running lines with Mariana after all, and when Little Kelsey sees Chase giving Mariana a stage kiss she goes to the principal and rats out Mariana for dealing drugs and succeeds in getting Mariana expelled from school, thinking she'll get Chase all to herself pathetic little self now.

The real shame is there's this geeky boy helping on the play that would make a better boyfriend for Mariana than Chase but she's not taking notice of him.

Mike and Stef warn Himbo that if he doesn't stay away from Bimbo he's going to get arrested. Please, arrest him and send him to juvie and send Bimbo to juvie, too. Then let them pull their crap and see what it gets them. That I would love to see. I seriously have no patience for morons like these two.

Finally, Jude begins hoarding food because he figures he'll be sent away soon because of Bimbo's antics. When Lena finds the food he confides that that's what happens every time he has a home. Bimbo does something and he loses his home. Lena assures Jude they're not going to send him away and he's not going to lose his home.

Before Bimbo became so obsessed with Himbo Jude was the most important person in her life and I didn't want to see them separated, but at this point I think it may be in Jude's best interest to be separated from his sister as he's having to pay the consequences for her actions. She knows to see Jude she has to follow the rules of the house and she's constantly breaking them to connect with Himbo.

I had to laugh when Daphne told her about the program to be able to live on your own as an adult, but to do that you have to follow the rules of the house. Then what is the first thing Bimbo does? She breaks the rules of the house and tries to text Himbo, again. I think she's she's capable of following the rules for ten minutes.

I remember when the show first started before Callie became Bimbo No-Brain. She knew how the system worked and what she had to do not to risk losing her home with Stef and Lena. Then she hooks up with Himbo No-Brain and now she's completely clueless on how the system works. Is that what they had to to do the character to make this horrific pairing viable? Cause the Callie from the start of the show would know she needs to stay away from Himbo and would follow the rules so she could see her brother. She wouldn't act like she's too good to be stuck in the girls' home and constantly think she doesn't have to follow their rules.


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