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The Fosters -- The Usual Suspect

Updated on June 11, 2013

Callie gets blamed for Mariana's crime

As the second episode opened, it was Lena who now had second thoughts about keeping Callie and Jude around. Lena was blaming Callie for Stef having to go into a situation with a gun. This sounded kind of phony-baloney to me, because Stef is a cop. I doubt that’s the first situation she’s faced with someone with a gun. Lena, honey, she’s a cop. That’s what she does. It’s not the fault of a teenager. She faces stuff like that every day. Time to come out of the freaking fairytale world you live in.

So Stef and Lena told Callie and Jude they weren’t in a position to give them a permanent home, but they could stay for now. Great way to give two kids stability who haven’t had any. They would stay until another home was found for them. Then I guess Lena thinks Stef will never be in another situation where Stef has to face someone with a gun. Keep thinking that, sweetie, if it makes it easier for you to deal with your girlfriend being a cop.

Having a sort of home didn’t stop Callie from having plenty of trouble this week. Brandon’s little girlfriend Talia is jealous of Callie and Brandon’s growing relationship. She saw Brandon put his hand on Callie’s thigh and you could see the green-eyed monster coming out to play. She invited Callie to sit at lunch with her at school and I was just waiting for her to set-up Callie for something to get her in trouble so she’d be sent away. When trouble did come for Callie it didn’t actually come from Talia. It came a little bit closer to home.

When Brandon realized Talia was jealous of Callie he tried to nip it in the bud by telling Talia he’d sneak out to see her. Only he cancelled on her when he got into helping Callie remember how to play the guitar and they started jamming together. He claimed he just couldn’t get away and I don’t think Talia was buying it. See, you can be jealous, but you can be right being jealous. Everyone acts like if you’re jealous you’re being irrational and have no cause to be jealous, but sometimes you do.

Mike didn’t like Lena deciding Brandon’s punishment so he decided to exercise his parental rights. He demanded harsher punishment since Lena decided not to punish him, at all. So he came over to ground Brandon, which didn’t set well with Brandon, who called him on being a Bad Dad. Lena was also pissed because Stef didn’t stand up to Mike and stand up for her right to decide punishment for Brandon. In short, Stef comes off as a tough cookie, but she crumbles pretty easily and is a wimp who doesn’t stand up for herself or her significant other.

At school, Lena found a note [that was actually to Mariana] asking if she could sell her more pills. So the school did a locker search but didn’t find anything. However, Lena caught Mariana’s friend, Kelsey, snorting whatever is in Jesus’ pills and demanded to know who sold them to her.

They didn’t show who she named, but I wasn’t surprised when the two moms accused Callie of being a drug pusher, never suspecting their perfect little princess Mariana is the real drug pusher. She’s sold drugs to six students, so that makes her a drug pusher. Callie denied it, but didn’t rat out Mariana.

Jesus came forward not wanting Callie to be blamed for pushing drugs since he knew they’d use it as an excuse to send her away and to protect Mariana who just couldn’t bear for the two moms to know the truth about her. And once again the gullible moms bought it. That wasn’t the only way Jesus was trying to cover Mariana’s butt. He hasn’t been taking his pills for his ADD because Mariana has sold so many of them he only has three left. Unfortunately, it’s starting to show in his behavior and he was questioned about not taking his meds.

The difference between on-meds Jesus and off-meds Jesus was rather stunning, but if I remember correctly Jesus was taking his meds last episode and he still was sporting the ghetto chic look. He didn’t suddenly transform into the clean-cut boy next door.

The few scenes we had between Callie and Jude they seem to be laying groundwork for Jude to be diagnosed with some kind of learning problem. He seemed to be having some problems remembering things. Hope he doesn’t need meds that drug pusher Mariana can sell to her friends at school, or she’ll pilfer his pills, as well.

I see people are already causing a stink over Callie and Brandon possibly becoming a couple. They consider them to be brother and sister. Sorry, but Callie and Brandon haven’t been raised as brother and sister. They barely know each other. Even if Callie is adopted by Stef and Lena, I don’t see it being taboo. Online fans sometimes are hard to understand. You’ve got the online fans wanting blood brother and sister to become lovers and yet they act like it’s incest if someone who isn’t blood related but who they consider to be brother and sister to get together. It makes no sense. Too bad these fans don’t engage their moral outrage over wanting blood siblings to be lovers.

Jesus seems to have a thing for Lexi, who is a friend of Mariana’s. He even kissed her when he was off his meds and defended her when another boy was giving her a hard time. Thankfully there’s nothing taboo in viewers mind about them becoming a couple.

Mariana doesn’t seem to have any potential boyfriends. Guess she was too busy stealing her brother’s meds [which was a really foul thing to do since she knows he needs them to function] to be attracting any boys.

From the previews for next week Callie’s ranting about how the moms think Mariana is perfect. I wonder what darling little Mariana has done this time that Callie will get blamed for. Of all the characters, I really loathe the Mariana character. She steals her brother’s meds and then stays silent while two people take the blame for it. She’s the one who should get sent to juvie for a stretch. What would have happened if some of the kids she sold drugs to have overdosed or something? It shows just how low she’ll go to get what she wants.


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