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The Founder Review

Updated on April 19, 2017
The Founder theatrical poster
The Founder theatrical poster

The Founder

The Founder (2016) is an American biopic and drama directed by John Lee Hancock and written by Robert D. Siegel. Micheal Keaton portrays the businessman and ex-CEO of McDonalds Ray Kroc. Costars John Carroll Lynch and Nick Offerman play McDonald's founders Maurice and Richard McDonald. The movie not only depicts the history of the fast food chain but its rise to dominance. It was released on January 20th, 2017.

The Story

1954, Ray Kroc (Micheal Keaton) is a milkshake salesman who lives a comfortable life with his wife Ethel. One day, a drive-in restaurant orders a huge amount of milkshakes. He drives over and simply walks up to McDonald's to order his food and it is prepared in 30 seconds. He is amazed at the quick service, high-quality food, disposable packaging, and simple menu. Right there and then, the restaurant became valuable to him. Soon, he meets the two founders of McDonald's, Richard and Maurice McDonald. One thing leads to another and they are all in business. But, eventually Ray has bigger plans in store of which the brothers do not see eye to eye.

Review (I'm Lovin' It)

The history of McDonald's is what will immediately grab the attention of people who watch this movie. The film is accurate in its vintage packaging and restaurant buildings. Old footage of employees making burgers and fries is played during moments of past storytelling. Whimsical musical plays during the silly but sweet moments of the early blunders the restaurant overcomes. Overall, the movie cherishes its McDonald's background and shows it in the best light possible.

Micheal Keaton's interpretation as the hungry business man Ray Kroc, is picture perfect. From his introduction to the audience, Keaton sets the tone of success. Like the man he's portraying, he speaks with confidence and flair to the point where you hang on his every word. There's a glimmer in his eyes when he proposes a new idea or many wrinkles on his face when he doesn't get his way. The business deals proposed by him are told in an exciting fashion. Despite his actions, Keaton plays him as an ambitious and flawed person. But, never a bad one.

John Carroll Lynch and Nick Offerman show the love the McDonald brothers had for their creation. The way Maurice McDonald (John Carroll Lynch) spoke of their product would be awe-inspiring to any entrepreneur. Nick Offerman (Richard McDonald) is a strict and rule abiding individual. And especially when it comes to their product, he believes everything has a role and a purpose. The scene where everyone is imagining their work stations and doing pretend orders, is heartfelt.


Powerful and moving is the The Founder which focuses on the positive and not the negative of the McDonald's brand. The theme of the film is definitely love and family. The McDonald brothers loved their restaurant as if it was their own son. Ray Kroc loved it the same if not even more. However, when everything is said and done, the movie has a sad overtone. The historical information of McDonald's mixed with the dramatic narrative and feud between the brothers and Kroc makes the movie a powerful watch. This is not just any biographical film. The movie serves as a good drama and history lesson behind one of the world's biggest fast food franchise.

The Founder is available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and streaming platforms.


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