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The Funniest Movies of Martin Short

Updated on December 4, 2014

Martin Short

Martin Hayter Short is a Canadian American actor, a comedian, a writer, and a producer who is known for his comedy work, particularly on Saturday Night Live. He has starred in a number of comedy films, such as Three Amigos in 1986, Innerspace in 1987, Father of the Bride and Pure Luck in 1991, Father of the Bride II in 1995, Mars Attacks! In 1996, and Jungle 2 Jungle in 1997. The following are my favorite Martin Short comedy films released more than twenty years ago. They are just as funny today as they were before.

Innerspace (1987)

Innerspace is a science fiction comedy film released in 1987. It is inspired by a 1966 science fiction film titled Fantastic Voyage. Innerspace is directed by Joe Dante and stars Dennis Quaid as Tuck Pendleton, Martin Short as Jack Putter, and Meg Ryan as Lydia Maxwell.

Test Pilot Tuck Pendleton participates in a miniaturization experiment. He is shrunk to microscopic size with his submersible pod, and transferred to a syringe to be injected into a rabbit. But thanks to some villain attack on the lab, he is instead injected into Jack Putter, a hypochondriac supermarket clerk.

Once Tuck is able to convince Jack that he is not hearing things nor is he possessed, he enlists him to outwit the villains and return Tuck to his normal size before his supply of oxygen runs out. But first, they go seek the help of Tuck’s estranged girlfriend, Lydia Maxwell.

After all the misadventures and funny stuff, Tuck not only is restored to his normal size but has also restored his relationship with Lydia. In fact, they get married in the end.

This movie is worth watching. Martin Short is always fun to watch. He has a good chemistry with Dennis Quaid. Innerspace contains awesome visual effects, winning the 1988 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

Three Fugitives (1989)

Three Fugitives is a crime-comedy film released in 1989. It is a remake of Les Fugitifs, a French comedy film released three years earlier, in 1986. Both Three Fugitives and Les Fugitifs are directed by Francis Veber. Three Fugitives stars Nick Nolte as Lucas, Martin Short as Ned Perry, and Sarah Rowland Doroff as Meg.

Lucas is released from prison after serving his sentence for armed robbery. On his first day out, he asks his police escort to drop him off a bank.

“So you can rob it?” they ask.

He replies, “Yep, see you back in jail in a couple of minutes.”

Never in his wildest dreams that he is again going to be involved in another bank robbery as he has vowed to go straight this time. But he did, when an inept Ned Perry robs the bank and takes Lucas hostage.

Of course, the police think that Lucas robs the bank and takes Ned as hostage, or that both of them are in the heist. They can’t believe that they have driven Lucas to the bank and he robs it right in front of them.

Lucas is left no choice but to engineer their getaway. What follows is one mishap after another. There’s an accidental shooting, police chase, vet treatment, and other capers, all these while Lucas tries to ditch Ned and prove his innocence. Complicating the situation is Meg, Ned’s six-year old daughter who has been mute since her mother’s death. It is for her that Ned tries to rob a bank, so he can raise the money to keep her daughter and find solution to her condition.

Ned and Lucas run from the cops, and form an unlikely partnership. Their only hope is to look out for each other, and Lucas becomes the protector of the weak father and daughter. They flee to Canada, pretending to be a married couple with a son. Ned, of course, dresses as the wife.

Towards the end, Ned enters a Canadian bank to change some currency while Lucas tries to say goodbye to Meg. Then Ned comes out as a hostage of a bank robber, and Lucas is exasperated but relieved that he does not have to say goodbye to Meg whom he has formed a bond. Father and daughter still need him.

Pure Luck (1991)

Pure Luck is an American comedy film released in 1991. It is a remake of the 1981 French comedy film La Chevre. Pure Luck stars Martin Short as Eugene Proctor, Danny Glover as Raymond Campanella, and Sheila Kelley as Valerie.

Pure Luck is a story of the unluckiest man in the world, Eugene Proctor. He has been hit by lightning twice, and has a tendency of running into or falling over things.

Eugene’s wealthy boss has a daughter who goes missing in Mexico. She is Valerie, acknowledged to have the worst luck in the world. When veteran investigator Raymond Campanella can not find Valerie, someone has the great idea of sending Eugene, from Accounting along with Raymond to find Valerie. They operate on the theory that it takes one to find one.

So Raymond and Eugene go back to Mexico and as expected, Eugene drives a jeep to the edge of a cliff, a bee stings him and he gets an allergic reaction. He bumps into glass doors, and duped into a barroom fight yet he puts on an air of authority to hide his incompetence.

This movie has received some negative reviews due to weak script. Martin Short has a gift of making the viewers laugh even at clichéd situations but he can not carry the whole thing, though Martin Short’s fan may still want to see this film which has a PG-13 rating.


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