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The Game Within

Updated on August 6, 2017
FieldReedGlow profile image

I have written little poetry since the age of fourteen, but when I write, my passion flows to paper easily. I hope you enjoy this piece.


Kings to the North and enemies to the West

Battle through blood and secrets with armor on their chests

Unsuitable leaders take place on the throne

While bastards struggle to live a life worth their own

A priestess who serves fire offers sacrifices to the Lord of Light

For the night is dark and full of terrors in flame and shadow

The crows who guard the wall take an oath until death

To be a sword in darkness and guard realms of all men

The free folk beyond the wall do not kneel to kings

They spend much time fighting and ripping out spleens

The Mother of Dragons carries fire in her veins

The days are coming when she reins

The Lannister's are gifted with coin and power

Betray them and you will not see past the hour

Winter is coming and we must look after one another

For House Stark treats his allies like brothers

A loyal companion with wings to spread

And blinded by honor that cost Ned his head

Wisdom from Cercei that is well known

You win or die in the game of thrones

© 2017 Brittany Benko


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