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The Game of Thrones loses a few key players

Updated on September 17, 2013

Eddard "Ned" Stark was beheaded in season one


***Warning: this hub contains spoilers***

Game of Thrones has always been wrought with shockers, twist and turns that kept viewers on edge as characters made their plays for the iron throne. Until the episode on Sunday, June 2, 2013, the biggest shocker was the untimely beheading of the loveable Ned Stark. Ned was seemingly the only kind and just in the kingdom, and that kind of behavior in the days of yore is one’s undoing. Even the birth of the demon child, the birth of the dragons, the birth of King Joffrey’s twisted serial killer side, or the death of Winterfell could not upset Ned as holding the title of the largest twist in recent television memory. Well move over Ned Stark: your own kin just beat you out a hundredfold. (Of course if you are a fan of the books, you were not as surprised at the unveiling of the “Red Wedding”.)

Last night’s episode started out innocently enough. Good times are seldom had in the kingdom, so it was a nice break from the plotting, scheming and killing to settle in for a beautiful wedding. Robb Stark, the King of the North, was early on pledged to marry one of the daughters of Lord Walder Frey. He broke this pledge by marrying Talisa, a healer that was working in the battlefields when she met Robb. They instantly fell in love, to the chagrin of Robb’s mother Lady Catelyn Stark. Robb came to realize that he needed to make things right with Lord Frey, as he needed to join with their army to take down the evil Lannister clan. He arranged for his uncle Edmure to marry one of the Frey girls. Edmure reluctantly agreed to the union and they traveled to celebrate a wedding. Unbeknownst to Lady Stark, her long-lost daughter, Arya, was on her way to join in the celebration. Oh, happy times indeed.

The Frey girls, a not so appealing lot, were introduced to a dismayed Edmure. As the wedding started, Edmure laid eyes on his bride to find she was a beautiful girl, the only one of the bunch. He was greatly relieved and happy to marry her. The reception started off well enough, during which a jovial bedding ceremony happened. After the bedding ceremony, the doors of the reception hall were closed with the remaining guests inside. Talisa and Robb discussed their unborn child. Robb wanted to know if it was a boy or girl, to which Talisa replied she wasn’t sure, but if it was a boy she would name him after Robb’s beheaded father. Then Lady Stark started acting strange. It was small actions at first, but it became apparent very quickly she suspected something was up.

Robb and Talisa's hopeful love affair is officially over


First to die was Talisa and her unborn child. Robb and Lady Stark were shot up with arrows, but not yet dead. Lady Stark grabbed Lord Frey's wife as a hostage, to which Lord Frey said he would just find another wife. Robb's killer was sure to pass on regards from the Lannisters so there was no mistake that they again were behind the deaths of members of the Stark family. Next Robb was killed right in front of his mother. Lady Stark slit the throat of Lord Frey’s wife, and then, as she stood full of despair and defeat, Lady Stark’s throat was slit as well. Robb's direwolf was killed and a bunch of other people were slaughtered as well.

And with that sudden, singular plot twist, the Starks seem to have lost the game.

The beauty of Game of Thrones is that no one is safe. We say that about The Walking Dead as well, however we all know that Rick and Daryl will be safe for quite some time. We aren’t sure how long Rick’s hand will survive, but he will live for quite some time. When we say it about Game of Thrones, we mean it. Anyone can die at any time. In fact, chances are that the more you like a character on the show, they greater chance they have of dying a horrific death.

Even if one was an avid reader of the books, there was still a slight twist at the Red Wedding. Talisa Stark is not in the books. Robb has a different wife who was not at the wedding that killed him in book three. That Talisa and her unborn child were murdered at the wedding in the television show made it all the more horrifying and controversial. So even though the Red Wedding was beautifully recreated on screen, Talisa’s death was just as much of a surprise to fans of the novels as the entire scene was to the non-readers.

Daenerys seemed to be the only one to have a good night


Other things happened as well in the episode. Arya was finally within reach of her mother, only to be taken away forcefully by the Hound without knowing what happened to her mother and brother. Bran possessed both Hodor and his direwolf, displaying awesome power that will come in handy. Jon Snow finally left Ygritte and took a stand on the side of the crows. Daenerys had a great victory with Jorah, Grey Worm and Daario successfully raiding Yunkai. Oh, and Samwell and Gilly did a few things as well. But none of that seemed to matter much once the Red Wedding commenced.

As the credits rolled, the Internet lit up like the Fourth of July on a clear night. Tweets ranged from utter shock to cursing HBO. Some claimed to have no reason to live, others vowed vengeance. This morning the rest of the Internet picked up on the now newsworthy story and typing “Game of Thrones” into a search engine yields all kinds of results on the now infamous scene. Despite the threats of fans everywhere to leave the show, my prediction is that they will all be back next Sunday to learn the fallout over this dramatic twist…and due to the mass reporting on the Red Wedding, those who have never seen the show will watch as well. Game of Thrones may have very well succeeded in gaining droves of new fans at the end of their third season, all for the purpose of finding out who will die next while the fans who have watched from the beginning wish for the simpler times when it was only Ned Stark being beheaded.


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