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The Garbage Pail Kids Movie and Cards

Updated on July 8, 2014

It Doesn't Get Any Grosser Than This

Names of Garbage Pail Kids in the Movie

There are only a handful of Garbage Pail Kids in the movie despite the fact that there may have been well over 100 kids featured on the original trading cards and the re-released series of Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards.

  • Greaser Greg - a leather jacket wearing thug with a bad attitude
  • Valerie Vomit - she can throw up on command
  • Ali Gator - half human half gator, he likes to snack on toes
  • Foul Phil- a hungry baby with bad breath who calls for "mommy" and "daddy"
  • Nat Nerd - A pimple faced super hero who pees his pants
  • Windy Winston - a crazy kid in a Hawaiian shirt who passes gas frequently
  • Messie Tessie - has a non-stop runny nose

The Movie Reviewed

The original movie came out in 1987. It stars Anthony Newley, Mackenzie Astin, Phil Fondacaro, Katie Barberi, Ron MacLachlan and is directed by Rod Amateau. It is rated PG. Garbage Pail Kids are a parody of the popular dolls from the 80's called Cabbage Patch Kids.

The movie is a live action film not an animation. The plot is ridiculous. A trash can flying saucer is seen in the sky. An antiques dealer comes across the trash can saucer and keeps it in his shop. The trash can contains the Garbage Pail Kids who can only be lured back into the trash can by magic.

A group of bullies gang up on a boy named Dodger. Dodger works at the antique shop where the Garbage Pail Kids are kept. The owner of the antique store, Manzini, warns Dodger to stay away from the trash can.

The bullies who are abusing Dodger follow him into the antique store where the trash can gets knocked over and the Garbage pail Kids are let loose. The bullies take Dodger to a sewer and handcuff him there. He is rescued by the Garbage Pail Kids.

The bullies seek revenge and have the Garbage Pail Kids thrown into a home for "Uglies". People to ugly to been seen as a fit in normal society. Manzini and Dodger help them escape.

The movie was poorly rated by critics but customer reviews are mixed. Some say that it is hilarious because it is so gross while others say it is a complete waste of time. The movie grossed a little over $1.5 million dollars after its release. It was nominated for worst picture, worst new star, worst original song and worst special effects.

Mona Loser


Topps Garbage Pail Kids Cards History

The Garbage Pail Kids trading cards were released in 1985. They were a parody of the popular children's dolls called Cabbage Patch Kids created by Xavier Roberts. The cards were originally released in a series of 15 in the United States with other versions released in other countries. Two versions of the card were released with the same artwork but different character names. these were differentiated by either an "a" or a "b" next to the number on the top right corner of each card. Large cards and also a series of posters were also released at this time.

In 2003, a new series of these cards were released. These cards included some of the original artwork from the 1980's series but had silver and gold backings and a website where consumers could go to build their own "grosser than gross" Garbage Pail Kid online.

In 2005, Topps celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the series by including prints of the original sketch cards in the series. By 2006 there were 40 new Garbage Pail kids and by 2008 another 55 kids joined the gang. In 2010, a repeat release of some of the originals was cast and in 2012 another series of new Garbage Pail Kids cards was offered. It was called Brand New Series 2, Brand New Series 3 was released in 2013 and in 2014, series 1 of a new edition was released.This new series includes "Fakebook" profiles.

Art Speigelman is the artist who designed and created the idea behind the Garbage Pail Kids. Other artists were brought on board after the series became popular. Topps was sued by Coleco the maker of Cabbage patch Kids dolls for copyright infringement. Topps had to change the logo and design of the cards to comply with the terms of the suit. By 1988, the popularity of the cards died and the 16th series was never made.

Stoned Sean

Your Card May Be Worth $4,000

Really? $4000 bucks for a Garbage Pail Kid? The original Garbage Pail Kid, Adam Bomb, has been seen listed on eBay for $4, 250, according to Meredith Werner at She states that this price may be overly inflated and a buyer for this original Garbage Pail Kid remains to be seen, however, complete sets of original cards do fetch $600 to $900 dollars from serious collectors.

It is of value for you to know that professionally graded cards will sell for more money than non-graded cards. The higher the rating, meaning less flaws, the more money a card can fetch. The cards worth being professionally graded are the cards in the first series (United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 cards), the second series (United States Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 cards) and the United States Series 9 card 355b named Semi Colin error printed without the number. These cards can sell for $150 each if flawless. Semi Colin is valued at $200 in mint condition. Sketch cards may be worth up to $400.

An unopened pack from the original series will fetch about a dollar and an unopened box of 48 packs is worth approximately $45 bucks. These prices are general estimates. For a more in depth look at the value of your Garbage Pail Kid card or GPK card visit the price guide at Wayne's Garbage pail Kids

Geeky Gary


Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?

Did you collect Garbage Pail Kid Cards as a child?

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The Garbage Pail Kids Movie 1987

Mixed Up Mitch


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