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The Gardeners Kitchen: Food & Culture- Movies

Updated on January 20, 2010

Babette's Feast

Food - Movies- Natural Companions

Food and movies are a natural combination. When we were in Thunder Bay a new Cineplex opened and along with the usual popcorn, pop and chocolate, you could buy fries or a taco and take them into a movie.

I enjoy a good snack while watching a film and do not want to get up and leave during the movie to get it so we’d stock up and grab our seats.

Eating and watching movies is a tradition for many people and for far too many it is not a healthy one. Movies are associated with junk food consumption and one of the best examples of this was in the TV show the Gilmore Girls were mother an daughter both pigged out on fat and sugar laden treats while watching a movie marathon.

I enjoy a Friday or Saturday evening especially in the winter when it is cold and the wind is howling curled upon the couch watching two or better three movies back to back.

We’ve been doing that for years. One thing that has changed over the years is what we eat when doing this.

Popcorn is still a staple but gone is the butter and salt. The salt is replaced with sea salt because I prefer the flavour and only a little. Instead of butter I sometimes shred a little extra old cheddar cheese on the popcorn being sure to add the cheese as soon as the popcorn comes out of the popper.




Cheese and crackers with garlic dill pickles is another favourite movie snack and we usually drink club soda on the rocks with lime or lemon.

On a marathon night we will have supper and eat in the living room rather than at the table. Supper will often be cheeseburgers, chili or pizza.

We do not watch TV but use the set to watch movies and generally see about five or six a week.

Our taste are similar, we both enjoy a good romantic comedy such as Love Actually or Three to Tango but can sit back and watch action adventure films just as well. The local video store has a reasonable range of movies and going out to pick the films is all part of the experience.

One movie genre that I particularly like is the food movie, which is a movie where food plays a predominant role. Food is an integral element of our culture, of any culture actually and too many films have a casual relationship to food, people sit in front of it, order it buy it but rarely are seen preparing it or cooking it.

There are movies that take place over a holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas when the family gathers and where several scenes are set in the kitchen or around the dining table.

We spend much of our lives in those two settings, kitchen and dining room, although with the fast food society many of us now occupy that is sadly decreasing.

When you prepare and consume food together you step out of the rat race and take time to focus on what is truly important life and celebration.

Now I know many a family gathering has been spoiled by over consumption and the dragging of old stories out of the past, but that does not change the importance of food to our social and cultural evolution.

The three film clips that accompany this hub are from three of may favourite food movies. If you have seen them, do yourself a favour and rent them. Start with Babette’s Feast, then watch Chocolat and for the finale Ratatouille.

I think this experience may just change how you look at dinner and possibly Life.


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