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The Glass House -- An Alliance Crumbles

Updated on July 10, 2012

This week, the totality of the Kevin and Mike alliance was revealed. Other members aside from Robin are: Ashley, Andrea and Holly.

It seems most of the really high drama is happening on the live feeds. Apparently Mike and Joy got into it and he felt she used the race card by saying her child is 1/4 black. Mike feels she's just using Gene and he's going to get hurt. They continued the argument on the live show and nothing was resolved.

Gene was having his own personal trauma while Joy and Mike were fighting over him. It was the first anniversary of the death of his best friend and he didn't want anyone in the house to know it. However, Joy noticed how upset he was and he confided in her about it.

Meanwhile Jeffrey was having a meltdown because everyone didn't support his, "Get Andrea" campaign. You know, he's just as bad as people persecuting gays because they're gay. He's persecuting Andrea because of her religious beliefs and from what I saw she never threw her religious beliefs in his face. At this point, he's my least favorite house guest and I can't wait to see him go down the limbo tube never to be seen again.

Robin and Erica return in the tube and it's no surprise when Crazy Robin is sent on her way. It may be for the best, as the situation in that house was causing her to act crazy and she looked like she was about to crack. I think she knew she would be the one going, because even before the announcement was made, she was waving her alliance goodbye.

It's also no surprise when Ashley is once again put up as Team Captain. I don't know what America has against her. Maybe it's something on the live feeds. But if I were voting, which I'm not, I'd vote to send that bigot Jeffrey home. And, yes, he is a bigot. From what was shown on the show he started something with Andrea purely because of her religion. He's just as bad as the people he whines are persecuting him and other gays.

Joining Ashley on the chopping block is Holly, which totally serves the Mike/Kevin alliance a severe blow. The other side of the house [it's split in two between them and us] will have the power to pick who to vote out, so they come up with a strategy. It's actually a good one. The problem is it doesn't work. Since Ashley is convinced if she goes to limbo she won't be coming back, Holly reluctantly agrees to take one for the team and pick all their enemies for her team, while Team Ashley has all the Mike/Kevin alliance members plus Stephanie.

Per usual there were too many people on Team Ashley telling everyone what to do, which caused chaos and caused them to take longer to do the task than Holly's team. So Ashley got sent to limbo and one of her alliance members would be going with her at the choice of other side of the house.

Mike it the one that most want to put-up but they know if they do he won't be up for captain next week. They feel sure America will vote him in as one of the captains because of his behavior in the house, this week. So they go for the other head of the alliance, Kevin. For Erica it's pure karma and payback for what he did to her.

Will America continue it's hate affair with Ashley and send her home? Or will the story she told of what she went through when she went through Hurricane Katrina sway votes to pick Kevin as the one to go home, instead. His sleazy treatment of Erica might just do the trick. It was sleazy. He got all romantic with her and then he turned around and voted her into limbo. And will America vote in Mike as one of the team captains, next week?

Team Mevin also believes Gene is a wildcard and they could possible persuade him to join their alliance. Out of perversity America could keep Kevin. Out of perversity they voted for Andrea to have to share the enemies room with Jeffrey.

On a side note, Holly is weird. She doesn't like puppies? Who doesn't like puppies? She wouldn't go near the pack of puppies let in that bore the answers to the questions the house guests asked of America. She also claims to be educated but she comes off as pretty uneducated. My guess is Holly will be up for Team Captain, again, next week. The puppy thing is more than enough to insure that.


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