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The Glass House -- Apollo Gets Paranoid

Updated on June 19, 2013

She lied about the Art History thing, but is she also lying about the Psychology thing?

Things pick up in the Glass House after Jacob and Alex went down the Limbo Land tube. They soon learn one of the two in isolation cut-and-run but that doesn't mean the one that's still here won't be leaving, since it's in America's hands if the remaining player in isolation will be back. Everyone fears that it wasn't Alex that left the building and that he could be back.

Joy's so upset at the possibility of Alex coming back, that she says if he does return, she may leave the game, too. She's worried that everyone sees her the way Alex did. She can't stop crying about the whole thing.

Erica says if Alex comes back she will not be a happy camper.

It appears everyone's worst nightmare has come true when Alex comes up through the tube. Erica crosses herself like he's the devil and she's trying to ward off evil. Apparently the way the show handles evictions is the two house guest who get sent to Limbo Land return in the tube to see which one got the boot and which one gets to stay. Thankfully, America gave Alex the boot.

The houseguests start trash-talking Alex over the fact even though Jacob took on the run, Alex still got the boot. Then Mike wants to know who bucked the house when it was agreed everyone would vote for Alex to go to Limbo Land and someone instead voted for Erica. Holly admits it was her. Holly's reasons for doing it make as much sense as Apollo's strategy for voting people out by picking a card. Erica says if Holly's up, she'll be more than happy to return the favor.

Robin starts trash-talking Holly because, as she tells the other girls, Holly claims to be an Art History major, but she knows absolutely nothing bout art history. When Holly is put on the spot and asked about one art history paper she did, she can't name a thing, and she finally cops to the fact she's really a psychology major. She claims she thought everyone would feel threatened if they knew she was a psychology major. Since she lied before, the women aren't that anxious to take her at her word and ask her to name one psychologist. All she can come up with is Dr. Phil, so they think she's lying about the psychology thing, as well.

Mike and Kevin have apparently developed an alliance. Mike doesn't like Apollo's game play of choosing people by the pick of a card.

The show has an interesting way to pick who gets to be the captain of the two competing teams. It's the two houseguests who get the least votes from the viewers. And that's Apollo and Ashley. Ashley pissed because Holly starts crying. I guess it could be tears of relief because she was in the bottom three. Apparently, Apollo is the least popular of all the houseguests. And his antics this week aren't likely to change it.

Apollo chooses Holly, Gene, Mike, Erica and Robin for his team; and Ashley picks Kevin, Stephanie, Joy, Andrea and Jeffrey for her team. The competition is easy, but a bit difficult until you get the hang of it. One member tosses eggs from the nest, while team members are suspended in this wooden bird contraption and have to catch the egg and throw it to another person in another suspended wooden bird, while people on the ground use ropes to manipulate them into the right position to toss the eggs to each other and to throw the egg through the roof of a glass birdhouse.

There's some controversy over the fact Gene drops a lot of eggs. Apollo suggests Gene threw the competition after his team loses and Ashley's wins by over two minutes. Erica defends Gene and says Apollo looks weak for suggesting it. Joy tells Apollo he's paranoid. Mike, however, has his doubts about Gene because he thought it was odd Gene dropped so many eggs, too.

In a bizarre twist, the team that won has to do all the punishments that were written on the birdhouses. Among them is peeling 500 hard-boiled eggs and squeezing a lot of oranges. It actually makes for an interesting twist.

Anyway, voting time comes around. Holly votes for Erica again, while everyone else votes for Holly to go to Limbo Land with Apollo. Personally, it's like the lesser of two evils. Can they both get voted out? They come off as a himbo and a bimbo. Apollo's game strategy is stupid and Holly seems like an airhead if she's really studying psychology and can't even name one psychologist.

Do you think Apollo was right and Gene threw the competition?

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