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The Glass House -- Call Me, Maybe

Updated on August 7, 2012

The Olympic Swim Team did a lip sync video to Call Me, Maybe and now so have The Glass House Denizens. That wasn't the only surprise. It was a night filled with a double-eviction, a surprise return and a shocking betrayal.

The evening begins with Gene, whose shadiness becomes more evident as time goes by, sidling up to Kevin as soon as Joy is sent down the tube claiming Jeffrey came to him and told him he was the one who would be going into limbo. Not only is Gene shady, he's pretty stupid. Kevin doesn't buy what Gene is selling for a second and tells him to stop mind bleeping him. Kevin goes to Jeffrey who actually told Gene he was safe and is shocked by what Gene said.

America chooses for the house guests to talk with a British accent for twenty-four hours. It wasn't pretty. It was even less pretty when Erica went for Jeffrey's throat while speaking in an English accent. I've said this before. Erica seems to be getting in a house guest's face putting them on the hot seat every week. And this week it was Jeffrey's turn, despite them supposedly being best friends. She accuses him of trying to play both sides of the fence. Actually, she has a point, as for several weeks running Jeffrey's been trying to play Kevin to think he's on his side.

Only thing is Erica seemed to forget about the witch hunt Jeffrey led against Andrea. He won't put up with it and tells her to bleep off, which upsets Erica. Sorry, honey, if you try to put someone in an uncomfortable position, they may just bite back. Erica was all upset by what Jeffrey said to her.

We get to whose evicted early this week as Kevin hopes for Andrea's return, since his alliance is down to himself and Gene hopes for Joy's return. Gene's hopes are dashed as Joy goes down the tubes and Andrea returns. Gene says he wishes he'd have kissed Joy goodbye. Of course, he could be just playing to the cameras to act like he really cares for Joy.

Jeffrey and Stephanie are in the kitchen mocking Erica because she's jumped ship and is on Kevin's side because of her nomance with Kevin that only exists in her head. It was hilarious of them whining because Erica hopped on to the popular group of the house, when they were pretty smug when they were the popular side of the house. Kevin is really playing Erica for all its worth, although he's not really doing anything. He's just letting her spin cotton candy dreams about him and not telling her the truth and letting her hang in his bedroom on his bed with him. Nothing is really happening, he's just not telling her he's not interested.

The players begin to wonder why five hours have passed and no Team Captains have been named. They're called to the living room where podiums are waiting for them to stand in front. Then Mike and Joy return in the Limbo Tube. America has voted for one of them to return. But for one of them to return, one of the players in the house has to agree to leave. Then the players are offered various sums of money on the screen.

Gene walks away refusing to play, saying he wouldn't even consider it for less than six figures. Then he takes a comforter to sit down by Joy's tube making lovey-dovey talk with her. He claims that if he was sure Joy would come back, he'd take the first amount of money offered so Joy could come back. He gets called on that for being total BS.

Stephanie ultimately takes the money, figuring she'd be voted a Team Captain, again, and she didn't have any chance of winning the whole ball of wax. She leaves for $37,600. And much to Kevin's delight, Mike gets to return to the game. Mike is overjoyed that the two women he hated most in the house, Joy and Stephanie, get to go down the tubes together.

Kevin tells Mike everyone wants Gene gone. And it seems he's right as Gene and Jeffrey are named Team Captains, this week. Jeffrey got more votes than Gene, which means Gene is the most unpopular player in the house. Wonder if that let a little of the hot air out of Gene's ego since he's been acting like he thinks he's America's golden child.

Jeffrey chooses Kevin and Andrea for his team and Gene gets Mike and Erica. Each house guest gets an emoticon symbol for themselves:

Jeffrey = Cry Baby

Andrea = Happy

Kevin = Cool

Gene = Boring

Mike = Grumpy

Erica = Love Crazy

They have to manipulate a string puppet to move an emoticon disc into your game tube or a money tube. If you move it to the money tube your team doesn't get credit. The team with the most emoticons in their game tubes win the challenge.

Jeffrey and Mike both decide to play for themselves instead of their teams as they fill their money tubes instead of game tubes. Unfortunately, Mike is the only one who admits what he did, because he thought everyone else would be doing the same. Jeffrey keeps silent about what he did. Gene was braying that Mike better not have taken the money and I kept thinking Gene was getting a little payback. I'm still convinced he cheated in the challenge when Mike was captain so Stephanie wouldn't be sent to limbo. So now Mike returned the favor and Gene gets to go to limbo.

The question is who gets to go with Gene. Kevin suggests Erica go so they can get rid of Gene, but she doesn't want to be placed in that situation, again. Kevin says he can't back-door Erica again. He also feels that he's made a thing of saying when you're on a team, you play for your team and not yourself. So if he votes for Erica that would make him a hypocrite. Even though it pains Kevin to do it, he votes for Mike. It actually ends up as a tie between Erica and Mike. Andrea and Mike voted for Erica and Kevin and Erica vote for Mike.

In a stunning betrayal of his former best friend, Jeffrey votes for Erica to be sent to limbo. Making the betrayal worse is Jeffrey admits to her what he did before she enters the tube. Kevin also assures her that he didn't vote for her like he did last time. So a devastated and betrayed Erica goes down the limbo tube with Gene.

In a way, Jeffrey really didn't have a choice but to vote for Erica. If he voted for Mike because he took the money that would make him a flaming hypocrite, since he did the same thing as Mike. Although that may not have been Jeffrey's reason for voting Erica. They had that fight, earlier, where she called Jeffrey out. He's also tried to tell her that Kevin's not interested in her and feels she's jumped on Kevin's team and abandoned his team. So all that probably played into it.

I think Erica will be voted back, especially after her devastation of being betrayed by Jeffrey.

Next week should be interesting since we'll be down to five players. My guess is Jeffrey and Mike will be named Team Captains for taking the money and for Jeffrey betraying Erica. Since they'll only be three players to choose from only two will be able to play. Meaning the team that loses will be the two that go down in the Limbo Tube. After the next eviction they'll be down to four, so they could do one last Team Captain Challenge and the team that doesn't lose will be the ones in the final two, with the viewers voting who gets to win the money. Or they could play it totally different. Only time will tell.


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