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The Glass House -- Gene vs. Erica

Updated on August 14, 2012

The big question was would viewers finally send Gene home or would Erica escape the bullet, again. Both are irritating in their own ways. Gene has gotten more smug and arrogant as time has gone by and a week doesn't go by that Erica isn't getting in someone's face shining a spotlight on the flaws she sees within them. Although she could get the pity vote for her inability to see that Kevin is playing her like a piano and has no romantic interest in her.

Kevin got into a conversation about his love life and his sort of girlfriend sounds a lot like Erica. He's just not that into her and he has no plans to make a commitment to her. He doesn't even really seem to see her as his girlfriend. Later in the show when Erica wins a trip, Kevin is all to Erica's face about wanting to go with her, but when she leaves the room he says, "No, I don't want to go." Wouldn't be surprised if that isn't how he plays all the women in his life. Erica would get the message if this guy would tell her the truth that he's not interested in her, but he keeps playing her, and I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't do that to his not-really-my-girlfriend, too.

Jeffrey finally admits that Mike wasn't the only one who took money in the last team challenge. Andrea is appalled that she and Kevin worked so hard for him to win and he cheated and asks if Kevin is appalled, too, and he says he is. But he didn't really act all that appalled. It does seem a pattern of behavior with women that Kevin goes along with whatever they say and when they're out of the room he says something entirely different. Sort of like the games he plays with Erica.

When it comes times to reveal who gets to stay and who gets to go; Gene leaves and Erica stays. Kevin was hoping Erica would stay. Kevin loathes Gene, as does most of America by now. A word of advice to Gene: if you're ever on another reality show, don't think America loves you and get such a swelled head. Mike is revealed as the person who got the least number of votes, so he's a Team Captain. Since there are only five players left in the game the Team Captain will compete against one of them and the house guests get to choose who will compete against Mike as well as who wins a vacation.

Jeffrey wins the right to compete against Mike and Erica gets the vacation. Mike and Jeffrey have to rappel down a giant doll house and memorize what's in each room then answer questions correctly about what they saw. Both have problems, but it comes down to Mike doing an arithmetic problem wrong and Jeffrey wins.

Since there are only five players left, Erica's victim of the week is a repeat person: Jeffrey. Mike rubs his hands with glee saying he'll be getting his entertainment for the night. While Kevin pretends he's sleeping to keep out of the conflict. Andrea says Kevin does that when anything controversial happens. Jeffrey zings Erica because she's gone to two colleges and he's gone to none.

Erica is not happy that Kevin tells Erica he'll be voting for her to go to limbo with Mike and so will Andrea. When the vote happens Jeffrey decides to vote for Kevin. Since it's a tie, Mike gets to decide between the two and of course picks Erica. However, when both get ready to go down into limbo again they learn viewers decided they could stay in the house instead of going into limbo.

For some reason this totally infuriates Andrea. She asks Kevin if he was as angry as her that they weren't sent into limbo. I personally don't know what her problem was. She does understand the two are still facing an eviction, doesn't she? She was crying and carrying on about it. Showed a very nasty side of her character.

Earlier, Kevin celebrated his birthday in the house and Andrea wrote him a long letter he said touched him. He also got a tweet from his daughter. Considering the way Kevin treats women, you have to wonder what kind of example he's showing for his daughter. Does he tell his daughter to have too much respect for herself to let any man treat her the way he treats women?

In regards to which of the remaining players should win $250,000 I realized I wouldn't vote for any of them to win it. I really don't like any of them enough to vote for them to win money.


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