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The Glass House -- Most Annoying Person Ever

Updated on June 18, 2012

I know CBS has been trying to stop this show from airing claiming it's a rip-off of Big Brother, but I just didn't see it. This show is interactive in a way Big Brother isn't. It doesn't feel as manipulative as Big Brother can sometimes come off as.

The fourteen contestants enter the house two at a time:

Alex is a bail bondsman and the most annoying person ever.

Andrea, a bookkeeper, mother and Mormon.

Ashley, a paralegal, comes in wearing a mask.

Apollo, a poet/author.

Gene, a stuntman.

Erica, a cocktail waitress.

Jacob, a cook.

Holly, retail sales, which is a fancy way to say sales clerk.

Jeffery, a receptionist. Describes himself as a fat, gay guy.

Joy, a nurse and mom who posed for Playboy.

Robin is a blogger who says she was born to be a Jewish mother.

Kevin is a police sargeant with a daughter.

Stephanie is a scientist.

Mike is a bar mitzvah DJ.

Chimes ring out through the house when everyone has arrive and summons them to a wall. Viewers vote on how players should be divided into two teams. They vote east vs. west.

The challenge will occur in 1 day's time. Teams have to choose their captain. The captain and another member of the losing team will be nominated for eviction, but they call it expelled and the two players will be put in limbo, with viewers deciding who gets to be booted out.

Viewers also get to choose rooms for some of the players. They choose the Enemies Room for Holly and Robin. The women figure out it's because Holly is the youngest and Robin is the oldest and figure they'll be enemies.

Robin says there's a lot of boys in the house who think they're men and she wouldn't want to do someone she could have pushed out of her uterus.

Erica is thrilled she's sleeping on a real mattress. In real life she's sleeping on an inflated air mattress that's leaking air.

Apparently, there will be someone who doesn't get a bed.

Chimes ring again. Viewers welcome the players with a house warming party. They vote for it to be a pool party which will take place in a jacuzzi. Holly says she's going to keep it a secret she studies psychology since the other players might feel it gives her an edge.

Chimes ring again once the players have dressed in their swimsuits. Viewers vote on what kind of party favors they'll get, and they get Mardi Gras party favors.

When Jeffrey gets into the jacuzzi he causes it to overflow and water goes all over the floor.

The players also have to play a party game called Kiss And Blow. You place a playing card between your lips and another player's lips and kiss them.

Jacob becomes team captain for Team West and Jeffrey becomes the captain for Team East. The challenge is to match up player's names on the other team with a fact about them. The team who does it fastest wins and is safe.

Team West is a mess, due in large part to Alex. The dude was yelling and ordering people around like he was the team captain, even though he didn't have the balls to volunteer for the position. And all the answers he was yelling out were wrong. Apollo told to give orders over Alex. When Team West finishes they believe the other team can't beat their time.

Team East doesn't have the disarray that Team West had. Right at the start Jeffrey tells the players on his team to listen to only two people: himself and Stephanie. As a result Team East finishes the task in less than half the time it took Team West to do it.

The minute the results are announced, Alex goes to work campaigning so no one will nominate him with Jacob to be expelled. Mike says Alex is overplaying his hand.

Alex really thinks he's the star of this show as he dons a pair of female underwear and prances around the house. Kevin says he needs to show some respect to everyone. Andrea agrees that Alex's behavior is inappropriate. Unfortunately things only get worse when the players are allowed to ask the viewers questions and Alex asks if he should be the most hated reality character in the history of reality TV. The viewers tell him to go for it and he gets in everyone's faces insulting them and trying to make them angry. Gene comforts Joy after Alex makes her cry.

Alex is a legend in his own mind. He really thinks he's going to become the most epic villain in the history of the world. And the most entertaining to boot. It's no surprise Alex gets expelled with Jacob. None of the players can stand him.

Apollo has decided a weird way on who he'll choose to expel. He'll make the members of his team pick a card and the one who gets the unlucky number is the one he'll vote for. It's beyond stupid and without any strategy involved. Ashley is the unlucky winner of his card strategy.

Jacob was so sure they'd win he's lost his spirit and feels defeated. After he and Alex leave the house it's revealed Jacob quit the show, But that doesn't mean Alex is safe, thank goodness. Viewers can still vote him off. Let's just hope viewers don't keep this creep around just to make the players lives miserable. He was already doing that and it wasn't fun to watch.

I really don't think Big Brother has anything to worry about. This is a very different show. It has a kind of cold quality about it. With viewers controlling so much of the game it doesn't seem like any real bonding can occur between the players like in Big Brother. CBS needs to back-off and let this show sink or swim on its own merits.


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