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The Glass House -- Will It Be Ashley Or Kevin?

Updated on July 17, 2012

Erica's still got a thang for Kevin

I guess I'm in the minority in the viewing audience as most of the players that America loves, I can't stand. Like that nasty little troll Jeffrey. Maybe it's because I don't watch the all the extra scenes and only go by what I see in the episode, but I don't see why America had it out for Ashley. And I don't care about the sob story Stephanie told, there's something about her I just don't like. Maybe it's what Mike said; they're snobs.

In the aftermath of Ashley and Kevin being sent to Limbo Land, Mike vows he and Kevin are going to go after Gene.

Andrea thinks Gene is a yes-man telling everyone what they want to hear.

Andrea starts worrying her alliance is going down, she starts approaching members of the other team. Andrea speaks the truth when she says Jeffrey and his "let's get Andrea because she's a Mormon," rhetoric and demands the entire house turn against her to show they support gay rights left her with no other choice but to hook up with the people who weren't joining up with the Jeffrey Mormon Hate Group. I believe everyone should be allowed to be who they are whether they're gay or a Mormon. The kind of bigoted intolerance Jeffrey the troll displayed towards Andrea is the same intolerance he's yapping about. You can't have it both ways, dude. If you want to be accepted for the way you are, then you should accept other people for the way they are. Not start a witch hunt against them. Unfortunately, for Andrea, no one is buying what she's trying to sell.

Holly and Mike see their alliance is in trouble and they talk about people they could bring over. They think about Stephanie. All the others are loud and drink too much.

Viewers want Gene and Jeffrey to switch clothes. They also want Andrea to have to share the Enemies Room another week with Jeffrey The Troll. And for Gene and Joy to share the friends' room.

Andrea next approaches Stephanie and down Gene. She runs straight to Joy and tells her all about it. Meanwhile, Erica calls out Gene for operating differently from their group. He say he doesn't feel he needs to be questioned.

My next hated player after Jeffrey is Erica. I'm really getting tired of her calling everyone out. She wants Ashley to be the one booted and for Kevin to return, so she can look at him some more. This chick needs to lay off the booze and buy some pride and self-respect. Any guy that's kissing on you one moment and voting you into Limbo Land the next, is not someone you want to be looking at. After calling out Gene, she then calls out Holly, for thinking all the other women are jealous of her.

In the other room, Andrea is staying far from the melee and saying this is what happens when you drink. When Holly goes to her room, Andrea tries to give her some comfort. Joy comes into the room and Mike's right on her tail telling her to stop needling Holly. And Holly orders Mike to stop swearing at her. Afterwards Andrea tries to comfort Joy and Erica sticks her beak into things saying she doesn't trust Andrea and thinks she's only doing it to score points, while Andrea is offended she can't show any concern for someone without someone questioning her motives. So Erica, of the two sizes too small clothes, was really on a roll, getting in to people's faces about their motives.

I'm beginning to think Mike may be right and Joy is just using Gene. When Gene tried to intervene, Joy told him to get his hands off her. The way she said it made me think she's just faking it with Gene like Mike suggested. Gene was hurt that she slapped him down when he was trying to come to her rescue. After much billing and cooing and cuddling in bed Gene is back under her spell.

Jeffrey the bigoted troll laughs because Erica told Andrea she doesn't trust her. And these are the two foul cretins that America apparently loves. Meanwhile, Andrea bitches to her alliance members about what Erica said to her.

After all that drunken hysterics, Ashley and Kevin return in the tube and Ashley is sent on her way. After trying to get rid of her several weeks running, America finally succeeded. Shortly after, Mike and Holly are named team captains and Mike says he'll take the hit for the team, this week, since Holly took it, last week. They employ the same strategy of having all the enemies on one team and it's a good strategy, but it falls apart the same way it did, last week. Mike plays the game to win [just like Holly did, last week] and wins. So Holly and a member of their alliance will be going to Limbo Land.

Erica campaigns for it to not be Kevin. She wants to keep him around. I really wish someone would get in her face about her behavior the way she gets in everyone else's faces. Andrea's sure it'll be her and she's right. It's close though. She's sent there by one vote.

Erica gets a nasty moment in the house when Alex returns. She's terrified he's back for good. He apologizes for how he treated everyone, explaining America wanted him to be a big villain in the house. After reading them the answers the viewers gave to their questions, Alex leaves once more.

If I had to guess who will get the boot, it would be Holly. Her video plea to the viewers wasn't the least bit humble. Add to her admitting she really does believe all the women are jealous of her, I think her time in The Glass House is over.


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