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The Glass House -- Will It Be Holly Or Andrea?

Updated on July 24, 2012

It seems America and I are on different sides of the house. The side they're favoring, I can't stand. Probably my least favorite person on the viewer favored side of the house would be Jeffrey. I know I'm beating a dead horse, but I found his whole religious intolerance of Andrea and wanting to burn her at the stake witch hunt and questioning her on how she voted so repulsive I literally can't stand the sight of him. If he wants to be accepted by everyone then he needs to also be accepting of everyone.

Speaking of my list favorite character, Jerica [that's Joy + Erica] deciding to have a contest on how kissed him better. I had to turn my head away it was just so gross. Thankfully, America can't be blamed for that one. It was their own idea. Probably thought of when they were both half-crocked as usual. Kevin and Stephanie, who were judging the contest, decided to call it a tie.

Speaking of half-crocked Erica, I guess she got full-crocked and crawled in Kevin's bed wanting him to spoon with him and refusing to get out. So he went and got Stephanie to get her out of his bed. I guess this one you can blame the viewers because they suggested the players have a high school party where they all played certain roles and Erica felt Kevin was flirting with her. They then had a toga party [which you can view online. No thanks!] where it appears Kevin is playing Erica like a fiddle again, while inside Mike is saying he feels sorry for her because Kevin isn't interested in her. Of course, Joy has to make a big noise about it and Mike has to back down on what he said when Kevin won't admit what Mike said is true when Dumb Drunken Erica puts him on the spot. But you know what? I think Mike was right. Dude spent a drunken night tonguing and spooning her then shipped her dumb butt to limbo. Then he got someone to get her out of his bed like she disgusted him. Those are not the actions of a dude that is into you. Erica's so good at telling everyone else what's wrong with him. Perhaps she could look at herself in the mirror and tell herself what's wrong with her.

When Joy tried to bring Mike's daughter into their latest fight, it led to Gene and Joy's latest argument, sort of. If America is enthralled with this showmance, then America is hard-up. He asked Stephanie if he could sleep in her bedroom, instead, because he didn't want to share the Friends' Room with Joy. He'd commented that she shouldn't have brought Mike's kid into the argument which was hitting below the belt. Joy heard and grabbed her stuff to sleep on the sofa so Gene could have the room to himself. Then later he suggested that America was only keeping Joy around to make him happy and that set her off, again, as she apparently went through the house declaring she wasn't his concubine.

Jeffrey the troll seems to be trying to play Team Mevin and it seems to be working. He correctly informs them that it was Gene who voted for Kevin to go to limbo. He also claims he'd like to see Gene and Joy booted out of the house.

We finally get to the point where Andrea and Holly are brought back up through the Limbo Tube and Holly is sent home. Then the Chosen side of the house gets served a curb when the member they consider the most sympathetic and loved because of her tale of lost love is nominated as a Team Captain along with Mike and the kicker is Mike got more votes than her, making Stephanie the least liked member in the house.

Maybe America found Stephanie as annoying as I did the week before. When it comes time to choosing their teams, Mike protects Kevin by letting him by on Team Stephanie. As a result he's stuck with Gene and Jeffrey along with Andrea. Jeffrey says upfront he's going to try and find a way to sabotage Mike, while Gene feels it was wrong for Stephanie to be put up as Team Captain. I don't know if Jeffrey found a way to sabotage Mike, but I sure think Gene did, since Mike made the mistake of having Gene be the puzzle solver and the camera kept focusing on ers while Gene claimed there wasn't one.

It was no surprise that Mike's team lost. Andrea figures she'll be voted into Limbo again. Ironically, it's Jeffrey who saves her from that fate, but only in hopes that he can get Mike booted out this week and Kevin or Andrea booted out, next week. He suggests since they're all America's sweethearts, he go into limbo, so America will vote against Mike and give him the boot. Then since they're the Chosen Ones America will then make Kevin and Andrea captains next week.

Mike thinks what Jeffrey did was stupid. I can only hope this backfires on the little creep and he's the one who gets the boot, next week, instead of Mike. And then America puts two of the Chosen Ones up for team captains. But I have very little hope of that happening, since America seems to love this little creep no matter what he does. The only hope may lay in the fact, while this rodent was trying to find a way to sabotage Mike, Kevin said he wouldn't even think of doing that to Stephanie, showing the unfavored side of the house is actually better than the favored side of the house.


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