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The Glass House -- Will It Be Mike Or Jeffrey?

Updated on August 1, 2012

Kevin says Jeffrey deserves to go home for the stunt he pulled. Andrea disgusted that they're all crying about Jeffrey being in limbo when they're the ones who sent him there.

Viewers vote for the house guests to dress up as hipsters. They also vote roles for them to play for date night. They send Kevin and Gene on a date together.

Andrea says Gene is arrogant and I agree. The longer he's on the show the more unlikable he becomes. If I'm honest, none of these people are really likable. They're all various shades of ugly. Kevin and Andrea seem a little less ugly because the other side is so smug and arrogant. I remembered why I can't stand Stephanie, this week. There's just something very smug and smarmy about her. She's just not likable.

Anyway, Erica, Stephanie and Joy team up to go after Andrea and tell Kevin how she tried to sell out his side of the house. Then smug and arrogant Gene gets into it. Kevin points out how they voted their own player into limbo. And it isn't long before they're all at each other's throats.

I still think Gene's a liar and a cheat who cheated at that competition last week to make sure Mike's team lost. Mr. Smug and Arrogant Gene isn't happy when Erica says she trusts Kevin more than she does Gene.

Andrea and Erica also spend time having girl talk [not sure how that happened after the attack at the Hipster Party]. Andrea tells Erica she had two guys wanting to marry her, and she ultimately chose the guy whose family she fit in with best and found her niche.

Gene doesn't want Joy to drink. Joy decides to tells Gene about her wild past as a teenager. You know, Joy may be on the level with Gene, but I have my doubts Gene is on the level with her. The more I see of the guy the more shady he seems.

Mike and Jeffrey return. Unfortunately, Jeffrey doesn't leave. He got 51% of the votes, but it seems America doesn't love him as much as he thought it did. And America's love affair with Jeffrey's side of the house comes to an end when Joy and Stephanie are put up as team captains.

Gene zeroes in on Jeffrey the moment he comes out of the limbo tube. Kevin says Gene always sucks up to the person he knows is safe for the week. Joy tells Jeffrey that Erica is liking Kevin and Andrea and Jeffrey says he'll talk to Erica, and supposedly get her back in line.

Smug Gene had predicted it would be Erica who would be one of the team captains. Having it be Joy is probably the last thing he counted on. He comforts her but there was something about it that seemed empty and fake.

The competition this week is to play a skeet ball on a giant skeet ball board. The first team that gets four balls in wins. Thanks to Kevin Team Stephanie wins. Kevin also manages to bag himself $5,000. See, Gene, that's what you do when you're on a team. You do your best, you don't cheat so your team loses.

On Big Brother, one of the reasons Janelle was so adamant about getting rid of JoJo was because a showmance in dangerous. You stop playing for yourself and you start playing for your partner and Erica and Joy were kind of a living example of what Janelle was talking about.

Erica is kind of having a one-sided showmance with Kevin that's mostly on her side and it seems to be influencing her, as she seems about to jump off her team and get on his. Erica even tried to get Idiot Jeffrey to vote for Gene. And Joy was more worried about making sure Gene doesn't get sent to limbo instead of going there, herself.

Andrea gets sent to Limbo with Joy because Jeffrey sticks with his team, despite what the viewers advise and Joy gets to choose who to take with her: Andrea or Gene.

Here's hoping Smug and smarmy Stephanie and arrogant and shady Gene are next week's team captains.


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