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The GoDaddy French Kiss Up Close

Updated on February 8, 2013

The most controversial ad during the Super Bowl was the GoDaddy kiss. From what i can ascertain, most viewers found the ad distasteful and made them uncomfortable especially as the camera zooms in on the mouth to mouth saliva French kiss. Some think CBS should be sued for allowing the ad to be aired during a show where young kids might be watching. Some kids had no idea what the two actors were doing and asked embarrassing questions. Others just felt weird watching it because it was so intimate. But really, is it any worse than watching a sex scene in a movie? I think both create an uncomfortable feeling with the view when encountered and most are glad when it passes. Between the two, sex scenes in movies are usually far worse depending how far it goes and who you are with at the time. As I sat there watching it, it did not bother me UNTIL the camera zoomed in. Not sure why, I recall kissing like this many times like a marathon.

The Godaddy kiss took about 30-60 takes to get it right, obviously, both actors were enjoying themselves, and why not? She was hot, what guy would not? As for the nerd, well, some hot women love those kind of guys. BTW, the guy was paid around $35,000 or so, I am sure he loved it.

As to ad effectiveness, well, it got your attention, for sure. Yet, it really did not tell you much about what GoDaddy does, so you would have to go to their website. That ad probably cost them several million.


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