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The Godfather Trilogy .. Why Remains The Best of All Time?

Updated on January 1, 2021

The Movie’s Complex Type

Whenever I watch this movie, I find myself attached to it mentally for at least two weeks. I remain impressed, anxious and astonished at the same time due to the tremendous dose of everything; feelings, treachery, loyalty, love, turns, conversions and contradictions of its characters from the very early life of the old godfather ( Vito Corleone) till the retirement of the godfather the son ( Michael). No wonder of considering this movie one if not the very best film of all time. Once you finish watching, you have this volcano inside you that makes you incapable of deciding if you like, hate or feel sympathetic to those people.

The Most Influential Scenes

The scene of killing Vito’s mother after his father and brother’s assassination by the mafia local boss. His imigration to America alone and his eyes looks full of hope, astonishment and loneliness when he saw the statue of liberty. His dignity when refused to have a meal as a compensation after being forced to leave his work. The coincidence of making favor to Clemenza, so the latter likes to return it by offering him a nice carpet which, in a comic scene, was a burglary done by both of them. Here, their cooperation starts in the Mafia world for the rest of their life. His refusal to be subject to the power men and their control over him that pushes him to plan for killing the Don.

All those magnificent scenes collaborated together along with the terrific soundtrack, leave you with a huge conflict and confusion inside you. You cannot determine if Vito was led to be that man. His environment and his family’s destiny pushes him to be so, even after he wants to go far away and starts a new life, his past, family and the heritage of his country chase him as he faced a similar character to that one who killed his father.

The Massive Impact of The Environment On The Individual

On the other side, the conversion of his pacific son to a criminal then to the new godfather. His first crime for revenge; that revenge which pushes him to order killing with cold blood in a very quiet state all the families’ heads. His order to kill his brother even though Fredo was only one who supported him when he decided to enter the marines. His grudge that converted to permanent regret manifested when confessed to the vatican priest for the first time in his life. And lastly, His agony when his daughter was killed before his eyes. His regret and silent scream before the loud one and his ex wife’s looks to him full of blame. Here the whole’s impact on the part can be identified easily even though the will to resist it is available.

The Family And Principles’ Reverence Over The Human’s Life!

Throughout the film you see how sacred the family is and how sicilian traditions are highly respected and they are proud of having that sicilian honour even if this incurs killing everywhere. They believe that any crime is nothing beside and for the sake of this honour. This shows up clearly when Vito refuses to make a favour for money but accepts when he gets the respect and the friendship he asked for. Then and only at this moment, he accepted to make that favour though it was a crime. But this was the tradition of the family.

I believe that the film embodied all the human negative, positive and contradictory characteristics in one work and no matter how many films we see, this one will always be the greatest of all time.


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    • Rania Heikal profile imageAUTHOR

      Rania Heikal 

      12 months ago from Egypt

      Thank you James for visiting. This trilogy is a master piece of all time indeed. Every time I watch it, I discover a new detail that opens a mental discussion inside me. No. 3 is very good but I love the other 2 parts more. These films leave you with a hurricane of thoughts conflict. “ Were they obliged to be so? They had to take that way? They started it and cannot stop. It is a curse of long way of illegitimate life” Please watch no. 3. You will love it and will find your self going back again to no.1&2 for nostalgia and to enjoy them all over again.

    • justthemessenger profile image

      James C Moore 

      12 months ago from Joliet, IL

      I love the Godfather films. I must admit that I haven't watched number 3. I admire Vito and Michael Corleone because both did well to overcome bad breaks in life beyond their control and make the best of it. Theirs is a story of love,honor, family, fate and the judicious use of violence.


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