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The Goonies - A Poetic Synopsis

Updated on January 13, 2015
View from the "Goonies House"
View from the "Goonies House"
They wanted to stay 
those kids from the docks.
But they just couldn't pay
so they fill up each box.

Enemy comes causing some static
confirming the money gap.
Let's look up here in the attic
"oh look, a treasure map".

So now they set out to find
the loot so there's hope.
"Are you outta your mind?"
As big brother says nope.

After they give him the slip
it's off to the quest.
Their first encounter on the trip?
Being the bad guys guests.

As they break on through
to the tunnel below.
Following all the clues
hoping it's the right way to go.

They thought they found the loot
but it's a well full of dreams.
Bad guys are now in hot pursuit
as the kids begin to scream.

But they decide to push on
with riches in their eyes.
As they look up at the ship
they begin to realize.

But then the villains show up
and make them walk the plank.
They make the whole cave blow up
as one of the family is thanked.

Families are reunited 
as they tell their tale.
They didn't want to be divided.
"Hey look is that a sail?"

A small sack was presented
and it was full of jewels.
The heroes were once resented
but now don't have to move.

Not saying the mission was perfect
for this I won't lie. 
But it was sure enough worth it  
Because Goonies never say die!

© 2015 Gary Oversen


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    • Gary Oversen profile image

      Gary Oversen 3 years ago

      Thank you. Mine too. :)

    • gposchman profile image

      Gene Poschman 3 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Nicely Done, It is one of my guilty pleasures.

      Gene Poschman