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The Greatest Hip-Hop Album of All Time

Updated on March 24, 2016


I know this is a controversial question, but it has to be made. There is no right or wrong answer.

I was riding in my old 93' Mercury Sable with the cassette deck last week. I looked under the car seat and grabbed my bag of tapes. While looking through, it helped me to reminisce over some of the great years of Hip-Hop. I began to think about how out of touch I am with some of the newer artists and trends of today. As I looked through the bag, I grabbed one tape and began to stare at it, Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest. Examining each aspect of the album gives you the magnitude of the album.

The Classic "Midnight Marauders" album by A Tribe Called Quest
The Classic "Midnight Marauders" album by A Tribe Called Quest

The first piece of mastery was: the cover. Upon buying the album, the first thing I did was look to see if I could recognize every famous person on the cover. There were many legends and current stars on its front. There are only a handful of artists who after 16 years is still making music.

The interludes were masterful. The midnight marauders computerized voice program fit together like pieces to a puzzle. It kept the album flowing nicely.

Finally, the most important piece of the album was: the music. The beats were hot,The lyrics of Q-Tip and Pfife Dawg kept you listening from the first line of the cassette to the end. The guest appearances of Busta Rhymes, Large Professor, and De La Soul were the "gravy to the mashed potatoes. Over the years, many rappers have quoted numerous lines from the marauder album. One of the biggest requirements to reaching legendary status is "you don't have to fast forward past any songs." I wish someone would tell today’s artists this.

In the final analysis there are many albums that can come into the argument like: Wu Tang: Enter the 36 Chambers, Notorious Big: Life After Death, Lauren Hill: The Miseducation, and Erick B. and Rakim: Paid In Full, Nas: Illmatic. This is my answer and I'm sticking to it.....for now.

What do you think is the greatest hip hop album of all time?

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What Do You Say Is The Greatest Album?

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    • mosaicman profile image

      mosaicman 6 years ago from Tampa Bay, Fl

      Fluid86, I thank you for your response. I respect your opinion about P.E. However, I tend to go against the grain of popular tenets and think that Fear of a Black Planet wss better (or at least more enjoyable). If you look at impact, 2 Live Crew pushed the bar of censorship, fighting the whole music industry. As I mentioned at the beginning of the hub "there is no right or wrong answer." This forum allows young and old headz alike an opportunity to voice what they feel is the best Hip Hop Album of all time. Finally, don't worry, not only have I done, the research, I've lived it. I owned the albums you mentioned and many older ones on tape and my cousin had the 72's.

    • profile image

      fluid88 6 years ago

      The absolute best Hip Hop Album of all time was not listed. PLEASE do your research before you ask such a question. Don't start a survey because YOU happen to just LIKE something. Yes.. Midnight Marauders is a Classic. That's Undeniable. But the Courage to be creative AT THAT TIME was essential. I lived through that time at hopefully, you did go to Hip Hop concerts like I did & embraced the culture. "It takes a Nation of Millions to hold us back" by Public Enemy set the bar so high...It can't come down. IMPACT, my friend, is everything in a movement.