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The Greatest Jerk on "Friends" - Top TV Comedy

Updated on September 26, 2015

Ross Geller - The Sweet Caring Funny Guy in "Friends"

Ross Geller is known to be the sweetest, most adoring and caring character of the six friends in the hit TV comedy of the 90's called "Friends". Time and again, his sensitive side is shown in various episodes.

Ross Loves His Food and Doesn't Know When To Shut Up


The role was played by David Schwimmer. Ross was one of the 6 friends in the highly popular comedy series of the 90's. He was the goof-up guy of the group and was portrayed as the lovable and sensitive guy who loved Rachel - played by Jennifer Aniston. who often made the stupidest mistakes possible.

Remember the time when Ross went to get himself artificially tanned and was asked to count to four, in order to have correct timing of UV rays exposure to his body. But Ross being Ross, counted as "One Mississippi - Two Mississippi - Three Mississippi - Four Mississippi", and ended up badly tanning one half of his body while the other half remained untanned. Another time when he whitens his teeth using this imported whitener, which actually starts glowing in the dark. Such hilarious antics made his character funny and endearing to the viewers.

There is More to Ross Than That

But if you look beneath the surface, Ross is also one of the biggest jerks on "Friends" - his sensitivity is only directed towards himself, he always acts like the victim, as if everyone in the world is out there to hurt him. Here are some biggest examples of his insensitivity and inherent jealousy.

The Constant Jealousy, Suspicion and Double Standards

Throughout all seasons, Ross shows intense jealousy and suspicion every time he thinks some other guy might be interested in Rachel. However, he is full of double standards when it comes to his own actions.

It's Fine To Kiss My Friend's Mom

  • Ross does not hesitate to kiss his best friend Chandler's mom in a fit of drunken depression, which deeply upsets Chandler after he finds out. His friend Joey has to witness it, what a torture.

  • On a latter occasion, Ross even goes to the extent of sleeping with Chandler's mom. What man in his right mind can be twisted enough to sleep with his best friend's mother? It simply defies the brotherly code.

Ross and Rachel


Ross and Julie Back From China


Your Boss Likes You Rachel


How Is It Cheating?

  • On one hand, Ross pines for Rachel and is unable to declare his love for her. On the other hand, in Season 1, he goes to China and comes back with a new girlfriend named Julie on his arms. But when he learns that Rachel does have feelings for him, he comes up with a list of pros and cons for choosing between Rachel and Julie. Later, Rachel finds the list and is furious - who wouldn't be - who would like to be someone's choice of affection based on a list of pros and cons?

  • In Season 3, Rachel gets a job at Bloomingdale but Ross is not happy for her - because he is convinced that her new boss Mark is interested in her. Ross even turns up at Rachel's workplace on a very busy day, infuriating Rachel who can no longer deal with his suspicions and insists that they should take a break.

  • On the very brief period of break, Ross tries to reconcile with Rachel over phone, but he hears her boss Mark's voice in the background and jumps to the conclusion that they are having an affair. Agitated, he goes out, gets drunk and sleeps with a random woman named Chloe. Worse, he tries to hide this fact from Rachel after they reconcile, but in vain. After Rachel finds out, he justifies his actions saying they were on a break when he slept with Chloe.

  • You would think that Ross jealousy and insecurity stems from his deep love for Rachel. But that is not the case, it was just in his nature to magnify trivial things. For example, he feels insecure when his second wife (and then fiancĂ©e) Emily starts being friendly towards his first-wife Carol's partner Susan.

  • He is even jealous of Monica, his own sister, when their father gifts his old Porsche to her in an attempt to convince her that he loves both Ross and her equally. All her life, Monica has felt insecure and unloved because she thinks that her parents love Ross more than her, as seen by the fact that their father uses a box containing Monica's childhood things to stop flood water from ruining his car, in turn ruining all the stuff inside the box. For once, their father shows a loving gesture towards Monica by gifting his car to her, but Ross will have none of it. In a fit of jealousy, Ross goes and buys a sports car for himself just to spite his sister.

The Constant Goof-Ups, Secrets and Lies

Throughout their relationship, Ross is the one who keeps secrets and goofs up things, while complaining all the while that Rachel is responsible for his desperate actions. When Rachel finally agrees to forgive everything on the condition that Ross accepts his mistakes, Ross blows up and refuses to admit that he was ever wrong.

Ross and Emily Getting Married


Yes I Can Mess Up Wedding Vows

  • In Season 4, Ross gets into a whirlwind romance with Rachel's boss's niece Emily from England. When it is time for Emily to return to England, Ross tries to manipulate Emily into staying back by proposing to her. During their wedding in London, Ross reaches the height of his insensitivity by uttering Rachel's name by mistake, instead of Emily's name during wedding vows. This is where Season 4 ends.

  • In Season 5, a furious Emily goes ahead with the wedding anyway - distraught that the man she is about to marry loves another woman - and refuses to forgive Ross. Thinking that the marriage will not work, Ross declares his love for Rachel once again, without trying to salvage his wedding.

  • When Emily comes back to the reception, having decided to forgive Ross, she sees that he is getting ready to leave with Rachel to Greece, the honeymoon destination where she and Ross were supposed to go. Outraged that Ross didn't try hard enough to win her back, Emily runs away. Ross pursues her, leaving Rachel waiting in the plane leaving for Greece. He commits injustice to both Emily and Rachel, which is unforgivable.

  • Back in the US, Ross does try hard to win Emily's love, but Emily relents only on the condition that Ross will never see Rachel again or keep any kind of contact with her. This isn't such an unfair demand, given that Emily has agreed to settle in the marriage knowing that her husband secretly loves his ex-girlfriend. Ross, being the chicken he is, agrees at first. Later, he realizes that he cannot live without Rachel, so he and Emily gets divorced. This is the one time when Ross actually does justice and stands by Rachel.

Ross and Mona

  • When Rachel learns that she is pregnant with Ross's child, Ross is dating another woman named Mona. After Ross learns this, he hides the fact from Mona, but it gets disclosed eventually when Rachel's father turns up at Ross's place to rebuke him for not not marrying Rachel.
  • As if this was not enough, Ross even changes the lock to his apartment without informing Mona, whom he had earlier given a set of keys. He also hides the fact that Rachel has moved in with him. After multiple outrages like these, Mona can take it no longer and breaks up with Ross, who should have just done the honourable thing by having an honest talk with Mona instead of playing tricks to drive her away.

Too Much Pride With The Wrong Person

During the nine months that Rachel is pregnant, Ross never proposes to her, even though he knows he can't live without her. His excuse - they have a long history of make-ups, break-ups and one failed drunken marriage at Las Vegas. This is a little ridiculous, when we consider Ross past history of over-committing to his dates at the drop of a hat.

Rachel Thinks Joey Proposed


Joey Clears The Confusion

  • However, after Rachel gives birth to their child in Season 8, Ross finally decides to propose to her. But the huge time gap in between has resulted in Joey developing a crush on Rachel, which is also reciprocated by Rachel.

  • Before Ross can propose, the engagement ring falls out of his pocket and is picked up by Joey. Rachel mistakenly thinks that Joey is proposing to her and says "yes", partially out of liking for Joey and partially out of the insecurity of a single mother raising her child all alone.

  • While Joey does clear up the confusion, Ross is hurt that Rachel was willing to marry Joey and cancels his proposal plan. Okay, this is somewhat justified.

  • Later on in Season 10, when Rachel loses her job and finally gets an offer of a high-paid job in Paris, she decides to take it. Ross is of course upset that Rachel is leaving the country but initially does nothing to stop her. He keeps his anger bottled up inside. This is the time when he should have declared his intense feelings for her, instead he just resents the fact that Rachel is not talking to him during her farewell party.

  • You might think, why didn't Rachel say anything? Well, after a year and a half of raising her child alone and not sure whether Ross wants to get back together or not, you can't blame her for not wanting to push Ross into a relationship.

Phoebe Driving Ross To Airport


Please Don't Leave, I Love You


All's Well That Ends Well

  • Luckily, only on Phoebe's insistence, Ross decides to try to persuade Rachel to not leave the country in the series finale.

  • The one thing that bothers me here is that Ross does not even stop to think about his daughter Emma. All he is bothered about is Rachel, the love of his life, leaving him for Paris.

  • It is purely because of Phoebe's witty last-minute phone call to Rachel that gets her flight delayed, and Ross is able to catch her at the airport.

  • Though Rachel refuses to change her plan to go to Paris at the time, her love for Ross eventually takes precedence and she comes back to him. At last after 10 seasons, Ross and Rachel unite for good, all thanks to their friend Phoebe.

Ross Wearing Leather Pants


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    • temptor94 profile image

      Ritu Temptor 2 years ago from India

      Thanks Jeannie, glad that I am not the only one to think that Ross was irritating, and not the sweet funny and saintly guy most Friends fans think he was.

    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie InABottle 2 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      I always found Ross to be rather annoying. I am glad you pointed out all these facts so I can justify my negative feelings towards him.