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Who Would Win the Tournament of the Greatest Rapper of all Time?

Updated on July 30, 2014

Over the years there have been many rappers that have made an impact in within the Hip Hop Community and society as a whole. Their words were capable of moving a generation. They made society stand and notice the injustices that were going on in their community; you couldn’t ignore their pain.There are others that encouraged you to keep pressing on despite life's difficulties

Many wordsmiths twist lyrical metaphors that fit complexly like box braids. He or she may have you thinking “Wow, did they just say that?” Other emcees tell us a intricately woven story allowing us to live our fantasies through them.

With that said the question that remains is “ If there was a tournament held between all years past and present rappers who would win and hold the title of the Greatest Rapper of All Time?” How would the new school artists like T.I. fair against the old school masters like KRS-One?

You can decide who would walk out the champion at . Go through round by round, elimination by elimination to get down to the Final 4 Showdown. Who would have the stamina to survive the lyrical cuts and blows to have their hand raised in victory.

Take "March Madness" to another level. Participate in the first tournament of its kind. Pick your champion at and leave your comments below.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I look forward to that....and yeah i did, it was so many that i couldnt decide lol CL vs Phife ? Pos vs Thought ? in the end, it was Rakim vs Big L, and i had no choice but yo go with the fiend , man ..that is a tough thing to do, i had jada vs ghost, kweli vs murray ? let me know when you do all results

    • mosaicman profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tampa Bay, Fl

      I hear you on that Mundane. I don't know how I missed putting Jay Electronica in the battle royal!

      There are so many things contingent upon a rapper's success in this battle (ie. seeding). Did you go through the brackets and pick who you felt would be the overall champ? In the future I will disclose the results of who the various fans picked. It will be interesting.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Man, this is unfair you have another one i like lol, honestly many of these new rappers ? could never box with god lol

      i mean look... -Lord Finesse-Grand Puba-Big Daddy Kane-Nice and Smooth ? Guru ? Phife and Qtip -CL Smooth ? these are just a few people who would reign supreme

      and from a newer level --Talib Kweli--Consequence--Mos Def--MF DOOM--Jay Electronica--Nas--Jadakiss and the LOX ? ? if there was a battle like this ? it would go on for 20 years too many lyrical cats my dude---we would forget all about the Drakes----Lil Wayne's--- Kanye's--- lol ..its not fair homie..and you know as much as i appreciate hip hop ? i didnt even get down yet man lol ..good hub


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