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The Green Mile

Updated on July 23, 2016
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I am Jay Doshi, a Movie fan. I've been watching films from as young an age that I can remember. It's something I dearly love.

" One of the best scripts ever written"

Overall rating: 9.1/10


Stephen King's novel - "The Green Mile" has been well adapted in this Frank Darabont adaptation. The Green Mile can see itself up there with some of the best movies ever made thanks to its great script. The story is well structured and John Coffey's (Duncan) innocence is well projected and revealed throughout the script. It really is a privilege to see a movie such as The Green Mile and you can liken it to the prison classic The Shawshank Redemption in terms of its strong plot and elaboration of relationships in prison.

When John Coffey (Duncan) grabs the privates of Edgecomb (Hanks) and takes his bladder plain away- great part of the script.

Acting & Dialogue:

Tom Hanks' superior acting skills are well observed in this classic film. Michael Clarke Duncan by his sheer emotional expression overshadows all others and is the viewer's favourite. David Morse & James Cromwell have great supporting roles and Cromwell has another of well-known supporting roles as in L.A. Confidential. Doug Hutchinson does impress with his portrayal of Percy Whetmore and his portrayal of this negative character is a great addition. There are many others who have great roles in the film and the entire cast deserves great commendation to have made a great movie.

Expressions of Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey. He is the viewer's favourite and well deserved his nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars. He will be greatly missed after his death in 2012.


Frank Darabont who wrote the adaptation himself has well translated his brilliant script into a great movie. Darabont's success can be credited to his creation of characters beautifully. He has developed each character in fine detail and added the nuances to each character's personality delicately. Darabont is brilliant in introducing his characters and his introduction of "Wild Bill" in the movie is a great scene.

Darabont's introduction of different characters. The scene where "Wild Bill" is introduced to the viewer is a directing lesson in itself.

Soundtrack & Film Score:

The Green Mile was nominated for the Best Sound at the Oscars and the sound truly is a great part of the film. At sensitive moments in the film, the soundtrack backs up the emotions of characters brilliantly. Thomas Newman, who has created the film score, has created music which is exactly fine-tuned with the acts in the film.

Soundtrack when John Coffey is seated to be electrocuted is one that can create more emotions than words could have. Thomas Newman has created a great score in the film.

Overall Rating:

The script, acting & dialogue, direction and soundtrack & editing put together creates a memorable film for years to come. It is just a great film where every aspect of the film pulls its weight through. It is a must watch for any viewer of any age or background as it reflects the humanity of people who are working in places where humanity is probably not expected to exist. A truly great prison drama and for decades will be considered one of the best movies ever made.

Personal note: Still get emotional after watching The Green Mile when it's played even today on HBO in India on Sundays. It is a must watch!

Review by
-Jay Doshi


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