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The Gruffalo on DVD

Updated on January 30, 2015

The story begins with a mother squirrel seeking to comfort her children after her own close call of being caught. The squirrel children ask her to tell them a story:

A small mouse spies in the distance a delicious pile of acorns and imagines himself enjoying them. While taking his walk through the woods, on the way to the acorns, he meets a fox, an owl, and a snake; all wishing to eat him. Using his wits and his imagination, the plucky little mouse tells each of the three that he is on his way to meet the "Gruffalo" for lunch. The mouse describes to each of the predators the Gruffalo as a beast and he says he is to meet the Gruffalo in each spot where he is stopped. Becoming frightened they each run away.

Now very confident, the little mouse continues his walk to the acorns until when he rounds a corner he is stopped in his tracks. Looking up, looking very far up, he comes face to face with the product of his imagination, The Gruffalo. Not wanting to ruin the rest of the story, I'll stop here.

The Official Gruffalo Poster
The Official Gruffalo Poster
The Fox
The Fox | Source

A Very Smart Mouse

The movie's hero, the mouse, saves himself by describing a beast from his own imagination. When he meets each of the predators, he includes frightening details of each one in his own description of the fictitious Gruffalo. Then in the minds of the predators the beast takes shape, frightening them to run away after the mouse tells them each is the Gruffalo's favorite food.

But when he meets actually meets the product of his own imagination in person, the mouse has to come up with a new way to survive....the result being a wonderful story that will capture the interest of both young and old.

The Gruffalo details

The book was written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler and turned into a 2009 British short animated film. 9.8 million people watched the movie which premiered on Christmas Day of 2009 on the BBC One. Later on the film received both an Academy Award and BAFTA nomination.

The Gruffalo film was directed by Jakob Schuh and Max Lang, and produced by Michael Rose and Martin Pope of Magic Light Pictures, London, in association with the award winning Studio Soi in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Included in the cast are the voices of:

  • Helena Bonham Carter: Mother Squirrel (the narrator)
  • Rob Brydon: Snake
  • Robbie Coltrane: The Gruffalo
  • James Corden: Mouse
  • John Hurt: Owl
  • Tom Wilkinson: Fox

A wonderful DVD for your children

I can describe this movie in one way, SOFT. The music is wonderful and gentle. The animals are very unique but familiar at the same time. Although you wouldn't think that a story of frightening monsters would be good for young children, somehow the Gruffalo story is told in a gentle way with the emphasis on the wits of the mouse to outsmart each of his captors, including the Gruffalo himself.

I highly recommend this DVD for both children and adults alike. My granddaughter, 3 years old, has watched it over and over and loves it. I have watched it with her and find myself loving it each time.


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