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The Halstead Clan

Updated on February 26, 2013

Interview With The Halstead Clan

I recently got a chance to interview an up and coming band from Bradford, England. They have put together a great modern spin on folk music, and classic 60’s pop. You can expect to hear masterful harmonies, with deep story filled lyrics, and great backing instruments.

Here is the interview:

How long have you been together as a group?

“We've been together as a band around a year... But I started writing and recording demos about 4 years ago as a sort of creative outlet. Because my last band was an 'indie dance' band.”

How did you all meet?

“We've known each other all our lives!

My dad’s on bass/vocals and Dave is possibly my oldest friend...

The rest of the guys are friends from other groups around Bradford.”

What would you class yourself as genre wise?

“I'd say we're somewhere between folk and 60's pop.”

Are there any main influences on your music?

“Personally I like listening to pretty much anything that's good or real... But since The Halstead Clan started I’ve been really into Simon & Garfunkel and Sam Cook.”

If there was an opportunity to play a show with one artist who would it be?

“Anyone in the world?!.....


What has been the biggest obstacle to overcome so far?

“Getting the music recorded to a standard I felt happy with.”

Are you working on an album currently?

We currently have a 6 track EP available to buy on iTunes (The Halstead Clan EP), and are working towards completion on another EP very soon.”

IS there anything you would like to share with readers and fans?

“Buy the EP and keep supporting underground music! “

Check them out here:


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