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The Harlem Shake Meme

Updated on March 13, 2013
Harlem Skae has recieved tremendous amounts of attention.
Harlem Skae has recieved tremendous amounts of attention.
Image of IGN Harlem shake.
Image of IGN Harlem shake.

Harlem Shake

For those that don't already know Harlem shake is a small random dance usually about half a minute long where one person starts doing something and then everything just goes wild.

The Harlem shake song starts, and one person is doing something, but no one seems to notice, this keeps happining until the bass drops.

Once the bass drops there is a sudden change of atmosphere, as a bunch of people are now dancing crazy or doing whatever they want for the rest of the video.

The Harlem shake started in Australia with a couple of teens making their Harlem shake video ever since the meme has gone viral and everyone is doing it.

Harlem shake received a lot of media attention, as well as peoples attention. Harlem Shake is pretty much the Gangnam Style of 2013.

There is really no specific dance to the song anyone can just do whatever they want in the video.

Baauer is the original artist of the song, but I doubt he was expecting anyone to dance or goof around like they are now to his song.


Competition Ever since the viral of the Harlem shake people have been making their own Harlem shake, and competing against others to see who's is the best. High schools do it all the time now and almost every school has their own Harlem shake. This goes for workplaces to some of the companies also have their own Harlem shake and try to outdo each other. Harlem shake videos don't really have much meaning to them since it is all just crazy dancing around, but the fun is watching them or making them.

Harlem Shake Images

Baauer is the artisit behind the hit song, "Harlem Shake."
Baauer is the artisit behind the hit song, "Harlem Shake."
A harlem shake at some company.
A harlem shake at some company.

Creating Your Own Harlem Shake

Creating a Harlem shake video is actually quite simple. All you need to do is have a camera, Youtube channel, some friends (5-8) and music. Think of a place or scenario to start your Harlem shake at, usually a room or park would be good. Give one of your friends the camera and when your ready start the music and start recording. Your friends should be still and you should be doing something crazy. When the bass drops stop the recording and music. During this time get everyone in position for what they want to be doing (except for the camera guy) and start the music and record. You should start the music at where you paused and all your friends should be doing something when your done put the two parts together and upload on Youtube.

Army Harlem Shake


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