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The Haunting of Elizabeth Short- The Black Dahlia

Updated on August 28, 2011
Elizabeth Short AKA The Black dahlia
Elizabeth Short AKA The Black dahlia

Where does it start?

On January 15th 1947 Los Angeles awakened to a Horrific sight, one that would state how twisted and sick the Human mind could become. Since then we have witnessed through media and written accounts that there are true Monsters out there and how none of us are truly safe. In America in 1947 our innocence died along with Elizabeth Short.

On a January morning in Los Angeles a mother takes her child for a brisk morning walk and stumbles upon a sight that she would never dream of even in her most horrific nightmares. Walking with her little girl hand in hand she sees what seemed to be a broken mannequin lying in a rubbled filled field. As her stride grew closer she realizes the figure is not a mannequin at all but the gruesome site of a woman severed in half lying as cold as the morning air and positioned in an obscene pose on the frost covered grass. Its is then we get to meet Elizabeth Short AKA "The Black Dahlia" and thus begins an investigation that until today has become nothing short of an enigma!

Elizabeth Short was born July 29Th 1924 in Boston Mass. Her family was middle class and her father built mini golf courses until the 1929 stock market crash that had the family lose most of their assets. At first and after a stint with the law that got her into Juvenile detention for underage drinking Elizabeth's life seemed to be getting on the right track. She was engaged to a decorated Air force officer and very much in love until she received news one day that he was killed in a plane crash and at that moment life took a complete opposite swing. Not knowing exactly where she wanted her life to go Elizabeth began concentrating on one of her lifelong passions which was to become a famous Hollywood starlet. She had "The Look" for it and was always noticed because of her pale white skin, dark hair and striking light Blue Eyes. She enhanced the demeanor of a dark beauty by always dressing in black hence the nickname "The Black Dahlia"

Finally going to California and auditioning for several parts Elizabeth would get a gig here and there but nothing to write home about and certainly nothing that was going to fling her into stardom anytime soon though Elizabeth wanted and felt that results would come easily and quickly to her disappointment they did not, in fact there were times she would end up accepting dates from men just to get a decent meal! Life became a struggle for Elizabeth but she continued to try to get that break she so desperately wanted and needed. This was the time of the "casting couch" where all you needed to get the attention of powerful Men in the industry were the looks, Elizabeth certainly had that and she did rub elbows with many frequenting the Clubs and Bars in L.A. There is no real evidence of this but some say she even prostituted herself just to survive, she did own an address book filled with men's info but that could've been again professional connections however there did exist a name in that book, a name on a page that would be ripped out and never discovered.

January 9TH 1947 was the last time Elizabeth was seen alive. She had been seen by several at her usual hang out and then at Dinner with a gentelman companion. statements by witnesses say that she called him "Red" in conversation and he did in fact seem to have reddish hair. In appearance he seemed to be meekish and spoke mildly and was very respectful to Elizabeth. Just another night she probably thought to herself and after dinner they both got into a car and drove off. The next time anyone saw Elizabeth she was cut in half, body cleaned and drained of all blood with her breast cut off and a grimace cut across her face.

what happened from the 9TH to the 15TH of Jan?

No one will ever know the torture Elizabeth endured during those 6 days! The fear and excruciating pain she suffered and her journey into the world of a twisted, perverted madman. At her autopsy it was stated that it seemed that Elizabeth was hung upside down or spread Eagle. There were cigarette burns throughout her body along with bruises, she had suffered a hemorrhage in the Brain due to repeated forced trauma and the Dr who performed the autopsy said that from the looks of things most likely Elizabeth was cut in half while she was still alive! One very seasoned Police Officer who had experienced the worse of the worse in L.A. and who was present at the autopsy stated he just hoped that she went into shock and died way before this madman's deed was over!

A week after the discovery of her Body a package was delivered to the Newspaper. on the outside of the package there were cut out letters spelling out "here are the Dahlia's belongings letter will follow" . There were many fingerprints on the envelope but they never matched up to any on file. Inside the envelope were Elizabeth's Birth certificate along with her S.S card and an address book filled with mens numbers and info...there had been a page torn out of the book and authorities suspect that on that page was most likely Elizabeth's killer's info. We will never know the disgusting , sick mind that committed this horrid act. Most likely the poloice at the time did in fact get to interview him and let him go for lack of evidence. it seemed that everyone whom had contact with Elizabeth no matter how torrid had an airtight alibi but back then wouldn't it have been easy to get an airtight alibi? Again we will never know I do have to mention that at the time of Elizabeth's Murder there was a psycho on the loose by the name of "The Torso Killer" to whom much of his MO was very close to the condition of Elizabeth's Body and not to mention the Torso killer had written a letter to authorities saying he was moving to California and to look out for his handy work there.

Too graphic to post!

For obvious reasons I am not going to post any crime scene pictures, they are way too disturbing and horrific. God knows they are plastered all over the Internet so if you cant handle that kind of stuff I suggest you don't go looking for them! If you do in fact happen to stumble upon them wanting to know more about the story you will see the unfathomable and how incredibly vicious this crime was. It is definitely not for the faint of heart.

A restless Spirit.

If there is such a thing as tormented Spirits Elizabeth would certainly fit into that criteria. She died a horrible death, she died young in severe trauma and her killer for lack of a better phrase did indeed get away with Murder! There is no better poster child for a restless spirit than Elizabeth Short! In fact there is a Ghost story directly associated with Elizabeth and it centers in the Hotel where she resided so many years ago.

The Biltmore Hotel was the last place Elizabeth was seen alive. That night she was seen placing telephone calls and then leaving the Hotel itself. No one met her there, she just left and never was seen alive again. To this day there has been reports of Dahlia sightings in the Hotel. These sightings began sometime in the 60's though there could have been sightings way before then. Employees and guest at the Hotel have seen these sightings numerous times throughout different time spans. They occur usually in the Evenings and it seems this spectre appears as a guest herself. Witnesses have said the mysterious woman seems to be upset as if she is looking for help of some sort but never asks anyone for assistance. her most creepiest interaction is when a guest will walk into the Hotel Elevator and in one corner of the Elevator there is a Woman, sullen and dressed in Black...she is quiet and her glance is looking at the floor...she waits there standing in the corner as if she is waiting for her floor and the elevator doors to open...usually the number on the panel is lit up to the 6TH floor and when the door opens on the 6TH floor she hesitates and then exits but she quickly turns to look at the other passenger and she seems to want to say something before the doors close. In some occasions people have pushed the open button to have the doors re-open on the Elevator only seconds later to find no one there and no one in the corridor. It seems from this spetre's actions that it is looking for help or wants to say something.

As far as I know there has never been a Paranormal Investigation in this Hotel centering on these sightings though I truly feel there should be. This is a field I know of very well as I do Paranormal Investigations and have so for many years on and off. To me it seems that this entity needs closure and needs her Death to be acknowledged and not disregarded. Even after the countless of books and films made based on her story Dahlia needs to find closure on a more personal level. This young Woman's life was a sad and tragic one and now her Death and life after it seems to continue the saga. Maybe one day a true investigation of these sightings will occur and maybe her spirit will finally rest in peace but until that day if you ever find yourself in Coral Gables Fla. and you happen to be staying at the Biltmore Hotel don't be surprised when you ride the elevator to your room late in the evening that you find yourself sharing a space with a sad, beautiful , mysterious dark haired woman dressed in might just be the person she finally speaks to!


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