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The Have And Have Nots -- Candace Bags Another Politician

Updated on March 11, 2017

Then tries the old blackmail routine...

Last time, Jim didn't like it when Kat threatened to bag her young masseur. Hanna decided to rat Candace out to save her. Candace ended up doing what Brandon wanted her to do. And Veronica threatened Justin.

The female cop goes to get someone; unfortunately, that person is Justin. Justin is told he's going to make detective. The young cop tries to learn more about Jeffrey and Justin and Justin denies being Jeffrey's friend. Justin says he'll cover for him firing at a civilian [Jeffrey] conveniently covering for himself.

Justin comes up to Hanna. Hanna wants to know how they'll arrest Candace. Hanna says she can lure Candace out of the room so Benny and Q won't see. She tells them the hotel they're staying at. Hanna wants them to wait until Q goes to school. Justin asks Hanna if she knows how Quincy died. He tells her he was stabbed over 40 times. Hanna won't admit that Candace killed Quincy. Justin tells her Quincy was killed by two different people. I bet Hanna thinks Benny helped her. He tells Hanna she did the right thing. Yeah, I bet Benny will agree with that. Justin tries to call Jeffrey but he puts him on ignore. There are a lot of characters on this show I'd love to put on ignore, Jeffrey in one of them.

I still think War is going to come after Hanna, because as paranoid as that sucker is he'll think Hanna went to the cops to rat him out. He is having Hanna watched.

Now we've got Charack and Candace. As if they didn't bore enough last week. After the election, I don't want to see another person running for President. Besides, the guy just doesn't do it for me. Charack has two kids: 7 and 10. Just like Obama. Wonder if they're both daughters. Charack says he can't sleep with a stranger in a hotel cause he's running for President; she tries to convince him, otherwise, but he still says no. He says he was with his late wife the last 15 years and she was the only one. She promises not to let anyone know about this happening and he caves.

Maybe the scene would be hot if they had any chemistry, which they don't. Ditto for David and Erica. It's bad but I would be far more into it if it was Jim and Kathryn getting down and dirty. Maybe because there's actual history between them and instead of one of these hos taking these dumb dudes for a ride, literally.

Justin sends Jeffrey a text since he won't answer his call. Veronica threatens to take Jeffrey's phone from him and orders him to go in the room. I wonder if Psychotica will be listening at the door. Melissa comes out dressed up and gets into bed.

Jeffrey tries to warn Candace and she isn't picking up, either.

Melissa asks what's wrong. He gets on her case for asking. He says she's the problem. Melissa asks if Justin is his lover. Jeffrey admits Justin is and then he starts taunting her with it. It doesn't bother her a bit. Jeffrey says his hard-on will never be for her. Veronica was listening at the door and she comes into the bedroom. Melissa tries to protect Jeffrey but Veronica tells her to shut up. Jeffrey tells Veronica to go sleep it off. Then Veronica says Jeffrey is trying to put her away and tried to stab her but she'll always be there. Melissa speaks up saying she thinks Jeffrey should be with Justin if that's what he wants when she says Justin is over. Jeffrey says she's afraid of him when she drinks and he says something that scares the witch. She claims she's not destroying him, she's trying to save him. Then she says Melissa has stretch marks and isn't dark enough but no one is perfect like Veronica. Veronica better watch out because Melissa has got a nasty side, too. I really do think Veronica wants Jeffrey to sleep with her. That's the second time her comments have alluded a purely unhealthy interest in her son, sexually.

Melissa says she's sorry. Of course, he's still a dick to her. Melissa says that when Veronica passes out for the night he can leave to see his friend but he says he wants nothing from her. He tells Melissa he murdered someone, but she isn't shocked. Jeffrey says she should be afraid of him. She says murder doesn't seem like that bad of an idea. He says someone pushed him in the fifth grade and he snapped. Melissa suggests doing something to Veronica but he says he won't do it, then she changes it to him going to see Justin. So chicken shyte would rather be emotionally abuses by mommy while he in turns emotionally abuses Melissa. What a prize.

Oscar tells Jim where Wyatt is. And that he moved the money off-shore. Jim calls George and says he'll help him trap Candace. Oh, god, another go-round of Jim and Candace. YUCK! Jim has a fit when he learns Kat gave Hanna Amanda's car. Hanna has come to the Cryer estate.

Kat goes out to see Hanna. Hanna says she needs a criminal lawyer. Hanna thinks Candace and Benny killed Quincy. Kat says she knows she hates Candace. She stills asks Kat to help her. She says she'll make some calls. Hanna doesn't want Veronica involved. She says she'll call Marty in the morning.

Back to Candace and Charack. Charack tells her how good she is. He asks how many men she's been with. She sidetracks from answering. He asks her for her story. Charack says things can't work between him and Candace. He says his wife would have never screwed him only knowing him for an hour. He makes an excuse to leave, and she turns cold on him. Better watch out, Charack. She was probably recording them. He says this would hurt a lot of good people if this came out. She starts threatening him.

Now we see David grinding Erica. War is watching from the door.

Next week is supposed to be the finale that will break your heart. Not sure what that could be, unless it's Hanna getting killed off. If three-quarters of the characters were to die it wouldn't break my heart.


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