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The Have And Have Nots -- Candace Tells All...Only Benny Won't Believe Her

Updated on September 6, 2016

And Hanna's Dreams Come True...

Last time, Candace tried to get Hanna in more trouble with the police than she already was, while Hanna decided to bring Q back to her. Kathryn finally visited Wyatt. Candace got outted in front of Benny for mortgaging his tow yard and house. And Quita learned Veronica was spying on Quincy's gang.

Brief time-out: Wasn't it Quita that told Veronica that Candace and Jeffrey had killed Quincy, now she doesn't know what happened to him all of a sudden? Time back in.

Tonight is the episode before the finale next week. The finale is supposed to end with a bang, but who'll be the victim of that bang? I hope it isn't Kathryn. Ever since she wrote her will it's made me nervous.

Benny tells Lloyd that he didn't sign the mortgage papers. Candace tries to manage things but Lloyd lowers the boom on her. Lloyd says she has til tomorrow to give back the two million or he's calling the feds. Not so much fun when you're the one in trouble with the law, is it, Candace?

Candace asks for more time, but he won't give it. Benny says he'll sign the mortgage, but Lloyd says it doesn't work that way. Lloyd says if they sign over the houses and the tow yard and vacate the premises then he won't call the feds. Benny walks out of the house. So, he's still trying to protect Princess Rotten.

Candace comes out to see Benny. She tells Benny she met Jim when she was an escort. She tells Benny she blackmailed Jim for 100 grand and that red sports car. Then he kidnapped her, and she got War to kidnap him in return. She then extorted 7.4 million dollars from Jim. That's how she paid for his house and tow yard. She gave Erica the car to trick Benny to give the car to Hanna. She cheated War out of his take of the money. That War threatened to kill Benny unless she gave him the 2 million she owed him. She says Mitch saw War force himself on her, so he planted drugs in War's car. War got arrested and he probably thinks she did it, and he'll probably come after her soon and maybe Benny, too. That once Benny leaves she's going to go to Oscar and get the four million he took from her. And just how does she think she's going to get Oscar to do that? Has she forgotten he took off and left her to Quincy's tender mercies when he saw him attacking her. Doesn't sound like the type of guy to just hand over that money to her. But when it comes to money Candace is delusional. She thinks if Benny sues the Cryers she'll get her paws on all that money, too.

Benny won't believe Mitch planted drugs, cause he has no connections. He also can't believe she'd do War the way she did. And he tells Hanna that Candace is going to let her have Q. Benny is demanding that Candace go down to the child welfare office to tell them Hanna can have custody of Q. She says she's got to get her keys and her purse. Yeah, I bet she does. She'll probably sneak out the back.

Kathryn comes to see Jim. They snipe at each other. Jim tells Kathryn there's a gun in the safe at home. She tells him Wyatt is going to be okay. Jim tells Kathryn to mention a date to a particular judge so they can get back control of Wyatt's money. He also tells her the DA will make sure that Kathryn can't get help for Wyatt. So Kathryn says she's going to take care of this and get her hands dirty doing it.

You know, at first I thought Kathryn might just be blowing smoke up our butts about what a big bad mama she can be, then I thought about Celine and Candace. She personally dragged the maid across the marble floors by her hair and she bashed Candace over the head. So, yeah, she does get her hands dirty.

Erica arranges to have a flat tire where David will come by and see her and help her. She claims to be from the same town he comes from. He offers to give her a ride. She turns down his offer, but David says she's safe with him. He gives her a silk hankie to wipe her hands on.

DA learns that Benny and Candace are trying to get the warrant lifted on Hanna. She says she wants them to come to her office. She's also making plans to see Wyatt. After leaving him rotting in the room, she still plans to use him. Just like Jim said.

The DA says she'll be calling Benny to testify at the trial. Candace admits that Quincy is Q's father. She tells them Quita says Candace killed Quincy at her house and she can't find him. Candace labels Quita a crackhead. The DA asks for Candace's ID. Candace says they have to get out of there. Quita comes in and points the finger at Candace. I'm surprised Quita didn't bring up Benny snatching Q from her. Maybe she forgot, the same way she forgot she believed Candace killed Quincy and now she suddenly remembers that, again.

Back to David and Erica. She says he's married. She won't believe him when he says he's going through a divorce. She claims to be an accountant. She says he should start thinking like a single man. She tells him not to be so rigid and to relax and have fun.

The DA says she got the warrant lifted on Hanna. She lets them leave. She tells her assistant to get something on Candace; to talk to the neighbors.

Oscar sees David at campaign headquarters and he's about to take it on the run. He knows he's been made and is being watched and he has a lot of enemies so he's planning to take it on the run. David asks him to run Erica. He says maybe he's being paranoid, but Oscar says its his gut telling him something. Oscar smells it as a con. He tells David to get her name so he can run her.

The DA's men arrive outside of Candace's house and knock on Pearl's door. She mentions a strange odor coming from the backyard of Candace's house. Guess Benny should have thrown one of those Febreeze clip-ons from his car in the grave with Quincy when he buried him. She tells Detective Blake that Quincy went in and didn't come out. He calls the DA telling her to get that search warrant.

Hanna and Q return to Kathryn's. Kathryn comes home. Hanna tells Kathryn they called the warrant off and Candace is going to let her keep Q. Kathryn says she doesn't know how she feels after seeing Wyatt in the hospital. Kathryn gets a call. It's Lloyd. She tells him she has the paper work to get Wyatt's inheritance back. Then she takes out the gun that Jim mentioned he had.

Justin arrives on the scene. He calls up Jeffrey. He asks if there's anything he needs to tell him about Candace. They're about to serve a search warrant on her house. Jeffrey denies knowing anything. Is Candace finally going to get busted? Or will she be able to weasel out of it again?


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