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The Have And Have Nots -- Candace Wants To Turn The Tables On David

Updated on August 16, 2016

And David's had enough of Benny

As we last left off, Wyatt was finally taken to the hospital. Benny tried to blackmail Jeffrey and he told David about it. Jeffrey learned Wyatt was alive. Candace and Erica were on Oscar's trail. And War and Jim were put in lock-up together.

Candace begs Mitch to say that he didn't do this for her. He admits he did. She demands to know what he did, and he tells her. He tells her there's a lot he hasn't told her about his family. Candace dated Mitch in the past and he told her his father was a drug dealer. She tells him she had it handled, but he says it didn't look like that.

She tells him he doesn't know her. She says she's the black girl he wouldn't introduce to his family. She also tries to tell the idiot War can get her without being out of jail. She tells him to go away.

The thing that really bugs me about Mitch and why I replace the M in his name with B is he acts like he rushed in to save the day, but he stayed hidden not wanting to screw up the screwing he was getting to rush to the rescue and save his girl Candace from being taken up against the chain link fence. Then he sneaks behind War's back to frame him for drug possession. And apparently when Candace dated him he was too gutless to introduce her to his family. He's a sniveling gutless little coward going around acting like some big brave hero.

After Candace pops the zit [Mitch] and sends him on his way, she and Erica watch Oscar go into campaign headquarters. She tells Erica they need to watch Oscar and see who he is and what he's up to. Candace also says she needs to watch her back cause War is going to be after her. No kidding.

Jim is ignoring War. David comes in to see Jim. He tells him that Wyatt is not dead. Jim says he's going to sue them. Jim is happy and thanks David.

Hanna is in Wyatt's room. Kathryn calls and Hanna gives her an update. Kathryn refuses to come down until Wyatt is awake. Kathryn asks Hanna to come to the house in the morning because she wants to talk to her about something. Kathryn asks Hanna to hold the phone to Wyatt's ear while she tells Wyatt she loves him and she's not going to let HER [I'm guessing she means DA Dirtbag but it should be Veronica] hurt him anymore.

As Hanna's about to leave she tells Wyatt she'll be back tomorrow. She meets Jeffrey in the hall as she's leaving. Jeffrey says he knows he shouldn't have done it [referring to stabbing Veronica in her fake boob]. Hanna tells him he needs to get help. She suggests he prays and talks to God. She gives him her number if he needs someone to talk to. She says what he did to Veronica can't happen, again, and the hellcat is still his mother. I'd love to see if Hanna could restrain herself from whacking Veronica if she had to put up with the kind of harassment Jeffrey gets from her. Hanna says she doesn't care that Jeffrey is gay. She says it's a shame the way Veronica treated him and he deserves better.

Jeffrey goes in to be with Wyatt. Hanna warns him the hellcat is in the hospital somewhere and warns him to be careful.

Jeffrey tells Wyatt he loves him. Oh, god, to quote Megan Trainor, “You need to let it go. You need to let it go.”

Candace and Erica watch as David arrives to meet with Oscar. She realizes David was the one who set her up. Candace decides to sick Erica on David. She wants David to fall madly in love with Erica and then to take all his money away from him. I don't think that's going to be as easy as she thinks.

As Hanna is leaving, she sees Little Q in the hospital. Q wants Hanna to take him home. Hanna learns that Candace has left him in the hospital for three days WITHOUT VISITING HIM EVEN ONCE. I told you so. The nurse tells Hanna that if Candace doesn't come for Q by tomorrow he'll be put in foster care. So Candace lied, again. And she never even went to see that child. As horrible as I thought it was when she claimed to have put the kid in the care of a pastor that would have at least shown she cared something about the kid and had gone to see him. No, she's been too busy driving around in her car trying to get back money that she extorted from Jim in the first place.

David tells Oscar to keep Benny's phones off. David asks for a clean gun. He plans to take the gun to go meet Benny. Oscar says he'll hang out at campaign headquarters waiting for David's call.

Jeffrey wants Wyatt to go away with him. Fat chance, little man, if he was awake he'd be spitting in your face that your love makes him sick. He declares his love for Wyatt, again. And Vampira hears him. She see Jeffrey lay his head down on Wyatt's chest. She said if his head was any lower he'd be committing a crime. Oh, geez! She keeps saying he put a knife in her chest. He backs away from her. He blocks her from getting near Wyatt. She says she sees that crazy look in his eyes again. He threatens her. She acts like she's afraid of him, emphasis on act as her next words show she's got stones of steel. She says he and Melissa will have an engagement party, tomorrow. Veronica says if he isn't at her house for the engagement party she'll call the cops and have them search Candace's house.

She also tells him that if he ever raises a hand to her again she swears on her father's grave and the grave of all her stillborn children [All? Wasn't there only one?] that the next person who visits him will make what Quincy did to him look like a walk in the park. Jeffrey says she doesn't love him, but she says she loves him so much he'll do exactly as she says. Baby that's what love is all about. Foisting it on a comatose guy who wants no part of it and forcing your child to live the life you want for him not what he wants.

Back in the jail with War and Jim. Jim's talking to War now. Jim brings up where War had him locked up. Jim lets War know he remembers War. Jim says he's going to bury him for what he did to him. Jim reveals how much Candace bled from him. When War finds out, he says Candace is dead. Jim laughs when he learns Candace lied to him twice. Jim says to do them both a favor and kill her.

Candace gets Erica to give up her regular John, Grayson, to pursue David. Meanwhile Candace intends to sit back and watch Oscar. Actually, she should have followed David, cause her brother's in big trouble only the big dummy doesn't know it.

War tells Jim how his grandmother put him in a dumpster to hide her drug stash on him when he was six. Jim says he's sorry about that. Jim says he can't understand people like War turning to crime. He gives War some hypocritical speech about how he was poor and he used his brains to get a football scholarship and go to school and become a judge. He actually left a little bit out of that story. Like the part where he seduced a rich girl from a powerful family and that's really where he got where he is. And if we put up Jim's kills against War's Jim may have actually had more people killed than War.

War reveals he's got copies of the porno Candace did of him as insurance. Jim offers to make a deal with War. If War can get all the pictures Candace has of him, he'll get War out of jail. If I were War, I wouldn't hand over the pictures until I was out of jail.

David arrives at the tow yard. Benny orders David to put his phones back on, and David warns him to leave his son alone. Benny grabs David and they start fighting. Benny better run, cause David's got a gun...


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