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The Have And Have Nots -- Crack Is Whack And So Is Hanna!

Updated on September 21, 2015

Hanna thinks Candace drove the car through her house...

The scene of Hanna's house. The fire chief asks Hanna if the car driven through her house was hers. The fact that Hanna let her insurance lapse clears her of a suspected arson charge. She let her insurance lapse when Benny was in the hospital. She refuses Kathryn's offer of financial help. It doesn't seem to occur to Hanna this was the work of Quincy.

Benny shows up at the scene of the fire. Benny automatically knows its Quincy. Hanna refuses Kathryn's offer of a place to stay and she leaves her in Benny's hands. Hanna has a meltdown because she spent her entire adult life to work to have her own home. Hanna doesn't want to go live with Benny, either. She says there's something wrong with Benny's house. Having no choice she goes with him.

Jim talking to his thugs to take out his enemies. He says he wants all of them taken out, today. He says he wants Veronica saved for last and he's going to practice his sympathetic face.

Candace calling Benny, but getting voice mail. Candace gets a massive flower delivery. No doubt from Oscar Mayer Weiner. She calls him and he says he just wants her to know he's thinking of her. Oscar says he wants her to have her son.

Jeffrey arrives at Candace's place. She invites Jeffrey to stay with her. He says no and asks how she came into her money. She swears her money is legit.

Maggie comes in to see David. David says she can't help with the things that matter, like his wife. Maggie says V doesn't deserve him and she says she can't help him with his marriage to V. She also shows him a pamplet she's had drawn up for his run for governor. David says he can't do that. He says Jim is his friend and he can't and won't do it. She says she's going to start packing up.

Jim comes to see Celine. Oh, god, he's wearing the leather jacket. We all know what that means by now. He grabs her, saying he wants her. He starts kissing her and saying he missed her. He tells her he loves her. I think I'm going to be sick. She desperately pulls off his clothes as he screws her. YUCK!!!

Candace takes Jeffrey to the tow yard and he sees his car there. She's looking for Benny. She doesn't notice Jeffrey examining his car that Veronica has been holding over his head.

Kathryn calls Veronica. She's a bit appalled V doesn't feel any sympathy for Hanna. Kathryn wonders what V is hiding, while Maggie comes visiting V. Maggie says she came to save her life. Maggie comes in uninvited. She gives V the pics of her together with Benny doing the nasty. She wants V to convince David to run for governor and V says no. V wants to know what is in it for Maggie and suggests she wants to be David's first lady.

Maggie tells V how much she wants David. She gets really disgusting about her lust for David. She tells her that David only wants V. That David didn't cheat on her. V orders her out of her house and she breaks down crying.

Wyatt at home. He gets a call from DA Jennifer. She offers him immunity if he testifies against his parents and the Harringtons. So, this is about getting revenge, not justice. She tells him his father set him up. She tells him Toxic has a connection to Veronica. Doesn't he want to get back at them all? He takes her offer and says he'll call her back. So she intends to let the killer go free and just get the ones that protected the killer. I'm sure Granddaddy Michael will love that when he hears it.

The Social Worker asks if she and Candace can talk in private. She says the judge is leaving it in the hands of her boss. She doesn't impress the Social Worker when she won't see her son. She's too worried about Quincy finding her. Since Little Q is asking for Hanna and the Social Worker puts in a plug for Hanna, they say Candace doesn't care about her son and he'd be better off with Hanna. Yeah, say that after taking a look at Hanna's house. Wow! Tyler Perry is doing nothing to make social workers or social services look good.

Jeffrey calls Wyatt and tells him he found the car.

Celine enjoying the aftermath. God, she makes me sick and so do they together. Gross! Jim says he didn't follow his heart but followed his hard. This dude can be so gross and vulgar. She wants to talk about him and Candace. He says it's over. Celine wants to know when she can come back to work. Is she nuts? He says they can't fix it. She doesn't understand why she can't come back to work in Kathryn's house. Jim says he came to her for one show her a good time and so she can remember how good he is and he could screw her like a two dollar whore. He says he never loved her. He didn't love her before or now. She's one of the lowest people he's met. He only wanted revenge. He tells her to go to hell. He says for her to sit on the couch and to remember how good he is cause he's never coming back. He says he'll arrange for some child support for that bastard, but it won't be much. She can't believe he came there to humiliate her, and he says that, “Yes, he did.” That they're even and she says no they're not.

Hanna blaming Candace for what happened to her house. Idiot Hanna thinks Candace drove the car through her house. She thinks she did it so she can have Q. What a pathetic woman. She says Benny has to turn on Candace. Then she realizes Candace bought Benny's house for him. Benny tells Horrible Hanna that Candace doesn't have a job. Then Horrible Hanna realizes Candace gave him his tow yard, too. She then has a fit that Benny lied to her. Horrible Hanna wants to know where Candace's house is.


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