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The Have And Have Nots -- Crazy Black Women And Amanda, Too

Updated on February 5, 2014

And Celine aint too far from crazy, herself

Yeah, I know it's a rotten title, but Katheryn was the only normal woman on this show in the latest episode.

Amanda was still off her meds and crazy as a bed bug, not to mention being a nasty little beyotch to Jeffrey, probably because he suspects she's off her meds and keeps calling her on it. Jeffrey came home and saw her dancing around and she wanted to know when he was going to leave. Actually, I think it would be better if Amanda was the one to leave, as the Candace/Jeffrey relationship is interesting, and it'll get moreso if Mommy Veronica finds out about it. Amanda and Candace don't have a real friendship; Amanda is just Candace's tool. She also asked Jeffrey if he knew where she could get a gun. Everybody run Crazy Amanda is looking for a gun.

Then there's bible thumping Hanna who is starting to put the C in crazy. When Candace showed up at the hospital, she was still trying to blackmail her into telling her where her grandchild was or she wouldn't tell her how Benny was doing. She even gave Candace a deadline to tell her or she was going to call the cops. She still believes she's going to be given custody of her grandson, even though she gets all slap happy on Candace in front of a room full of people. I don't know what reality this crazy religious fanatic lives in but in that reality the brain dead recover and grandparents have more rights over a child than their own parents.

Then we've got her equally crazy daughter, Candace. When Crazy Hanna won't give her any info, she goes and manhandles the nurse and then storms into an operating room to make the doctor tell her what she wants to know, possibly contaminating the patient and putting his life in danger. The even crazier part is the doctor came out and talked to her, feeding this psychos ego that what she wants she gets and doesn't even call the cops and have her arrested or at least banned from the hospital.

Not that that turns out to be an issue. After all the trouble she caused to find out about Benny, she sees him hooked up to life support machines and says she can't do it and takes off. Then she goes to Jim expecting him to do what she wants and move Benny to a private facility. And this is after Jim tossed her out on her butt earlier when she tried to turn him on [and failed miserably at that. See, Candy Cane, you aint all that, after all] and blackmail him. So what does Jim do? Overuses the word whore on her and tells her where to go. And since Candy Cane was told no for once she vowed to dee-stroy him.

On a side note, it was a really stupid thing to do, considering Wyatt ran Benny down. But Jim is one cold bastard. Katheryn would probably have done what she asked if she hadn't been so nasty and skanky to her just because of Hanna. But hoochie poochie only has use for men and preys on women's men.

And our final Crazy Lady of the night was Mommy Veronica. After getting Katheryn, David and Jim to admit the truth, she found out where the car was, but lied to them about it. She also made it impossible for any of them to find it. And she made Jeffrey look bad by telling the car company Jeffrey had the car. She wanted to protect herself from being accused of being an accessory. Then she got in a snit because Jeffrey was willing to lie to her for Wyatt, meaning Wyatt meant more to Jeffrey than HER. She also complained about the way Jeffrey was dressed, neatly forgetting the fact she locked him out of his apartment where all his clothes are and told him to meet him for lunch as their usual place. Nuttier than a fruitcake. And just wait until the feral beastie finds out Jeffrey has been aided and comforted by Miss Candy Cane. Watching those two crazy beasties go at it is going to be something else.

Celine isn't wrapped too tightly herself or she's extremely stupid. In front of David and Veronica she tells Jim and Katheryn they haven't paid her her check, yet. Honey, blackmail is not a spectator's sport. You don't blackmail someone in front of people, you do it in private. Kudos to Jim for realizing the vile heifer was trying to listen at the door to find out some more dirt she can use to blackmail Jim and Katheryn with.

Katheryn was the only normal sane woman on this episode. Everything finally became too much for her and she broke down about it. The shocking thing is Jim actually held Katheryn in his arms while she cried. Heck, an endearment for her even slipped through his lips, He called her baby. Generally, if Jim isn't bellowing Kathryn's name, telling her to shut up or being absolutely vile to her, they're not having a scene together. Needless to say I loved that scene, since their my favorite couple and I become more and more curious how their marriage has become what it has.

The final scene was of Hanna being questioned by the cops and saying she knows who ran down Benny. Yep, it's definitely about to hit the fan. Thanks to Veronica, they can't get rid of the car so the police can't prove it was Wyatt was the driver. However, Jim had David go out with him in Wyatt's car and he said he did something that would fix the mess. But will is? And it seems there's really going to be no way the nice friendship between Katheryn and Hanna will be able to survive this mess.


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