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The Have And Have Nots -- David Bags Maggie While Trying To Protect Veronica

Updated on February 10, 2016

And Candace learns she'll never be free of Quincy

As we last left off Jeffrey had turned on Candace. Candace finally learned it was Wyatt who ran down Benny. And Q passed out.

Hanna running down the street with Q. She makes it to the hospital on foot. She hands him over to a doctor. Hanna starts invoking Jesus.

Okay, gotta ask. Is this the same hospital Benny was taken to or did she go to Kathryn's uptown hospital, because all the staff seem pretty competent there. The nurse was nice and polite and professional to Hanna and the doctor quickly diagnosed what was wrong with Q. Big change from the version we got after the hit and run. Now County Hospital doesn't seem like such a snake pit hospital as originally presented.

Mitch arrives at the tow yard as Benny is carrying out some supplies. Mitch bitches about Benny leaving him to cover the whole tow yard by himself and accuses Benny of only wanting to use him as a work horse. Benny tells him to back off cause he's got something he needs to do.

Jeffrey still at the Cryers as Wyatt is happy about having put his parents in jail. DA Jen tells Wyatt he passed his drug test with his fake urine. She also tells the punk Kathryn will be getting out soon so he best take his trifling butt out of there. Then Wyatt shows him the new car he's going to buy with his parents money. Jeffrey says he shouldn't have that kind of money. He's also planning to get a private jet. Jeffrey won't go away with him, so Wyatt starts making cracks about Jeffrey being gay. Jeffrey says he can't handle the money. Wyatt says Jeffrey is his problem. Wyatt says he'll never love him in return. Jeffrey says he wishes Wyatt would love himself. He tells Jeffrey to book him the presidential suite at the hotel Jeffrey is going to stay at. Jeffrey leaves the moron to self-destruct all on his own.

Candace arrives home as Benny is trying to bleach the blood out of Candace's floor. Benny says he couldn't move Quincy because of the old lady across the street watching, so he buried him in her backyard. Benny says Gladys Kravitz has a camera trained on her door. She questions Benny about where he got the plastic. And he says at his towing yard, he's not stupid. So, take that viewers who have said he is. He questions her about Jeffrey and she assures him Jeffrey didn't tell anyone about Quincy.

Q has Lupus and needs to take his medicine. The doctor stresses he has to take his medicine everyday. He tells her Q's medicine is expensive and he needs to be kept in a clean environment because he has asthma, too. The doctor won't let her see him until he's out of ICU. He suggests she go to work. Oh, that'll be a trip with Wyatt the rodent there bragging how he put his parents in jail and how he ran down her son. Looks like Hanna's day is just going to get better and better.

David pays off the guard so he can visit Veronica. David wants to know where Veronica lives. She won't tell him. She won't believe he's trying to protect her. She says she lives with her man in the photograph. When she starts getting really nasty about her man, David storms out. Oh, Veronica, the silly fool is trying to save your life. You should let him.

Jeffrey drops by Candace's to presumably pick up his car. Of course, Gladys is watching from across the street. He can't find his keys. She tells him Candace is in the house with two men. She says she won't stand for Candace's goings on in the neighborhood. Jeffrey just walks away. I'd also love to know where she gets off deciding the house is too big for Candace to live in. What does she want her to live in? A tenement apartment? Probably. Doubt the old witch would be spying on her if she wasn't black. Seems like her creepy homophobic pervert son learned his views at mommy's knee.

Oscar/Brandon comes back. David says he has a problem. He says he believes there's a hit out on Veronica. He wants him to find out who put the hit out on her. He says it won't be easy to find out where Veronica is living. He also wants Oscar to find out who Veronica's been screwing.

Of course he's going to learn it's Jim and have a fit, but I think he expects too much. Veronica had his son raped and David knows it, yet he thinks Jim should let her get away with it because she's his wife. Just because David let her get away with all the foul things she's done to his son, doesn't meant Jim is going to do the same.

Benny is still mad at Candace. She says there's one more thing she wants Benny to do. He says he's done with Candace. She tells him it was Wyatt who ran him down. Candace claims Hanna knew the truth all along. Candace wants Benny to sue the Cryers for pain and suffering. She says if he sues the Cryers he'll get millions. Yeah, but since Benny's off her, does she really think he's going to share the wealth with her?

Okay, I didn't see this one coming. I didn't think she'd turn Benny against Hanna. Or try to get Benny to sue the Cryers.

Back to the police station. Blood tests are being run on LaQuita's car.[They finally mentioned her name, so I can't stop referring to her as Quincy's hood rat sister]. A cop calls her to tell her that her car is at the police station and asks why Jeffrey would have been driving it. The Hood Rat calls someone up and orders someone to come pick her up. Okay, I can't help calling her a hood rat. That's what she is and the way she acts. That's the nicest thing I can call her.

Candace alone when she finds War in her house. She tells him of her plan to have Benny sue the Cryers, but he once again tells her she has a week to get him his money. She promises she won't run. He says if she runs, he'll kill Benny. He still won't forgive her for lying after everything he did for her. Then he asks what she's got under her shirt. He says he wants to watch her take a shower.

David finds Maggie waiting for him in his room and tells her to take her clothes off. The pathetic wretch should be happy. This is what she wanted. Hope she enjoys being used like the cheap two dollar whore that she is.

Now we have to endure a post-coital scene. David didn't use protection, and she says would it be so bad if they had a kid. She claims she'll get the Morning After Pill, if she can be trusted. David says he doesn't want another kid. He claims he trusts her. Yeah, after she just lied to you, earlier. He claims he and Veronica are getting a divorce and his marriage is over. Really? Be hilarious if he was lying to her.


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