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The Have And Have Nots -- Demonica Makes Melissa Wish She Were Dead

Updated on July 31, 2017

And she's ready to spread the magic to Erica next...

Last time, The Candace learned Walmart Obama wasn't a puppy she was leading around by the nose. And Demonica thought she was in charge of Justin, but she doesn't know just how connected he is and she's the one who may be in trouble. Meanwhile Jeffrey spilled his guts to David, who told him not to go back to Demonica's House of Horrors.

Vincent claims he found pictures of Walmart Obama's house and family on The Candace's computer. Most likely Vinnie put them on her comp with a flash drive. She starts the whole “I'm a law student.” nonsense. She whines to WO why is he's doing this to her. Maybe it's because of the blackmail? WO claims he can play this game a lot better than her. WO asks what happened to the last girl he did this to and says she's still in prison. She starts saying please, and WO orders them to take her away.

The Candace is put in handcuffs as she says please to him. WO reveals he knows about Oscar wanting her to go after him. She claims she never wanted to blackmail him. She gives him some line of BS of wanting to make sure he came back. He tells his people to let her go. He confiscates her phones. She asks to start over and he introduces himself to her and tells her she's out of his league. He says she's not the first to try this. I wonder if she'll want to get revenge on him, too, like she did with Jim. Now he wants to screw her, again. He's a real dog. He says he's going to grant her the opportunity to screw the future president, again. If I were The Candace I wouldn’t consider that some great honor. He claims he knew all about her the minute she sat down at his table.

Landon working for WO. Landon starts talking about the shooting in front of The Candace but she doesn't get he's talking about her own kid. Landon not thrilled to see Candace again and WO gets pissed that Landon orders him to get away from The Candace as soon as possible. Well, you can’t blame Landon. He thought The Candace was his friend until she turned on him and threatened to have him beaten up by War’s hoodrats.

A note to explain why I call Wyatt Wy-Wy. Every time I see him I say, “Why? Why?”

Back to the hospital. Demonica pays a visit to Melissa. Melissa acts all weak with the demon. She tells Melissa to apologize to her for what she did. She yaps how Melissa put her grandchild in danger. Melissa asks if Demonica cares about her, and she makes it clear she doesn't give a crap about her. Melissa tells Demonica she wants to die because her father is dead and she slaps Melissa. She tells her Melissa wants to live and have money. Melissa tries to stand up to the demon, when she keeps hitting her, but she just tells Melissa to shut up. Demonica says she's not capable of giving her sympathy and refers to Melissa's father as just another old negro and it's no big deal he died. She says she should slap Melissa for ruining her sheets and her good night's sleep. She says the only thing that's keeping Melissa alive is the baby. She says if Melissa takes care of the baby, she'll take care of her. She says if Melissa tries to do it again she'll make sure Melissa survives in a catatonic state where she'll know everything that's going on. The monster finally leaves.

Kat trying to get Hanna to pick out a casket for Q. Hanna says she wants to have the funeral Saturday. Hanna not impressed when the mortician says she's in his prayers. She tries calling up Benny again but gets Mitch. Mitch lies again where Benny is, but she keeps wanting to know the truth. Kat takes the phone from Hanna and says she'll take care of this. Kat finally tells Hanna the truth of just where Benny is.

Wy-Wy wakes up in the hospital with Miss Ana by his side. He's going to get discharged. It seems he's through withdrawal. She leaves to go get the car. Jim comes in. Wy-Wy asks what he's doing there and says he doesn't want to see him. Jim asks if Wy-Wy is afraid of him. He claims he's not afraid of him. Wy-Wy brags how he's got all that money so he can do what he wants. Money this slug has done nothing to earn. He’s just like The Candace. Jim tells that lousy rodent he loves him. He thinks Jim wants him not to testify against him. Jim says he couldn't get to him because he was in jail, and the punk actually brags he's the one who put him in jail. Jim asks Wy-Wy to give him back the money. Wy-Wy says they want to control him. He doesn't want to see him and Kat, again, and he's going to send them to prison. With that, the lousy waste of space walks out. He's the one who should be on trial. This loser is the one who killed a child, not Jim or Kathryn, and he's the one who deserves to go to prison for it. He went whining to his parents to protect him and they did and now he’s trying to send them to prison for it. What a bottom feeder.

Jim calls Oscar and tells him to take the money back from Wy-Wy. Jim is sure Wy-Wy is going to use the money to get high, again. Oscar approaches Ana.

Demonica comes to see Benny. He tells her about the secret service. She says it's odd. She says he's being charged with murder. She says none of this makes any sense. They haven't charged him. She asks who could be doing this to him. Who would want to railroad him. He accuses Demonica of doing this. He starts getting offensive and accuses her of doing this because she wants him. She makes it clear she doesn't want him and she isn't behind it. He then thinks it's David and she says he doesn't have that kind of power, either. She also tells him he'll basically have to service her once she gets him out of there to pay his legal fees off.

Ana calls Jeffrey to tell him Wyatt is going home. Justin comes to see Jeffrey and he gets all snippy with him. He tells him what Demonica threatened and he says she will do it. Jeffrey says he still wants to see Justin, but he's still making him jump through hoops. Then Justin whines that Jeffrey doesn't care. He wants a pass on Justin almost killing him. Justin says that the fact Demonica is threatening him and he's still there should prove how committed he is. He demands Justin give him space and respect him. He tells him to go. Then Justin asks if Wyatt is coming over. Dude, he'll always be panting after Wyatt for the rest of his life, so go back to your wife.

Erica and David having dinner. What's her game? Shouldn't she drop this now that her man is out of the can. She compliments him on his performance in the sack. She starts talking about Demonica and the devil appears and sits down at their table.


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