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The Have And Have Nots -- Hanna Can't Get A Straight Answer Out Of Benny Boy!

Updated on February 21, 2017

Last time, Jim decided to take on the task of keeping Veronica in line. Oscar wanted Candace to do what she's having Erica do. Erica wasn't taking Veronica seriously and seemed shifty when it came to Candace. The Young family had reunion and in answer to how dumb is Benny? He's so dumb he left his bracelet on Quincy's body when he buried him.

Bimbo Benny won't answer Hanna when she wants to know what he did. Q notices Candace and runs to her. Benny suggests Q go take a bath. Benny lies to Hanna that he didn't do anything. Hanna says she can't do this no more. Hanna gets so furious she throws pans around and hits him twice. He still continues to lie to her and Hanna blames it on Candace. At some point she needs to start blaming the big dummy for his own actions. Hanna paid for that room, not him, she should throw him out. Benny says he's not going back to jail. He still won't tell her the truth when she begs him. Hanna starts begging God to reveal the truth. Unless he plays a flashback on a big screen TV that suddenly appears in the room, I don't think that's going to happen.

Candace goes in to see Q. He asks if Candace did something to make Hanna mad. He doesn't seem to believe her when she lies. He asks why Hanna is always praying to God for Candace. He says Hanna made him pray for her, too. He says he prayed God to help her be there for him. He asks if Candace ever prays and she says she doesn't because she doesn't believe anyone is listening to her.

David comes to see Erica to make sure she's all right. He apologizes for Veronica. David starts talking all dirty romantic talk to Erica is his Dracula voice and it's kind of grossing me out. He starts putting the moves on her showing he's got more Jim in him than you'd think.

Veronica at Candace's. She demands to see the search warrant. She tells the cop in charge it's not a good warrant. She tells him that the bank now owns the house and anything they found after five they can't use. They found the body at six. The cop still decides to charge Candace. He also reveals that Jeffrey's car keys were found on the body, too. She tells him to go ahead and charge Jeffrey, too. Jim is also in the soup because of those nasty pictures the police found.

Veronica sees Jim as she's leaving. He's hanging on the hood of her car. He compliments her looks and she says he looks slimy. He apologizes for Kat. She brings up him apologizing for choking her. She tells him to get over it for having his son raped. V doesn't believe his apology. He tells her he knows what Kat did. V tries to get him to admit Kat killed Jen, but he won't do it. V says she knows Jim put a hit out on her and asks why he called it off. He tells her David asked him to do it. V says she's a girl from the streets and she knows the same people he does, so she knew about the hit and when it was called off. He tries to get her to admit what she did to Maggie. She admits she knew Jim called off the hit then she took advantage of it and lured Maggie into the trap. He says he wants her to not go talking about Jen-Jen. V says she doesn't know if they're in this together and she says David has attached himself to a woman and she doesn't know what she's going to do. She says he and David don't know the damage she can do. She says she has puzzles hidden all over the world and if anything happens to her she's left instructions to take down Jim, Kathryn and David. Then she tells him the police are on the way to his house, but she doesn't know why. There was also a gross conversation about how Jim has taken a dip in chocolate ice cream and it tastes so much better than vanilla which related to sex.

Jeffrey waiting for Justin in a hotel room. Justin shows up. V calls him. V wants to know where he is. She tells him they found his keys on Quincy's body. He needs to get home now to Melissa. That the police are looking for him and Candace. Jeffrey says he's going to have to marry a woman he doesn't want to in exchange for V getting him off the hook. Justin says he changed him. Jeffrey says he won't tell anyone about Justin. He says until he met Jeffrey he was doing some really dangerous stuff on patrol. Justin asks him to make love to him. He starts undressing Jeffrey so they can have sex before they both go home to their women.

Wyatt still going through withdrawal while Quita and her companion are enjoying his fancy digs. He begs her for drugs, again. Quita finds out Wyatt has all his money in an overseas account. She says they're going to stay with Wyatt until they bleed his bank account dry. Quita says he's like a crack ho when she hears he just overdosed and wants more. Quita says Wyatt can watch her and her friend screw on his bed, while refusing to getting him any drugs. Wyatt sends a text message. Let me guess. It's to Jeffrey. Should have known we couldn't be spared of these two in scene for long.

Kathryn calls Hanna. Kathryn says she has her check and Hanna says she'll come by. Hanna says she's going to have to sell the car. Kat asks her to let her help her. Jim grabs the phone from Kat and says the cops are on the way. He demands she let him do all the talking.

I'm on Team Jim in this. He's trying to help her and she won't see it.


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