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The Have And Have Nots -- Hanna Has Had Enough And She's Taking The Law Into Her Hands

Updated on August 23, 2016

Candace sinks to a new low...

Last time, Candace came up with a plan to get David back for sicking Oscar on her, Jim told War how much money Candace really got. And Hanna discovered that Candace lied about Little Q.

We pick up with David and Benny fighting over the gun. Mitch pulls Benny off of David. David says Benny's a child and Benny taunts him about Veronica wanting him. Then David reveals he was behind the cocaine in the car he got arrested for. Benny brays that Veronica will get him off again, if he tries something. Don't count on that after the last time you and Veronica talked. She's not hypnotized by your dick like you seem to think.

Mitch tries to suck up to David and he tells him to stay away from him. Mitch wants to talk to him, but David isn't interested in anything he has to say. He orders David to turn the phones back on and threatens him he's heading down the wrong road. David counters with saying that he's going to rain hell down on Benny and Mitch by morning. He claims the person on the phone may change David's mind. He gets a call for Mama Rose and she reveals Mitch is her grandson. She tells David to get their phone back on and leave them alone. David says he'll do what she wants. Now the gutless little weasel is going to think he's King of the Hill.

Someone calls up Candace. It's Erica. Her john Grayson cancelled. Candace tells Erica to head to the bar where David usually gets a drink. She coaches Erica on how to play David.

Hanna calls up Candace and tells her Q is still in the hospital. She wants to know when she's going to come and get Q. She asks Candace if she really wants Q in foster care and she hangs up on Hanna.

Mitch brays to Benny that the phones will be back on. He claims because he talked to David he convinced him to turn the phones back on. Yeah, right, mobster boy. Benny wants to know what Mitch did, and Mitch tells Dumbo it's because he beat David up. Benny's so dumb. He actually believes that.

Erica waits in the bar with her accomplice to put on a play for David. He shows up and Erica pretends she didn't know her “boyfriend” was married. When he leaves, she fake cries, and David comes over to her. He offers her a napkin and she rejects it, just like Candace told her to do. Candace tells Erica to come back tomorrow and apologize to David. Meanwhile Candace says she followed Oscar home and discovered he's married with children. Does his wife know what he does for a living?

Pearl's spying on Candace's House of Horrors. Hanna sees her. She claims to be walking her dog, only she doesn't have a dog. She claims she's walking her ghost dog. Then she claims she smells something foul and she's going to call someone. Pearl goes on about not seeing that man come out of the house and she shows a photo to Hanna and she sees it's Quincy. Hanna tells Pearl his name is Quincy Maxwell.

Candace arrives home and Hanna goes to confront her. She wants to know what it'll take for her to give her Q. Candace tells her to go home. Candace takes all the money that Hanna has and says it's not enough. She says she wants more money. Hanna take her money back. Candace says Hanna has nothing to offer her; she orders her to get off her property and not walk on her grass. She orders Hanna to tell Benny to sue the Cryers and only then will she give her Q. Hanna gives it to her with her claiming the money is hers. Hanna says she'll even blackmail her and Hanna says she's finally done with her. Hanna says she'll never understand what it's like to be a mother. Hanna walks on Princess Lowlife's grass as she leaves.

Lloyd reports to Jim that Candace signed and he gave her the money. Lloyd says some of the board members are at his throat, but Jim says he'll take care of it. Lloyd also reveals that Candace falsified documents. Jim tells Lloyd to call Candace and demand all the money back or he'll call the police on her.

Hanna comes to see Kathryn. Kathryn says she amended her will and is leaving Hanna five million dollars. Hanna doesn't want to accept it, but Kathryn says no one in her life has been the rock for her like she has been. Hanna says it's the kindest thing anyone has ever done for her. Kathryn asks her to see Wyatt for her. Hanna asks Kathryn a favor; if she goes to jail will she get her out. She says she's planning to commit a crime. Hanna won't tell her what she's going to do.

Jeffrey comes to visit Candace whose in bed. He tells her Wyatt is okay. She says she's been crying about her son. That she loves him so much, but she can't bring him there because Quincy is buried in the backyard. That she can't leave him with Hanna. Jeffrey tries to put in a good word for Hanna and Candace says she's going to give Q up for adoption. She says she's messed up and broken. She says she's conned too many people and one days it's going to catch up to her. Candace says Jeffrey didn't put the knife in deep enough when he tells her Veronica is demanding he propose to Melissa or the police will come to dig up Quincy.

Meanwhile Hanna snatches Q from the hospital.


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