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The Have And Have Nots -- Has Dumb David Finally Seen The Light?

Updated on July 5, 2016

And Jeffrey seems to have his father's taste in lovers...

Jeffrey gets in bed saying he wants Justin's help in getting his mother off his back. This is such a dumb idea. If he wants to get Veronica off his back, go tell Kathryn what she did to Wyatt. Dude's been hanging around Trashy Cane for too long.

Dumb David is dragged out of the cell whining that Jim should be arrested for Veronica's murder until the cop tells dumbo that Veronica is being questioned at the station about Maggie's murder.

Jeffrey gets out of bed after screwing Justin. Justin says to let him up after he has him handcuffed to the bed. He keeps saying he's not gay. Jeffrey leaves the key on the table, saying he doesn't trust him not to harm him. He says to call him when he's ready to take down his mother and admit he's gay.

Dumb David says he needs to talk to his wife. Yeah, you go talk to her.

Veronica acting all shaken by what happened. She claims Maggie was her friend. She goes over her well rehearsed story. Only problem is if the cops ask anyone they can tell the cops Veronica and Maggie were anything but friends.

Oscar tells Dumb David that Jim called off the hit. Oscar says the thug that was waiting for Veronica wasn't paid by Jim. Why don't I believe him? Probably because of the way Jim said goodbye to Veronica as she was leaving jail like he knew she was going to be walking into the death trap he'd set for her.

Veronica talking about her fictitious friendship with Maggie. How they would have tea together and discuss the campaign. Veronica says she doesn't know what she's going to do without Maggie. If you're going to tell a lie, shouldn't it be one that somehow people might buy? Veronica is getting sloppy and arrogant on this one. She thinks any lie she comes up with will be believed. Then Veronica is told Dumb David is outside and she asks to see him. When dumbo rushes in she whispers a gloating, “The bitch is dead,” in his ear. Even he can't deny that bit of truth whispered in his ear. Dumb David gets Veronica out of the police station. She starts going on about sweet Maggie being gone as her lap dog follows her out the door. He may know the truth, but I don't see him turning the dime on her to the cops.

Benny returns to his house to tell an awaiting Hanna that Candace won't let them have Q. Benny says he's sorry. Hanna asks if Q is asleep. Hanna wants to call Trashy Cane and tell her Q needs his medicine. Then she realizes the slag has left him in the hospital. Hanna says she was supposed to go pick him up from the hospital. The slag is too busy for that. Hanna calls the social worker up. She asks where her grandson is, but she won't say anything. She says she can't help Hanna. Hanna learns Q was put into foster care by Trashy Cane, probably the lowest thing this foul bitch has done to date. Hanna demands to be taken to Candace for what she's done to Q. Hanna asks what is wrong with her? Benny trying to defend his bitch sister for what she did, but there's no defense. She did it to pay back Hanna for convincing Benny not to sue the Cryers. This foul cretin should never be allowed custody of that child, again.

Jeffrey finds Landon drinking. Jeffrey asks why he's so jumpy. He asks if Jeffrey is with Candace. He tells Jeffrey how Oscar wanted to meet her and asked him to help him. That she came into Landon's room with thugs and threatened his life. He says he's got to get out of here. Jeffrey asks if Maggie and David are having an affair. Landon pretty much confirms it. Jeffrey says he wants his father to get with her. Landon comes on to him. Give it up, dude, he only likes white boys that play head game with him [Wyatt] or who threaten to physically harm him [Justin]. He begs to be with Jeffrey one more time and Jeffrey says he's not that good. Guess he found Justin better. Yep, he says he's had better. Landon asks who Jeffrey is now? Landon sees Justin and says he's straight and Jeffrey agrees. He shows Jeffrey his phone and it says Maggie has been shot and she's dead. Landon doesn't want to believe it.

Man looking at Wyatt's body. He says he's dead. The manager or whatever he is whines about it giving his place a bad name. DA Jen's assistant calls her to the hotel room but won't tell her on the phone that he's dead.

Kathryn at home by herself. She goes to Wyatt's room. She looks in and walks away. Then she goes into Amanda's old room that's been cleaned out. She calls Hanna up. Hanna ignores her call. Then she calls someone else up. It's Hanna, again. This time she picks it up. Kathryn apologizes for everything, including not giving her her money. Hanna says she's fine. She offers Hanna a house to stay in. She begs Hanna not to hang up on her. She says if Wyatt dies she won't have any children left. She asks Hanna to pray for her. Kathryn says she keeps seeing Wyatt's face and he's calling for her. Kathryn says she's so afraid. She lost one child and she can't lose another. Hanna admits she knows what Kathryn is going through. Kathryn asks if Hanna will be there for her if she gets that call. Hanna says she'll be there for her. Hanna says until that time they don't have anything to say to each other. Kathryn says goodbye to her.

Dumb David driving Veronica home. Veronica says his plan didn't work. Veronica says she knows David is behind it. He says it was Jim. Veronica doesn't believe it was Jim. Veronica says his whore is dead now. Dumb David realizes Veronica set up Maggie's death. He says Jim wouldn't hire someone as dumb as the shooter who tried to kill Veronica and accuses of Veronica of being behind it. He gives Veronica divorce papers but she says she'll contest it. Probably because a husband can't testify against his wife, not that he'd have the balls to do that, anyway. Veronica vows to make his life a living hell if she finds out he tried to file for divorce. He says hell would be better than what he's going through now. Cry me a river. David orders Veronica out of his car and she refuses. Veronica says she'd love to see David drag her out and that's the husband she wants. She starts laughing. She yells, “All of this because his bitch is dead.”

DA Jen arrives at the hotel room. She's told Wyatt's dead. Since Wyatt is face down on the bed and has been since the start of this season, I'm thinking it'll turn out to not be Wyatt or they'll suddenly realize he's alive at the morgue, cause the idiots didn't even call the paramedics to see if he could be revived or turn him over and try to administer CPR. You know, the thing competent people would have done in a situation like this.


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