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The Have And Have Nots -- I Didn't Want To Kill You; I Just Wanted To Burn You A Little

Updated on January 31, 2017

Last time, Kathryn was doing her best to convince David that Veronica killed Jennifer and was trying to kill her. Jim was on his way home. And the dirty photos of Jim were in the hands of the police. Meanwhile, Erica was acting shifty and Benny was still dumb for Candace.

Veronica with the gun as David tells her to put it down. Kat smiling in the background. She orders David to put his hands up and then tells him to put them down. Then she orders him to get down on his knees. V says she's going to claim David and Kat were having an affair and Kat killed Jennifer and then tried to kill her. Too bad I think the gun is empty and Kat knows it.

She asks why David filed for divorce? He says he was trying to protect her from herself. She brings up he called her a delusional bitch. She says it's too late, she asked him not to embarrass her and he did. She says now he's going to die.

For being crazy at the moment, Kat has really managed to set Veronica up, well. Now her fingerprints are on the gun, but if the police test for powder residue that will still nail Kat and set V free.

David says he say doesn't doubt she'll kill him because she tried to kill him with the fire. She says she only wanted to burn him a little bit. Just burn his face or body a little bit so only she would want him. He asks her to let Kat go. David's phone rings and V wants to see his phone. She orders him to give her the phone. V sees its from a woman at a hotel. She calls the number back. Erica answers. Veronica asks who Erica is. Erica pretends to be a reporter and V says David is in the shower after having sex with her.

Erica thinks the game is over. V doesn't believe a thing that Erica has said. David gets up on his feet and won't get back on his knees like she orders. V tries to get David to believe Kat planned the whole thing. Kat tries egging V on to shoot her. David tries to get V to take the bullets out. She does and hands him the gun. Kat says there's still a bullet in the chamber.

Jim enters and Kat tries to run to Jim but he pushes her away. Jim asks for the gun. Jim doesn't buy what Kat is saying. He says this can't happen. The feds will nail them all. Jim says he knows V didn't do this, but she's got her hands on plenty of knives throughout the years and she'll go down with them. He tells David to let Veronica leave. Kat and me are both disgusted by Jim not taking the opportunity to take down Veronica. Maybe they should have kept him in jail. He tells David to call a clean-up crew.

Back to Benny. Hanna's got her bags packed and she leaving. He's still singing that Candace is coming. She doesn't correct him, this time. She takes Q and leaves.

Wyatt and Jeffrey arrive at his new place paid for with his parents money. He starts talking about the parties he's going to have here. Wyatt admits he's going to do it all over again. Wyatt gets upset when Jeffrey wants to leave. Jeffrey says he's tired of caring for him. Wyatt pushing him back in the apartment so he can't leave. Jeffrey says he's sick of this town and Wyatt. He tries to kiss Wyatt and he backs off. Jeffrey says bye, then Wyatt plays the, “I'm scared” card. He says if he leaves, he'll die. He claims Jeffrey is the only one whose ever loved him. Your mother loves you, punk, and just killed for you. Now he puts on Jeffrey if he walks out on him he'll die. Jeffrey says this reminds him of his father. Wyatt says he knows Jeffrey loves him, but Jeffrey says that's why he has to go, because he can't help him. Jeffrey says he'll text him the name of a group that will help him. He says he doesn't want them, he wants Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he's done and this is where he gets off. Wyatt gets nasty and says Jeffrey wants him and can't control what's in his pants. Jeffrey leaves, anyway.

All I can say is THANK GOD! Let's hope Jeffrey sticks to it.

Hanna sees all the cops outside of Candace's. Justin's mother beckons Hanna. She says she thinks they're after Quincy. Hanna asks Candace what's going on. Hanna asks if she did something to Quincy. She tells Candace that Benny is waiting for her. To call him and tell him she's not coming. Candace won't talk to Hanna so Hanna leaves telling her to call Benny.

Veronica returns home. Melissa comes down stairs. Veronica claims she was mugged and that's why she's bleeding. Melissa sure doesn't look pregnant. Veronica says she should change and go look for Jeffrey.

Veronica calls Jeffrey. Veronica tells him she didn't call the police. Veronica says he and that thing Candace need to meet her at the same hotel Erica is staying at if they want to avoid going to prison. Or not, she doesn't care.

One of the cops notices the dirt in Candace's backyard and asks for shovels.

Justin warns Candace she needs to get out of there now because they're asking for shovels. Jeffrey calls Candace and tells her what Veronica said. She wants to go see Benny, but Jeffrey says she has to go meet V first.

Mitch gets put in the cell next to War. Mitch brags that War isn't getting out. War now thinks Mitch and Candace were in it together to set him up. War says Mitch crossed the line, this time. War says Candace is dead. Mitch tells War that Candace didn't do it, he did. He starts bragging about it. War says Candace is dead and so is he. War uses my name for Mitch, Bitch, and says, “Bye, Bitch.” Bitch wants to call his mob family, but the cops aren't cooperating.

Hanna goes back to see Benny, whose still sitting on the porch waiting for Candace. He says she's still coming. Maybe he is slow like some people on the Internet have said. She tries to get him to come with her. She says when she found out Benny's father was married she was devastated. She thought he was the one. He put her up in a real nice apartment when she was pregnant, but when she was 8 months pregnant he threw her and Candace out. She couldn't go back to her mother's house. She says she kept moving and kept praying. She says it's all going to be all right. He says he's sick of trying the honest way. Hanna says if Candace would just do the right thing things would get better for her. Benny says he's getting to where she was with Candace. Hanna says she doesn't think Candace did this on purpose.

The law arrives and tells him he has to leave, but he won't go because he's waiting for Candace. Hanna tries to get through to him. The cops have to forcibly remove him. He starts fighting them and they arrest him. Q sees the whole thing.

Quincy's body is found.

Damn, they never went back to Jim and Kathryn


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