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The Have And Have Nots -- Jeffrey Chooses Wyatt Over Justin!

Updated on February 28, 2017

And Hanna tries to get through to War

Last time, Jim learned the cops were on his trail. Benny wouldn't tell Hanna the truth and David was getting down and dirty with Erica.

Jim goes to the door. George, the new DA is there with a cop. Kat starts mouthing off to the cops. George wants to talk in private, but Kat insists she be in on this. He starts asking about the missing furniture. George hands Jim the photos and Kat is watching right over his shoulder. Kat says she had no idea Jim was into this stuff. George asks about Candace. Jim tells the truth about Candace kidnapping him and blackmailing him. He explains why he didn't go to the police. George asks Jim to wear a wire against Candace. George basically blackmails Jim into agreeing to do it. Jim says he'll think about helping him. George leaves.

Kat says he's a fool for not killing her and suggests he has feelings for Candace. Oh, god, not back to the Jim and Candace crap, again. Isn't the Jeffrey and Wyatt crap more than enough crap to have to endure?

Candace slips out of bed with Q and tries to leave but Benny Gump won't let her go. Hanna says they should both turn themselves in. Hanna asks she show some care for Q, since she doesn't care for her or Benny Gump. Hanna starts laughing saying the police will burst in there. Candace says she can handle War, but Benny Gump won't let her go. Hanna and Candace start going at it. Candace fakes prays asking who her father is and Hanna says she doesn't know. Hanna says she taught Candace right from wrong. Hanna asks if Candace and Benny Gump killed Quincy together. Hanna says what they did will come to the light. When Hanna goes to leave Benny Gump accuses her of going to turn Candace in.

Benny Gump still won't let Candace go, when he says Hanna isn't going to turn her in. Benny Gump says he'll take the fall for Candace. Candace goes to the bathroom and calls up Erica who is having dinner with David. He says it's okay for her to answer her phone. Erica tries to get Candace to tell her where she is, but Candace won't. Candace asks Erica to provide money and clothes once she sneaks out on Benny. Candace says she's thinking of working out of Erica's hotel.

David suggests they have something stronger than wine when Erica returns.

Jeffrey and Justin in the sack after doing it. Justin is all happy while Jeffrey acts like it wasn't good for him. Jeffrey won't speak while Justin does all the talking. He finally speaks and says Justin should go. Jeffrey says he's going to jail. Justin suggests that Jeffrey say Candace did it. Justin says Candace doesn't care about him. Then he gets Wy-Wy's text and goes to rush to his aid, and Justin insists on coming with him. Well, that will be the end of Jeffrey's second male relationship.

Seriously, at this ridiculous story for Wyatt they should have just killed the big oaf off.

Hanna goes to see War at his secret crib. She muscles her way in threatening to tell a thug she's gonna tell his mother. She asks if it's true that he's got it out for Candace. She reminds him that she raised him. She wants to know what Candace did. He says she stole something from him. She says Candace is going to go to jail so he can leave her alone. Hanna says she's done right by him and needs him to stop this. War says he can't because of the code. He won't tell her what he's going to do to Candace. She realizes he plans to kill her. Hanna says she loves Candace even though they fight. War says if he doesn't take Candace out his people will take him out. Hanna realizes nothing she can say we'll get through to him. War orders Hanna followed so he can find Candace.

Melissa on the couch when Veronica comes home. She doesn't like Melissa having her feet on her sofa. Melissa tells her Jeffrey isn't there. Melissa points out to Veronica that he doesn't want her. She orders Melissa to do it again; to make Jeffrey have sex with her. She also orders Melissa to shave her legs daily and to change her perfume. When Melissa points out Veronica gave her her perfume to wear she says that's crazy, what son would want to sleep with his mother. Melissa immediately says Veronica is right. Melissa too afraid of Veronica to tell her that Jeffrey is gay and doesn't bat for her team. Melissa reminds Veronica she hasn't paid her father's medical bills. She says she won't pay her father's medical bills unless Melissa beds Jeffrey, again. Veronica better watch out cause Melissa may just kill her the way she's treating her.

Veronica leaves a message for Jeffrey to get home and get home now. Veronica had a camera planted in the flowers she gave to Erica and realizes David had them set outside.

Hanna nearly stops outside the police department thinking about War's threats.

Wy-Wy going through withdrawal as Justin and Jeffrey arrive. Looks like Quita is passed out on the bed. Of course, Dumb Jeffrey runs to Wy-Wy's side. Justin gets the drop on Quita. Justin orders Jeffrey to cuff Quita and her boyfriend. Wy-Wy starts calling for Jeffrey. Justin takes Quita and her boyfriend out.Wy-Wy wants Jeffrey to get him some drugs. Jeffrey tries to leave but Wy-Wy won't let him go. He says he knows Jeffrey loves him. Justin goes after Wy-Wy. Justin furious that Jeffrey loves Wyatt. Justin lets Quita go. Justin orders Jeffrey to chose between them. Wy-Wy jumps Justin and he and Jeffrey start beating up Justin. Then Jeffrey pulls a gun on Justin as another cop comes in.

Can someone just shoot Wyatt, please. He's a waste of space, he's not that attractive and he's not even interesting as a character. They can also put a slug in Dumb Jeffrey for continuing to let this parasite ruin his life.


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