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The Have And Have Nots -- Jeffrey Learns What Became Of Quincy

Updated on March 12, 2016

Hanna picks pockets and Veronica plots revenge!

As we last left off, Kathryn was holding Hanna's final paycheck hostage to force Hanna not to quit. Veronica had connected with Quita who warned her not to go home. Candace was continuing on her thug tour of threatening to have anyone who might have helped Oscar beaten up; last week's victim was Landon. And Jeffrey had another disturbing encounter with Justin the psycho homophobic [possibly in the closet] cop.

More of Jeffrey and creepy Justin. Justin says he's not gay. Jeffrey says he is and he loves it. He feels free. Candace comes home and learns Quita was in her house. Justin finally leaves the house and Candace asks why Justin's zipper was unzipped. He asks what she did with his keys. He also wants to know what she did with Quincy. She says Quincy is gone and tells him to look for his keys cause she hasn't touched them. Wonder if Quita took them.

There's a knock at the door. It's her friend Erica. Jeffrey uses Candace's phone to track down his keys. Erica asks if Candace has talked about mortgaging his property to Benny. Jeffrey says his keys are under the dirt in her backyard. She sends Erica away and stops Jeffrey from digging up his keys. Apparently, they were buried with Quincy.

Hanna searching the Cryer house for whatever money she can find.

Candace calls Benny to ask if he saw the keys. He says he buried them with Quincy. Candace is forced to tell Jeffrey that Quincy is buried there. Jeffrey tells Candace about what Justin has been doing to him, and Candace wants him to use it to their advantage. Jeffrey refuses to do what she wants, even though she claims it's the only way to save them. You wouldn't need to be saved, Candy Cane, if you hadn't let Quincy die. Calling help would have proved it was self-defense.

Wyatt sniffs up his cocaine as a friend tells him to slow down. Wyatt throws the guy out. He picks a woman to share his dope with.

Quita being let out of jail. Veronica waiting for her. Quita tells her David set-up a hit on her. Quita says whomever walks through the door will be shot. Quita says she's sure Candace and Jeffrey did something to her brother. Veronica says to go home and give her the address to Candace's house.

Kathryn learns Wyatt was given twelve million dollars because of DA Jen. Kathryn learns Jim gave nearly eight million dollars to Candace. Hanna comes in saying she found $900 and will be back for the rest at the end of the month. Kathryn says Hanna is the only person whoever cared for her. Her mother, husband and children never did. Hard-hearted Hanna won't be moved by that. She adds insult to injury by trashing her because she's rich and has to buy what she needs. Kathryn tells her Candace got 7.4 million from Jim and that Wyatt is going to kill himself with the money the DA got. She begs Hanna not to leave because she can't bury another child, but Hanna doesn't care, as she walks out the door to check on Q. Who I might add she wouldn't have if not for Kathryn helping her by using that rich dirty money she's now sneering her nose at. And this is why I don't like Hanna.

David comes back to the jail looking for Veronica. When he learns she's gone, he wants to speak to Jim, only Jim isn't allowed visitors.

Mitch shows Benny the newspaper picture of him and Veronica. Mitch tells Benny to tell David what he wants to know so he'll stop messing with their phones. When Candace comes in, Mitch covers about what's going on.

Candace asks Benny if he's seen War. He says he tried to get War to go into business with him, but he said no. Candace says maybe he shouldn't go into business with War, but just as she's about to tell Benny, War comes in. He whispers in her ear, “Don't try it, bitch.” War leaves her and Benny alone. She tells Benny it's not good having War around. She asks him how business is. He covers and says it's fine. She asks if he's thought about the lawsuit and Benny's not interested. He said they paid his hospital bills and he's fine. Benny is not tempted by the ten million she says he could get.

She tells him she may need to mortgage her house and says she wants Benny to mortgage the tow yard and his house. He says no way. He throws her out when she won't tell him the truth. He wants to know what she needs with that kind of money. He says if she's in trouble, he'll kill them. She lies she's not in trouble. She claims it was just a business offer she'll pass on. He orders her never to ask him that, again. She lies and claims she was kidding. Then starts back on him about suing the Cryers again. She begs him to meet the lawyers and he says he'll think about it.

One of the girls says Wyatt's doing too much, but he keeps shooting up. No longer happy to sniff it up his nose, he's injecting it directly in his veins now.

Kathryn comes to see Jim. Kathryn tells Jim the DA made sure Wyatt's inheritance was released. Jim tells Kathryn to find Wyatt and to rip the DA a new one and remind her of that she's Kathryn Cryer. Meanwhile DA Jen can't find Wyatt and is going to trace him. David shows up demanding Veronica's address. DA Jen won't help because he's screwing Maggie Day instead of her. He begs her to let him see Jim. Of course, she caves and gives him what he wants.

Candace takes Benny to the lawyer she's found for him. Candace says she can get Granddaddy Michael to join in the lawsuit. Candace assures the lawyer she'll get Benny to agree. The lawyer says when Candace graduates to come and see him for a job.

Hanna at the hospital. Hanna told she can't see Q. Miss DeLong says she's sided with Candace. Hanna realizes she got to her. Hanna notices the bruises on her face. She asks what Candace did. She won't let Hanna see Q. Hanna, Kathryn could have helped you, but you spat in her face, Queen Self-Righteous.

Erica says they can get fake documents to mortgage Benny's tow yard and house against his will. Candace talks to Michael about suing the Cryers. She invites him to her house. Erica says she can pay off the mortgage when the money comes through from the lawsuit. Just why does she think if Benny sues the Cryers it's automatically going to mean payday for her? Erica going to work on faking the deeds.

Veronica calls up Maggie, knowing a killer is waiting for her to enter. She thanks her for publicly humiliating her by putting her and Benny's sex photos in the paper. She asks Maggie to meet her at her house. Of course, Princess Pathetic doesn't see she's up to something. Then she drives away laughing.


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