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The Have And Have Nots -- Jim Announces He's Running...

Updated on August 26, 2015

But not for Father Of The Year

Last time on the Have Nots Hanna trashed Candace to social services to further her chance at getting custody of Q. Benny, thinking he was helping Candace, told the social worker about Candace's prestigious but fictitious job at the law firm. Candace banned Hanna from seeing Q. Maggie tried to open David's eyes about V. And V put a cellmate up to raping Wyatt.

David asks why Maggie brought him there [Benny's tow yard] and wonders what V has done now. David says he refuses to stop loving her and won't walk away. [rolling my eyes in disgust] When David starts going on about V and says he can't handle one more thing she's done, Maggie chickens out and doesn't tell him she's cheating on him.

You know, there's a point you need to just walk away and that point was when she tried to set him on fire. Now David is just the King of Saps for hanging on to this horrible woman no matter what she does.

Jim arrives up at the prison. He's told Toxic was put in Wyatt's cell and Wyatt was sexually assaulted. Jim demands to know who did this. Jim attacks Tyrell, the guard that let Toxic in with Wyatt, demanding answers. He says if he finds out Tyrell took money for what he did, he'll murder him in front of his family. Jim goes to see Wyatt. Jim still refuses to get Wyatt out. Wyatt begs Jim to not leave him, but Jim coldly says to let go of him and he walks away. God, Jim is a bastard. There's a point you take tough love too far, and that's after you son gets raped while you're teaching him a lesson.

When he's alone, however, Jim breaks down.

Oscar comes and sees Candace at the hospital. The social worker arrives and tells her she has to leave. The social worker wants Candace's job information, but Oscar fobs the woman off. Hanna is also told she can't stay, but she says she's going to wait in the waiting room. Hanna urges the social worker that Candace is lying and to look closely into everything she says. Someone should be filling this woman in on Hanna's background.

Jim drives Wyatt home. Jim threatens to take Wyatt back if he's angry with him and tells him he's going to stop drinking and to get a job. Jim says this hurt him, too, but Wyatt isn't buying it.

Diana Winchell is coming to interview Jim and David. She's hoping for the governor announcement to be on her show.

Jeffrey tells David that V moved Melissa into his apartment. Jeffrey refuses David's offer of money and says he needs to stand on his own. Jeffrey says David needs to stop being afraid of V and to shut her down. Jeffrey reminds David that when he was a child he made him own his actions, but he lets V get away with everything.

David calls V after Jeffrey leaves. He orders her to come down to campaign headquarters at once. Will he finally stand up to her? Extremely doubtful.

The social worker tells Hanna she doesn't think she's going to get custody. Hanna's also told she won't be allowed to see Q anymore. Hanna asks to be told if anything Candace said can't be verified.

Candace signs the papers on her house. She thanks Oscar for being there for her. She says she wants him to stay and doesn't want him to go. They makes plans to see each other later when Benny shows up. Benny asked if Oscar helped her pay for her house, and she claims it was her job. Candace tells Benny it's not right Hanna is trying to take her son. Candace tells Benny he's going to have to lie about something for her.

Candace takes Benny to another house. She gives it to him. She's still claiming her fake job helped her to buy it. She says he only has to pay her $800 a month. Candace is not happy that Benny wants to move Hanna in with him. Candace says he needs to leave Hanna in the hood. And Benny says he won't live there without Hanna. Candace says Hanna will never move there if she finds out Candace is the one helping Benny.

Okay, wasn't it just an episode ago Benny was talking about moving out on Hanna cause she was getting all up in his business. Seriously, dude, cut the apron strings. It's long past time.

Hanna shows up at work. She tells Kathryn about finding Q. Jim and Wyatt arrive. Kathryn asks if Jim is sure he wants to announce he's running for governor. Jim really should consider all the scandal in his life and not be so arrogant that he thinks he can keep it under wraps if he runs. Upstairs Wyatt packs a bag. He calls Jeffrey to come and get him. Jeffrey agrees.

Jim wants to know if David knew that Wyatt was going to get raped. David fobs off Jim when he wants to know who was behind it. V enters his office. He asks why V was at the tow yard. She says she was having sex with the owner. He won't believe her. He thinks it's because of the car. He lists all of V's list of crimes. He says she needs to get help because she's insane. What if she's just evil. Evil doesn't always equal insane. She again tells him she's been cheating on him and he still won't believe it. He says their marriage is over if she doesn't stop what she's doing, and she says their marriage is already over and hands him papers. I'm assuming divorce papers.

The social worker calls Hanna saying she can't verify Candace's place of employment. Hanna is excited as she thinks it looks good for her. Hanna asks Kathryn to pull some strings so she can get custody. Kathryn says she'll take care of it for her.

Wyatt tells Jeffrey that his family put him in jail. He got beaten up. He stops at telling Jeffrey about the rape. Please, don't tell me Wyatt will turn gay after this as some have been speculating.

The candidates and their wives join together for the interview with Diana Winchil. It's going to be live. V starts getting all psycho with Maggie. Winchil asks if Jim is running for governor. He says yes. The interview takes a bad turn when she asks if Jim is trustworthy. She brings up being a devoted father and asks if he has only two children. She brings up that he has two children by Celine. Maggie tries to stop the disaster as Celine is shown on satellite.

All I can say to Jim is he should have worn a rubber after the first illegitimate child.


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