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The Have And Have Nots -- Jim Sends David Into The Fray

Updated on January 12, 2017

And Benny won't face the truth about Candace...

Last week, a psychotic Kathryn decided to take out Veronica next. A new character was introduced whose running for office. I guess in the Have Not universe Trump doesn't exist. We should all be so lucky. Jeffrey admitted all to Justin and Wyatt woke up just as Jeffrey was fessing up and he appears to be just as big of a douche as ever.

Kat still chasing after Veronica. She chases her down on the stairs. Veronica ends up stabbing Kathryn and knocking her down the stairs. Damn it. Although it could work in Kathryn's favor [if she survives] saying V went crazy and shot the DA and then attacked her. Could that be what she had in mind? In short, was her crazy psychotic act just an act? I mean, Kathryn got V to lure Jennifer to her house, so if this is her plan to kill Jen-Jen and make Veronica pay for it, it could work. And that would give her stripes to out rank Veronica in the clever scheming woman department.

Back to Wyatt and Jeffrey. Wyatt claims his head is hurting. He's still asking who Jeffrey stabbed. Jeffrey is pretending he never said anything like that. Wyatt says he'll get it out of him. Wyatt tries getting out of bed. Wyatt starts gay-baiting Jeffrey again. Wyatt asks Jeffrey why he loves him, he says no one else does. Your mother does, even after you tried to send her to prison and she's just ruined her life to protect you. He asks Jeffrey to leave. Wyatt says it's disgusting him being gay, but Jeffrey won't leave him. Wyatt stands up. Jeffrey claims he's put his desire for Wyatt aside. He says he may not always be there to take care of him. Jeffrey wrestles him back into the bed. He wants Jeffrey to take him home. He admits he's in addict for the first time. Wonder if Wyatt's going to have a stroke or something because of the way he keeps holding his head.

Candace tries to get on Jeffrey's back for not telling her about the police, conveniently forgetting she's been refusing to take his calls. Candace gets worried when Jeffrey says she killed Quincy, which she did. She wonders if he's trying to set her up and get her on tape saying she did it. She plans to use Justin not wanting anyone to know he's gay to help cover up the crime for her.

Hanna and Q doing dishes. She sends him upstairs and goes to talk to Benny. She gives him the address to a hotel they can stay in. He still believes Candace will bring the money, which Hanna ignores, and says she'll try to get a job. She learns he's in danger of losing his tow truck because of her, too. Benny says he's losing faith in her. Hanna tells him Candace won't come through, while Benny says that Hanna always tearing Candace down. He suggests she try a different approach. She says he has no idea what she's been through with Candace. Hanna says she and Q are going to a hotel. Hanna can't believe he's mad at Hanna because of what Candace has done. Sorry, at what point does this idiot wake up and smell the roses about Candace? She's lied to you continuously and mortgaged your home and business behind your back. I guess like Jeffrey with Wyatt it'll happen the tenth of never.

Now on to David and his paid ho in yellow. Dude should be getting Jim out of the can. David says he's trying to wrap his mind around a new life. She tries to get him tell her about V. She says since she's a perfect stranger she's the perfect person to tell her. David says they got together in college. They built this beautiful exceptional life together until it all unraveled. She suggests she's David's revenge girl to pay V back, but he already did that with Maggie the real revenge girl whose death V arranged to get her own revenge on the revenge girl. She excuses herself and they say goodbye. But is it really goodbye?

Brandon shows up at David's new apartment. David worried because he hasn't heard from Veronica. He feels she now feels he's her enemy. David says she doesn't know where he lives. He says he's going to need to watch his back. He asks if he's found anything on Erica, but Brandon says he hasn't found anything, so David says he can stop investigating her. Bad move. Brandon suggests David is serious about Erica.

I'm sorry, but there's too much David in this episode. And he's one of the most boring characters on the show with his Dracula voice. No wonder this episode isn't as exciting as last week.

Jim calls up David asking if he's talked to Kathryn today. He's been trying to call her, but he can't reach her. Jim asks David to go see Kathryn. Jim won't tell David why Kathryn is mad at him. He tells David where he can find a key to get in the house. Could this be some plan he and Kat worked up together? Why send David over there? Yeah, I've got a suspicious and devious mind. I'd work well on this show as a character.

Benny gets a phone call from Mitch and tells him he's going to lose the place. Benny warns Mitch to get his tow truck out of there or they'll take it from him because of what Candace did. Benny asks Mitch to come see him. Mitch gets in the face of the guy whose trying to take his truck. Mitch gets in his truck and smashes the guys car, as he tells Mitch he's going to jail. Dude, he's got connections. I highly doubt he'll go to jail. You, on the other hand, might find yourself sleeping with the fishes.

Candace arrives at her house acting like Queen of the May trying to order the cops around. The cop won't back down to her. He's not impressed with her declaration she's a law student. Quita comes up and accuses her of killing Quincy. I'm on Team Quita when it comes to Candace. The cop orders her across the street with Quita and won't let her enter the house. Candace threatens to beat Quita up, but since she couldn't beat the social worker up without Erica's help, my money's on Miss Q.

Justin sees Quincy's grave in the backyard, He steers the cops away from the backyard. Jeffrey calls him up and asks if Candace is there. He says it's not a good idea for her to show up. He goes outside to deal with Miss Candace. She tries to threaten Justin with his sexuality. He tells her not to threaten him, again. He gives it right back and tells her he can lead the police to her backyard. Even when someone tries to help this B she tries to take a chunk out of them.

Jim assures War they're going to keep their plan. He taunts War about Candace putting drugs in his car, as he wonders where Kathryn is.

V walks by Kat lying at the bottom of the stairs. She nudges her with her foot. She looks for the key to open the front door. Kathryn gets up and watches her. Apparently, Kat can take a licking and keep on ticking. Kat tells her to get out. Now V acts like she cares about Kathryn. That's why she left Kathryn lying at the bottom of the stairs over night without even putting a pillow under her head. Kathryn keeps telling her to get out of her house. David enters and V run to him asking him to help her. Kathryn, unfortunately, has a knife in her hand.

Not looking good for our Miss Kat.


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