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The Have And Have Nots -- Just How Low Will Candace Go?

Updated on August 30, 2016

Meanwhile Candace gets busted in front of Benny!

Last time, driven to save Q from Candace, Hanna kidnapped him. Mitch used his Malone mob ties to get David to back-off of Benny. And Erica began her plan to lure David into her web.

Benny shows up at his house to find the police all around. He calls up Candace and he says he's coming over.

Quita's back. She not thrilled by a girl wanting Quincy. She makes some nebulous threat about what will happen if she comes sniffing around, again.

Benny arrives at Candace's House of Horrors. Benny says when they find Quincy's body, he'll take the fall for her. The police knock at the door.

The cop tells Crapdace and Benny that he's got a warrant for Hanna's arrest and reveals Hanna kidnapped Q. Crapdace goes around talking about how she's a third year law student and Q's mother. A mother that never visited her sick kid in the hospital. She's the one who should be arrested for child neglect.

Jeffrey arrives at Veronica's and Melissa comes out in a sexy baby doll night gown. Melissa says Veronica is watching so he needs to play along, because her father just had chemo, today, and Veronica is refusing to give her the money she needs. When Melissa runs into Veronica in the hall she tells them not to make too much noise. So Melissa makes sex noises until Veronica leaves. Melissa says she needs 1.9 million dollars. Jeffrey refuses Melissa's plea to at least be nice to her. Sorry, Jeff, I'm not feeling you, at all. You just can't understand a child sacrificing themselves for their parents. Kind of says a lot about you.

I'm also wondering if maybe Melissa isn't pregnant, after all, and she said to just stall for time, since she's a little too hot to get Jeffrey to visit her sugar walls, again. If it were me and if I were really pregnant, I wouldn't want to do it again with him. He's gay and he doesn't want it.

The cops search Benny's house for Hanna. He sees the cops are watching his house.

The cop comes looking for Candace at Kathryn's. Kathryn tells the cops she barely knows Hanna. She was just her maid.

Jim calls Kathryn up. She tells Jim she hasn't been to see Wyatt. Jim orders Kathryn to go see Wyatt and she hangs up the phone on him.

Kathryn has Hanna hidden upstairs. Kathryn can't believe Crapdace was going to put Q in foster care. Kathryn laughs at Hanna being on the run. Hanna also tells Kathryn she should see Wyatt. Kathryn says she'll go.

Kathryn says she doesn't know who she'll be when she walks out of that hospital. Kathryn tells Hanna that the DA gave Wyatt drug money knowing he had a problem just to get to Jim. She says she doesn't know which mother will emerge from that hospital. Hanna asks if Kathryn is going to do anything crazy, and she says not intentionally.

Hanna says she's got to take Q back. Kathryn says no, and Hanna is going to stay there and get some rest. Kathryn says she's going to try and see if she has any favors left to see what she can do for Hanna.

Kathryn can't stop seeing the humor in Hanna kidnapping Q. And she even gets Hanna to laugh about it.

The cops follow Benny to the tow yard. Mitch wants to know why a cop is tailing Benny, but he won't tell him anything. Benny says Mitch knows too much about crooked stuff and they need to talk. Mitch says one day Benny will see he can get things done. Only if he sneaks behind your back and uses his mob ties. Otherwise, not so much.

Hanna calls Benny. Hanna won't tell Benny where she is. Hanna says Candace won't let her have Q unless he sues the Cryers. Hanna says she's going to give Q back to the Toxic Mother.

Quincy's boys say they went over to Veronica house. They said they found a bunch of tapes. The girl comes back and Quita orders her to go away. Some of Quincy's boys want her to stay around. They reveal to Quita she's wearing a wire for Veronica. She says Veronica wanted her to tell her what's going on here. She reveals that Veronica got Quincy out of jail. Quincy's boys think Quincy is in with the DA. Quita says she's going to find out where Q is. The boys ask what to do with the girl, the snitch, Zena. Quita says they need to make her disappear.

Kathryn visiting Wyatt in the hospital. The nurse says Wyatt asked for Kathryn. Really, I'm shocked. The nurse assures Kathryn that Wyatt is going to be fine. She tells him she went into labor with him early on a ski trip in Wyoming and that's why she named him Wyatt. She says she was holding his inheritance so he wouldn't hurt himself. She says all she ever wanted was to love him and for him to love her.

Oscar comes to David saying he has to get out of there. Someone followed him last night. He realizes he was tracked. He said he didn't go home, but went to a place where there's another Brandon who has a wife and kids. Yeah, I thought he didn't seem the type to be married, but you never know with Tyler Perry. Love that he's still smarter than Candy Cane. Gonna love the expression on her face if she goes to that house looking for Oscar and meets the real Brandon.

Veronica shows up in a blonde wig and Oscar announces himself as Jonathan and gets the heck out of there.Smart man. Blonde is not a good look for her. She says she dressed up to take him down Maggie Day memory lane. David filed for divorce. He serves her with a restraining order to stay away from him and Jeffrey. David says if Veronica keeps pushing Jeffrey he's going to kill her. He says he's trying to protect her. He suggests she don't have any sharp objects around at this engagement party she's pushing for.

Benny comes to see Crapdace. He tells her to give Hanna Q. She once again demands Benny sues the Cryers. He says it's none of her business. Then Crapdace gets busted when Lloyd shows up revealing to Benny that Crapdace borrowed money against his house and tow yard.

Will Benny finally accept the truth about Candace or will he continue to live in Denial Land about her?


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