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The Have And Have Nots -- Kat Makes Jim Jealous

Updated on March 7, 2017

And Candace falls in with Brandon's plans...

Last time, things turned ugly when Jeffrey chose Wy-Wy over Justin and pulled a gun on Justin. Hanna tried to reason with War and may have made herself his new target. Candace was preparing to give Benny the slip and Veronica was turning the screws on Melissa.

The cop takes a shot at Jeffrey and Justin attacks the cop then Jeffy-Weffy acts the victim and orders Justin to get out and leave him alone with his precious Wy-Wy. Seriously, I'm sorry that cop didn't harm this stupid inane moron more seriously. I've had a belly full of Jeffy-Weffy and Wy-Wy. They're not interesting together and don't even have any chemistry together.

Wy-Wy wants to know if Justin is his lover and says Jeffrey needs to stay away from him. No, Wy-Wy, you're the one he needs to stay away from. Wy-Wy says Jeffrey mustn't leave with Justin. Jeffrey tells Wy-Wy to call the drug addiction number he got for him. No, loser will probably start trolling the streets looking for more drugs.

Candace slips out of bed with Q and sneaks out of the hotel room while Benny Gump dozes.

David wants to come in when Erica tells him goodnight and she's not that kind of girl. He kisses her. She says that's huge and I'm guessing she's talking about his package. They go into her room.

When Candace arrives at the hotel, Brandon tries to convince her to be his ho-for-hire, again. David and Erica are interrupted by a call from Candace. It looks like David is going down on her while she's talking on the phone. She says she'll get Candace a dress and leave it outside the door. Then it's back to sex on the bed, until David gets a call. This time it's Jim. Jim wants Brandon's name. She's trying to go down on him while he's on the phone.

Kat comes downstairs to find Jim. When Jim says the whore near him [Kat] isn't worth screwing she says her guest doesn't agree with him. Jim follow her to her bedroom where a young guy is waiting to give her a massage. Jim says the boy doesn't want her. Jim throws him out. Kat says she only went down to get wine and she got mad when she saw him and acted like she was going to seduce the masseur. She also says if Jim doesn't want her to have sex with someone, that will make her want to do it. She orders him to find Wyatt and then get out. Jim says why doesn't she get out, and Kat says maybe she will.

Jim calls Brandon, whose calling himself Oscar, and asks him to find Wyatt and the money he has.

Candace comes in the bar all tarted up and talks to the bartender she knows. He can't give her any drinks without money. She sees Charles sitting at a table by himself and goes to join him. Little does Candace know she's doing exactly what Brandon wants her to do. She sits down at the table with him. They introduce themselves to each other. He asks her to take her phone out of her purse and she has Rocky, the bartender, to take it for her. Charles suggests she's a working girl. Candace acts offended and walks away. Brandon slithers up to her at the bar. He thinks she's going to do what he wants. She slaps him in the face and Rocky chases Oscar Mayer weiner away. But she takes the room key Brandon with the boo-boo on his forehead gave her. When she leaves, Charles gets in the elevator with her. Candace acts upset that Charles and Brandon both thought she was a whore.

This scene is way too long. It's pretty boring.

Oh, God, more Candace and the future president. They go to separate rooms that have a connecting doorway. Oh, great, now we have to see Candace in her hotel room. This is so boring. She searches the place for bugs Brandon may have planted. Brandon calls her up asking why she'd do it. He begs her to get Charles on tape because it's worth millions. She plays along with Brandon, which gets boring Charles to call her up. And how long will this scene go on? She gives Chuckles the story Brandon told her to tell with a few embellishments of her own. He offers her a drink. Two whole scenes of this dreck. YUCK!

Justin follows Jeffy back to Veronica's House of Horrors. Dude, he was looking like he was going to shoot you for Wy-Wy. Justin says he's sorry and Jeffrey says he could have gotten him killed. I love that he's playing victim. Justin says he likes him a lot but denies he's in love with him. Veronica is eavesdropping on them. Jeffrey tells Justin to leave. Veronica comes out. Jeffrey says he forgives him to get Justin to leave. Velvetta's gaydar is on high alert. Veronica tells Jeffrey to go inside while she talks to Justin. She threatens to call the chief of police. She pulls the, “Do you know who I am.” number. I wish someone would answer, “Are you Erica Kane?” Only ex-All My Children viewers will get that one. She doesn't believe that Justin just met Jeffrey cause he called him Jeffrey. She orders Justin to stay away from her son. What Velvetta doesn't get is Justin is more connected than she is so she's threatening the wrong person, this time. I'd love to see her get bitten in the butt for once.

Then V goes to go in for the kill about Justin. She says Jeffrey has the same look in his eyes he does about Wyatt. She grabs him and says she can smell Justin on him. She tells him to be a man. She orders him to go upstairs and act like a man with Melissa. Then she tells him to get out of her face when she's the one in his face. Complete psycho.

Back to Wy-Wy and he's bugging Jeffrey on the phone, again. He finally calls the number Jeffrey gave him. While he keeps flashing on Jeffrey. I really hope they're not going to do a Jeffrey/Wy-Wy relationship. I actually prefer Jeffrey with Justin. Justin is a lot like Jeffrey while Wy-Wy is a rich spoiled parasite that needs to grow up and take responsibility for his own actions. And Jeffrey actually brings out the best in Justin, who can be quite the psycho, himself.

Finally, we see Hanna. She's in her car when Kat calls her up. Kat tells Hanna how Candace got her money out of Jim. Hanna says she's trying to figure out how to save Candace's life. Kat texts Hanna one of Candace's nasty photos of him. This seems to make up her mind. She heads into the police station. Hanna says she knows where Candace is.


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