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The Have And Have Nots -- Kat Tries To Pin Everything On Veronica!

Updated on January 24, 2017

And Jim's Finally On His Way Home

Last week, David entered the scene to find Kathryn with a knife. The question is will he jump to the wrong conclusion and think Veronica is trying to kill her?

David tells Veronica to get away from him and Kat says Veronica is trying to kill her. Kat says Veronica killed Jennifer and is trying to kill her. She begs David to call the police. Veronica swears she's innocent. David falls over Jen-Jen's dead body trying to get away from Veronica, while Kat smiles in the background.

David tells Veronica to get away from him, again. Veronica says she knows David loved her and Kat says that's why she killed her. Veronica knew Jennifer was after him and that's why she killed her. When David mentions Maggie, Kat jumps on that as further proof against Veronica. Kat begs David to call the police. Jim calls to say he's out of jail and David tells him to get there. David won't call the police and wants to wait until Jim gets there.

Veronica says she's going home, and David says she's not going anywhere. Kat asks for an ambulance but David won't get that, either. He wants to wait for Jim.

On a side note, thank god Jim is finally out of the can!

Erica calls Candace to tell her War may be getting out of jail. Candace wants to know how Erica knew War was getting out and she covers for how she knows. Candace claims that the papers Erica gave her weren't very good. Candace says Mitch is the one who set up War. Erica's suddenly acting a little bit weird. Maybe Erica is a another one out to get Candace. Her attitude towards Candace has seemed to change.

Brandon gets in Candace's car with her trying to convince her to help him with his mark.

The cops open Candy Cane's safe and find the pictures of Jim. And take what's left of her money in as evidence.

Benny on his porch when Mitch pulls up. They lament over losing the business. He asks if Benny is all right. He's still waiting for Candace to show up. Mitch suggests they go get Benny's truck out of the yard, but Benny says the bank now owns it even though it belonged to him before he owned the tow yard. Mitch says screw them all and let's go get the truck. He's finally getting mad about Candace. Benny says Mitch didn't take care of War good enough. Benny thinking of taking mob money to save his business, but Mitch says he doesn't want to do it. Benny says Candace stole everything from him, but Mitch said it was War.

The cop's show up to arrest Mitch and take him away.

Candace calls Jeffrey asking if she's spoken to Justin. Jeffrey says he wants to give this up, and asks if he's ever been raped and stabbed and that will happen if he goes to prison. She demands Jeffrey call Justin and let her listen in. Jeffrey tells Candace to shut up. He tells Candace to apologize. Jeffrey tells Candace she's not helping and we do Justin his way not hers.

Wyatt gets dressed and gets ready to leave the hospital. Jeffrey follows him.

Justin finds a red sharpie and plants a fake trail of blood on something in the backyard. He says they need to get a forensic team to look at the hot tub. Justin says he'll call them. He uses the hot tub cover to cover up where Quincy is buried.

Candace says she's sorry when Justin comes out. He says he bought her time in the backyard. He tells her to get out of there and to tell Jeffrey to go somewhere he can't be found. He also informs her they got her little stash in the safe and all that's been taken away as evidence. Justin says he's in too deep with them and he doesn't know why.

Hanna joins Benny on the porch to tell him it's time to pack his things, but Benny is still waiting for Candace to come. She brings a chair out to wait with him. Benny doesn't want her to sit with him. Hanna says she's glad Candace gave Benny the house and tow yard and said maybe there's still hope for her. Hanna says Benny is just mad at her because she's right. He tells her to go in the house and Hanna says she's going to get Q and leave. Benny still waiting for Candace to show up. Hanna says she loves him very much but she doesn't want Q to see the police show up and she's going over to the cheap motel with him.

David bandaging Kat's arm while Veronica sneers. Kat says she doesn't know how or why David could have loved her. David tells Kat not to antagonize Veronica. David says he loved her beyond reason but he's done. Veronica starts talking about how Jim is the master who will tell them what to do. Veronica warns Kat not to make an enemy of her. Then V accuses David and Kat of being in on this together. Kat keeps pushing V's buttons. V says David still can't make one move without Jim.

Kat then warns David there's a gun near V. She grabs it and points it at David and Kat.


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