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The Have And Have Nots -- Kathryn Isn't Done With Veronica Yet!

Updated on January 4, 2017

Will Jim get out of jail in time to stop a double homicide?

It's finally back. After going out with a bang, literally, we'll find out [maybe] if Kathryn gets off from gunning down the DA. If Jim finally gets out of jail. If Quincy's body is found. And a host of other things.

Veronica seems to be in a state of shock. She looks through her purse. Think she's looking for a gun. She tries to get out the front door and it's locked. So's the back door. She next tries to call someone, but Kathryn catches her.

Kathryn asks her what she's doing. V says she was going to leave. Kathryn says she's fine. V is afraid of her. Kat asks if she was going to call someone. Kat says the phones have been turned off and/or yanked out of the wall. Kat orders V to sit down at the kitchen island. She offers to make her tea. V says she just witnessed a cold-blooded murder but Kat says she didn't see a murder and she didn't see anything. V now claims she didn't see anything, either. Kat says V looks frightened. Kat says the devil is afraid, and that she forgot what kind of bitch she can be and she needed reminding. V wants to call the police, but Kat says the DA is nothing to her. V says her phone is in her car and she can call someone to wipe the place clean. Why should I trust you, says Kat. Kat says she has another choice. Kat brings up what V did to Wyatt. Kat says V is culpable to this crime because of what she had done to Wyatt. V offers to be her lawyer, but Kat suggests she might throw the case. Kat lists the litany of V's crimes to becoming such a good lawyer. Seems it's not that she's such a good lawyer, it's that she's crooked and employs any method to win. V offers to help Kat cause she's her friend, she says if she can unlock the door, she can help her. Kat refuses to comply, wanting to finish her tea, first. When V refuses to sit down Kat pulls out a butcher knife. She gets a lemon out of the fridge to add to her tea, and cuts the lemon up in an intimidating way. It doesn't take much imagination to see Kat doing the same to V with that knife that she's doing to the lemon.

Back to Candace and the lead pipe. She demands to know his real name...Brandon Wallace. She demands to know who hired him. Then she goes on about her money. I must say for the thousandth time, “IT'S NOT YOUR MONEY!” Seriously, it's ridiculous he's just sitting there and taking it. But he finally makes a move and over-powers her. About freaking time. He says the money is gone and she needs to let it go. Brandon claims he can help her. What a stupid bimbo. She thinks he's going to give her the lead pipe and get off of her because she orders him to. Brandon tells her she's ruined her own life, which is the truth. He offers to make her his partner because he's working on a new mark and he needs someone like her to get close to him. She walks out the door. Knowing her, she'll probably be walking back in sooner rather than later.

From the sublime Kathryn to the ridiculous Candace.

Back to the hospital. Jeffrey stills trying to reach Candace. The cops still at Candace's. Jeffrey admits to Justin there's a body in the backyard and it's Quincy. Jeffrey admits to stabbing him. And that Candace was involved, too. Jeffrey admits everything and that Candace wouldn't let him call the police. Justin says he'll handle it. Then Wyatt wakes up asking who Jeffrey killed. Wyatt tries to get out of the bed. Wyatt says he should take more drugs next time when Jeffrey says he overdosed. Jeffrey won't answer Wyatt's question of who he killed. Wyatt's still trying to get out of bed. Well, he's still an idiot.

Benny looking like he's a two year old refusing to eat the dinner Hanna made him. Benny still talking up for Candace, while Hanna reminds him of the evils she's done. Hanna says she had enough to pay for a hotel for a week for them. Hanna says Candace will never learn and I agree with her. There's a knock at the door and it's Candace. She tells him she can't get the money. Benny tells Hanna that Candace falsified documents to illegally mortgage everything she gave him. Hanna doesn't believe Candace will turn herself in like she's claiming to buy Benny some more time. Hanna brings up Quincy and says she'll go down that, if not the banking fraud. Hanna asks when Candace will ever learn. Benny still won't turn his back on Candace.

David meets a man named Charles. David says he could be their next president. That he's in the lead. I wonder if this could be Brandon's mark. David said he's sorry about Charles' wife. He returns to Erica at the bar. David gets a call. It's Jim. David says if Jim apologizes he can get out of jail. Jim asks David to get War out, too. You'd think Jim would give David a head's up about Kathryn being on the warpath, but not one word of warning. He also seems committed to getting War to kill Candy Cane.

Candace arrives home and sees all the cops outside her house.

Kat still drinking her tea. Kat asks V if she forgot how ruthless and cunning she could be. Kat wants to know why V did what she did to Wyatt. V still won't own up to it or why she did it. She did it because she was afraid Jeffrey's persistence in refusing to give up his obsession for Wyatt might turn Wyatt gay and now that he was brutally raped by a man she figured Wyatt is now gay-proof. Kat wants to know how V knew Wyatt was in jail. One of her clients tipped her off, V admits. She wants to know about the guy who raped Wyatt. She asks his name and what he was in for. V claims she didn't think it would go that far. Oh, sure you did. She claims she just wanted him to be scared. She says Jim had him too protected and he wasn't seeing how it really was in jail. V claims she loves Wyatt and wouldn't hurt him intentionally. Kat says this didn't work out good for V or Wyatt.

Kat says she knows when V lies and tells the truth. Kat says V's mother was a whore and her father was a cheater like Jim. V slept with Kat's father to get that scholarship that helped her become a lawyer. Kat reveals that V is in debt from college and is in debt to the bank that she has ties with. Kat gives V the choice of leaving or ending up dead like DA Jen. Kat says by the time she does penance for what she did to Wyatt she's going to understand what a big mistake she made. Kat then snaps saying V needs to die now and goes after her with knife and even slashes V in the arm. And it's on like Donkey Kong.

V should really stay out of the Cryer mansion. This is the second time someone has gone after her with a knife. Not that she doesn't deserve it.

Damn, I can't believe this episode is over. I want more! And I haven't said that about a TV show for a long time.


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