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The Have And Have Nots -- Kathryn Learns the Horrible Truth

Updated on July 26, 2016

And Asks Hanna For A Big Favor...

I missed last week's show because my cable company lost OWN for a week, but it's back and so am I. I'm nearly half way through a repeat of last week's show and it doesn't look like I missed anything. Which may not be a good thing.

So far, Hanna learned from Gladys that Quincy went into Candace's and never came out. Candace claims [which is total BS in the real world] that she got to hand pick Q's foster parents. And just when would she have time to do that? I still doubt she even paid the kid a visit while he was in the hospital. Landon is getting out of town which sounds like a smart thing to do. Hanna smells a couple of rats and they're her own kids; she also freaks out Benny on what Gladys knows. Hanna warns Benny to stay away from Veronica. I'd personally love for Hanna to get proof Candace killed Quincy and to be able to blackmail her nasty daughter into signing away all her parental rights to Q to Hanna. Benny wants to move Quincy's body; Candace says they have to wait until he stops smelling. How the heck can you smell a rotting corpse that's buried under the dirt? Is she part dog or something? David came crawling back to Jim. Jim warns David he'd better watch his back where Veronica is concerned. David lies he never had sex with Maggie. Jim appears to forgive him. Kathryn won't answer her phone when it rings because she knows it's about Wyatt and calls up Hanna. Hanna calls the number that's calling Kathryn and asks them to hold off on telling Kathryn about Wyatt until she can get there to be with her. Hanna comes out on the porch and finds Benny with Veronica. Benny won't give into Veronica's come-ons and tells her it's over. He wants her to talk to David to turn his phones back on. Veronica gets nasty when he calls her an old chick and says he has a little prick and she was just faking it that the sex was good. Hanna arrives at Kathryn's and tries to get her to open the door. Hanna opens the door and lets the awaiting detective in. Kathryn appears at the top of the stairs. He tells her Wyatt is dead. Kathryn screams as Hanna holds her.

It's the next morning. Kathryn is on the sofa. Kathryn says it's happening again and it's unfair. Hanna gives her some pills. She asks if this is happening because they covered up the hit and run. Hanna says what you put out comes back in some way or other.

Kathryn thanks her for coming. Kathryn doesn't know whose going to tell Jim. She asks Hanna to do it. Hanna doesn't want to do it. Kathryn says she can't do it. Kathryn says Hanna represents compassion and Jim knows it. Hanna doesn't want to do it, but Kathryn begs her to do it so Jim doesn't have to find out from the DA or another prisoner.

War pays Candace a surprise visit while she's sleeping. He grabs her by the throat and says the time is up. War says he's going to be with Benny and when the clock strikes five Benny will be dead. Then he starts kissing her. YUCK!

Benny arrives at the tow yard. Mitch asks him how well does he know War. Benny calls David saying he wants to talk to him. Mitch doesn't tell Benny what he saw. He asks Benny if War and Candace are hooking up and he says they're family. Benny won't listen to anything about War. Benny says if it wasn't for War he'd be in jail. Benny says War is family and for Mitch to lay off him. Then War shows up. Mitch leaves.

Okay, War just crossed the line with me. He's got an honest beef against Candace, but Benny hasn't done anything to him. He even wants to go into business with him. And now he's going to kill him. Time for War to join Quincy in that grave.

Jeffrey comes to see Candace. He says he's come to get the rest of his clothes. Candace doesn't care that Maggie is dead or when Jeffrey tries to tell her Veronica was behind it. Justin calls up Jeffrey on his new phone and demands Jeffrey come and meet him at the room they had sex in.

Candace is leaving when Mitch confronts her. She tells him he can't tell Benny what he saw. She admits she owes War money. Candace says War isn't raping her. She says she's good. She says it's going to be over, today. Apparently, Mitch has a thing for Candace. Mitch calls up someone and arranges for War to be set up and have drugs found on him. Shades of David Harrington.

Jeffrey arrives at Veronica's and sees some men trying to get rid of the blood stain from Maggie's blood. She asks if Jeffrey's going to hug her. She complains about the shirt he's wearing, demanding he change his clothes. Then she orders him to come and look at the room she's prepared for him. I've been saying up to this point the woman is just evil not crazy but in this episode she's really putting the cray in crazy.

Veronica shows him the double bed she got for him and Melissa to sleep in together. She says he and Melissa will live there until they get married. She even bought baby clothes and a crib. He brings up Maggie getting killed there and she brings up Quincy dying at Candace's. Basically, marry Melissa or she'll blow the whistle on him. I hate the way she calls him boy like he's a slave she owns. She orders him to wear a black suit when he returns. She's also decided that Melissa will have a boy. She says she even invited David to their party. She basically orders him to be happy. Freaking whackjob! I wouldn't want to be that baby if it isn't a boy.

Candace is preparing to sign the papers, but Lloyd is trying to stop her from reading what she's signing, so she won't find the nasty little surprise that's in the papers. Candace says she needs the money in cash and he says he can't do it. She begs him and he says he'll see what he can do. She signs the papers.

Jeffrey in bed with Justin, but he won't give him any affection and orders that Jeffrey uncuff him. Justin says they don't talk about what they did together. Jeffrey says he's not going to see him, again. Jeffrey nearly provokes him into choking him and Jeffrey tells him to go because he just doesn't care. Because Mommy V has got him by the balls and he knows it.

Candace waiting in Lloyd's office for him to come back with the money. War sends her a video text of Benny. She asks Lloyd to tell War that the money is coming. Benny jokes about who War is talking to on the phone, unaware that he's got a gun trained on him.

Jeffrey says Justin is one of the people that has made him change from being a kind person to the way he is now. He tells Justin to get out.

Lloyd tells Candace the money is all there and they'll count it for her.

Jeffrey arrives at Mommy dearest is a blue flowered tux instead of what she ordered him to wear. She starts slapping him in the face for not wearing something simple. She then gives him the ring he's going to give to Melissa. Melissa shows up. Veronica orders Jeffrey to stand up and greet Melissa. Then she orders him to kiss Melissa. The kiss isn't good enough and she orders Jeffrey to do it again. Then she orders Jeffrey to take Melissa upstairs and show her where they'll be sleeping.

Someone has got to kill that bitch. If not Jeffrey, then maybe the white maid she ordered to use the back entrance. I know Angela Robinson is great in the part, but she's got to be taken out. She has no redeeming qualities.

Hanna comes to see Jim. Jim thinks Hanna is there to scorn him. Jim won't stop talking and let her say what she came to say. She finally gets it out that Wyatt is dead. Jim doesn't want to believe it.


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